The Basics of Faucet Repair for Overland Park Homeowners

Faucet Repair overland parkOur bathrooms and kitchens often become targets of lime and hard water stains.  Taking these off can be a hard job. Read this article to find out easy steps how to deal with these.

Pesky lime and hard-water buildup can be hard to remove and frustrating to work with.  There are several solutions, however, that will dissolve calcium and lime deposits that accumulate over time.  Just as important though, is to determine if a leaky faucet is causing the buildup.  The stains can be a sign that your faucet is in need of repair.  This article will provide information on how to remove stains and then how to prevent them in the first place.


  • Acids. Acid will dissolve lime and mineral stains.  Acid can be found in household products like vinegar or lemon juice.  Simply rub into the stain to dissolve the buildup.  Take care not to leave the acid on for too long, as it may corrode the surface of the faucet or sink.
  • White vinegar and baking soda. For extremely stubborn stains, mix vinegar and baking soda to create a paste.  Scour the surface using a soft brush or a sponge.  This method is especially good at removing hard water stains.
  • Commercial Products like C-L-R. Commercial products like C-L-R will remove calcium, lime, and mineral buildup.  Follow all instructions when using these products.

Next steps:

  • Repair drips. Replace the washer inside the faucet at the base of the handle.  The new washer must be the exact right size, or it will not create an adequate seal to prevent water from dripping out of the handle.  Take the old washer with you to a hardware store in order to purchase the right size washer.
  • Repair leaks. Replace a faulty O-ring.  The O-ring prevents water from leaking out around the spout.  If this ring is deteriorated, water will appear at the base of the faucet spout every time you run the water.  To repair, remove the spout and replace the O-ring with a new ring of the exact same size.  Then reassemble the faucet.Make sure the faucet’s packing nut is tightly secured.  Install new packing, which is the soft wiring that wraps around the stem of the faucet.  Then apply a coat of petroleum jelly on the threads of the stem and the packing nut.

Once stains have been removed, check to make sure that a drip or a leak is not causing the buildup. A drip occurs when the water is turned off.  A leak occurs when the water is on and is leaking out of the base of the spout.  Call in an expert if you need help, like Plumbers 911.

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Posted on: September 29, 2019