Need Faucet Repair In West Palm Beach? Here’s What You Need to Know

Faucet Repair In West Palm BeachDid you know that a faucet that leaks at the rate of 1 drip per second wastes over 3,000 gallons of water per year? That’s equivalent to taking about 180 showers! This is one of the many reasons why faucet issues should be addressed appropriately and without delay, whether damage is small or large. As a homeowner in Florida, it will be beneficial for you to be aware of the common faucet issues so you will be prepared to act when it happens.

Know These Common Faucet Problems in Your Home

Here are some of the most common faucet issues you will encounter as a homeowner:

  • Leaks. This is probably the most common faucet problem you may experience in your home. Some leaks are caused by worn out components such as the O-ring, inlet and outlet seals, or washer. Leaks can also be due to a broken pipe or loose parts.
  • Lime buildup. After a while, dissolved minerals from hard water may accumulate and solidify in your faucets. It may seem harmless but in truth, mineral buildup can damage your faucet and other bathroom fixtures if not removed promptly.
  • Low water pressure. Low water pressure in faucets is a minor plumbing problem that is often easy to repair. It may be due to clogged internal screen that needs to be cleaned or a faulty part that needs replacing.
  • Loose faucet. Over time, you may notice that your faucet is not as stable as before. This may be caused by loose nuts which secure the faucet to your sink. This can be fixed by simply tightening the nuts.

Most minor faucet issues are typically easy to fix even without the help of a plumbing professional. Do your own research and learn about how different plumbing fixtures in your home work, and how to do basic faucet troubleshooting. DIY fixes when done properly, can help you save some cash and enable you to address problems as quickly as possible to avoid further damage. However, there are instances when do-it-yourself repairs will not fix the problem and in fact, it can only aggravate the problem.

When It Is Time to Call a Plumber in West Palm Beach

As a homeowner, it helps that you are familiar with the common faucet problems that you may encounter in your home and how you can deal with it. But in case you tried all the basic solutions and the issue remains unsolved, you are down to the last (but the most effective) option:  seek the help of a faucet repair professional in West Palm beach.

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Posted on: January 24, 2017