DIY Ball-Type Faucet Replacement Guide

faucet replacementThe ball-type faucet is the first among washerless spouts. It has a single handle that moves on top of a round, ball-shaped cap that’s positioned above the fixture’s base. The handle controls some sort of metal or plastic ball inside the faucet’s body where the rubber seals and O-rings are also in place. Now you have to understand that because this type has more components, they tend to leak more as compared to the disc or the cartridge faucets. If your tap is currently leaking, you might want to check out this DIY guide to find out how this problem is fixed.

1. Just as what we always do on other types of plumbing repairs and installations, turn off the water supply valve first. This will prevent water from shooting off while you’re working on your faucet. Turn the tap on to drain any remaining water in the system.

2. When water has been drained from the faucet, loosen the fixture’s setscrew and detach the faucet’s handle. The setscrew is found right under the faucet handle. All you have to do is tip the handle back and then remove the rubber cap that covers the setscrew. Detach the cap by using a pair of pliers. Wrap a cloth around the plier’s jaws to prevent it from damaging the faucet’s finish.

3. When you’ve already removed the setscrew, loosen the faucet’s cam housing next. Lift the cam off as well as the fixture’s seal and ball. Check these components for damages.

4. You’ll notice that cone-shaped springs are placed in the seats. When you replace the springs, you have to install the replacement in the same order. Carefully detach the valve seats first and then the springs. You can use a screwdriver or a pair of tweezers for this task. Afterwards, disconnect the faucet by turning or twisting it off and then lifting it.

5. After removing the spout, you should use your screwdriver to get rid of the old O-ring. Be very careful so you won’t scratch the faucet. Now inspect all the components that you’ve removed from the assembly and find out if they’re damaged. Upon confirmation, get the right repair kit for your faucet.

6. Apply silicone grease on the new O-rings and carefully install them onto the fixture’s cylinder.

7. Install the faucet again and press down on it until it’s positioned firmly on the slip ring. Put the new valve seals and new springs in place, too. Make sure that you’ll follow the order when you removed them.

8. Put the new ball in. Follow up with the cam washer and then finally, the cam. Screw the faucet’s cam housing and then tighten the setscrew. Cover it with the cap.

9. Turn the water supply valve on and run the tap. Check for leaks and confirm that the problem has been fixed.

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Posted on: March 26, 2015