Sump Pump Repairs

Our Technicians Render Service, Repair and Maintain Sump Pumps to Help Keep You Comfortable

sump pump repairsYou have just spent endless hours not to mention an unmentionable amount of money converting your basement into a stylish living area for your family. It could be a game room, home office, wet bar, man cave or some other specific type of room. However, it could be ruined all in a matter of moments and reduced to a moldy nasty mess whether it be a busted pipe, or a natural disaster without a sump pump your masterpiece is done for.

What is a Sump Pump and How Does It Work?

A sump pump is a critical piece of equipment for a basement or crawl space waterproofing system. This electrically powered device does the excessive work in keeping your basement dry. Constructed and installed in sump pits the water flows into the pit and drains by natural water migration through the soil.

Its job is to keep the basement or crawlspace dry by pumping the water through the pit and away from the building. A sump pit is a hole with gravel about 2 FT deep and 18 inches wide set in the lowest part of the basement or a crawlspace. Over time the pit fills with water the pump turns on automatically when the water reaches a certain height and removes it away from the building thus keeping the space dry.

Sump Pump setups don’t have to be ugly, instead of being installed in an open hole, they are housed in a plastic sump liner with a cover, which makes them much more appealing.

What Type of Sump Pumps are There?

sump pump repair serviceWhen searching for a sump pump there are two pump designs submersible and pedestal. A submersible has a waterproof housing, the pump is located at the bottom, and the outlet pipes are at the top. A pedestal pump looks like a flat stick with a fat head, the pump is on top of the stick outside of the pit, and the pipe reaches down into the pit to draw out the water. Pedestal pumps are louder but are less expensive that submersible pumps but both need electricity to run. It is smart to have a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) on the outlet to avoid electrocution.

Why Rely on a Sump Pump in Your Basement?

There are many reasons to rely on a sump pump in your basement to keep your new living area dry and looking like the day you finished constructing it. You don’t want to have a water filled game room or living area which is why relying on a sump dependable sump pump for the basement is important. Here are a few points to look for when shopping for a dependable sump pump.

  • Quality components- A reliable motor that will handle high water volume and run for longer times.
  • Water Alarm- built in alarms that go off if the water should rise above the level that the pump should activate.
  • Reliable performance- clog proof features, jam proof features, and check valves to reduce pump run times.
  • Waterproofing systems- ensure that the sump pump is waterproofed by a premium waterproof product.
  • Power Outage protection- ensure that there is a protection to keep your sump pump running during a power outage.
  • Don’t go sub-par sump pumps are critical pieces of equipment for your basement or crawlspace, and, therefore, are worth the money to invest wisely in.

repair a sump pumpWhy Do Some Sump Pumps Fail to Work Properly?

Your sump pump is similar to a first aid kit, it helps to take care of the health of your basement. They help prevent situations quickly and efficiently by draining flooding water from your basement. However, there are sometimes that they will fail to work the way they are designed too. There are a few reasons that sump pumps will fail:

  • A Stuck Switch- this is one of the most common problems, if the pump shifts inside the basin it will cause the float to become lodged against the side of the pump. Debris can also jam the float as well.
  • Power Failure- Bath weather and power failures can cut off the power to your sump pumps. If this happens, having a backup battery power source is recommended. (having a backup generator is a good idea in case of power failure)
  • Overwhelmed pump- Overwhelmed by too much water flowing into the pump as it is not the right size or its incapability to handle the right amount of water it is taking in.
  • Clogged of frozen discharged pipe- The pipe can become frozen or clogged with debris in which case the wat4er will flow backwards in the pipe and flood the basement.
  • Improper installation- Having a sump pump not installed by a professional can be the cause of this issue. It is very important to have a sump pump installed by a professional.

Sump Pumps Should be Maintained Regularly

To ensure that your sump pump is working as it should and that your underground living space is staying dry, it is important to have it inspected annually. Besides your annual maintenance from our expert technicians, there are a number of items you can do on your own.

  • Ensure that your pump is standing up vertical, if it is leaning over it will not work properly or at all. Vibration during operation can make it lean as well.
  • Test your pump often to ensure it works- this can be done by pouring water into the pit to make sure the pump starts automatically
  • If your pump is a submersible remove it and clean the grate (you may want to let a professional do this if you don’t feel comfortable doing it)
  • Ensure the outlet pipes are firmly sealed together
  • Ensure the discharge pipe vent hole is clear of obstructions.
  • Ensure that your pump is plugged to a good GFCI outlet and the cord is good. Some GFCI breakers can trip shutting off the pump so you need to periodically check and reset if needed.

Remember your basement is your home’s foundation as well and to keep it free from flooding a sump pump is important. Keeping your sump pump working properly is even more important, our technicians can help with annual maintenance, repairs, and service at reasonable prices.