Plumbing Fixtures

We are Available to Assist with all Plumbing Fixture Needs and Repairs

plumbing fixturesBathrooms are the most remodeled rooms in any home, with many different types of plumbing fixtures installed in them. Everyone has different tastes from rustic, vintage, contemporary and more and maybe you like a bit of all of them. Some styles can be mixed and matched well, which is why it is no wonder there are so many makes and models of each style of plumbing feature. This can make it difficult in choosing the best feature for your home, not just the one that will look good but that will work well also. We can assist in all plumbing fixture needs as well as repairs for your home.

What is a Bathroom Plumbing Fixture?

sink plumbing repairsA plumbing fixture is any device that can be exchanged for another that is connected to a plumbing system which is capable of delivering and draining water.

There are many different types of plumbing fixtures that are used in remodeling the most common of these plumbing fixtures are:

  • Bathroom sinks
  • Showers
  • Faucets and their accessories, such as water spouts
  • Hose bib the connections for water hoses
  • Urinals
  • Toilets
  • Bidets
  • Channel drains or they can be called trench drains
  • Bathtubs
  • Shower heads

Each of these fixtures will have a water outlet and a drain, some like bathroom sinks will have a flood rim in which water will start to flow over if it gets too high. They all also have an overflow, which when the water starts to overflow the water drains out, keeping it from overflowing. Bathrooms both will have different types of drainage for their fixtures as they will both have different waste types leaving their rooms.

Choosing the Right Fixture in a Remodel

Choosing the right fixtures for your home can be difficult when remodeling some items to take into account are when doing so are:

  • General atmosphere of your home- What style does your home have currently (continue that style throughout the home.)
  • Efficiency- The economical use of the fixtures
  • Function- Ensuring the function of the fixtures fit with your lifestyle is key
  • Traffic in the home- ensure they are durable to last with the amount of traffic in the home
  • Aesthetic appeal- What kind of look do you want this goes hand in hand with style.

Choosing the Right Sink, Shower, Toilet, and Tub for Your Bathroom

The fixtures in your bathroom are the centerpiece and in remodeling your bathroom make it feel as if you are on vacation in some high-end resort. Or use a low budget and choose smart fixtures that will do what you need them to do. Starting by visiting a bathroom showroom can give you design ideas and a designer a help you select the best ones for your home. There is no end to what type of bathroom you can have if you want a waterfall in your shower, go for it.

What Type of Fixture Should I Consider for My Shower Tub?

Considering certain fixtures for shower and tub is not easy, there are many types of shower heads, including how they are mounted. Plus, why have one shower head, when you can have two or multiple, it is it is all in what you want in a shower, and how you want to be pampered. The types of units for your shower are listed here:

  • Hand Held Unit- This unit sits on the wall until needed and can be removed for easy cleaning of children or even pets. It offers a wide range of sprays as strong or soft sprays and is a good convenience.
  • Rain Shower Head – Waterfall experience comes with this unit, however, it has a pressurized engine and if these don’t work properly you can get a sagging pressure in your shower. It does offer full coverage in the shower.
  • Wall Mount- This is a basic non-fancy highly functional fixture.
  • Body Sprays – These drill-less slide bars are flush mount body sprays. You can try these fixtures as they don’t damage tile as they are mounted by suction cups to the tile.

bathroom sinksWhat Type of Sink Should I Consider for My Bathroom?

Sinks for your bathroom and they can be unique or as plain as you want them to be. The choice of what sink you choice should be influenced by the type of material that is chosen for the sink. There are many types of bathroom sinks to choose from and they have their own types of functions as well:

  • Drop-in: it requires a countertop or vanity that has an adequate size or custom-cut hole that will ensure it can be dropped in so that the sink’s rim is supported and sits flush against the surface.
  • One-piece: this sink is often called a pedestal where the sink is supported by a matching pedestal base.
  • Wall mounted: They offer a good option for working with small bathrooms. They also may require installing the supply and drain lines behind the wall making their installation a bit more difficult.
  • Vessel: they are designed to appear like a bowl or freestanding vessel resting on a countertop. Often come pre-packaged with their own faucet systems.
  • Under-mount: Installed directly beneath the countertop so that the sink begins beneath the surface of the counter.

Choosing the faucet for your Bathroom Fixtures

bFunctionality and efficiency are important features of a bathroom faucets, however, it is important to choose one according to what your needs are. They are sold in a wide variety of styles but beyond aesthetics there are basic elements that should be considered

  • Configuration – How it is mounted to the sink
  • Finish – What it is made from: chrome, brass nickel etc.
  • Style – this is for aesthetic and functional design
  • Construction/Valve-type – look for a well-made faucet that has good valve technology. (there are many types of valves available such as ball and cartridge to name a few)

Finding the perfect fixture can create the perfect atmosphere for your bathroom. Whether it be a new or antique fixture it should be one that you and your family are in love with. Regardless if you are remodeling or updating certain features of your bathroom ensure that the design features work with each other. Our technicians will be able to help you with all your plumbing fixtures needs.