Plumbing Appliances

We Guarantee Proper Installation of Your Plumbing Appliances

garbage disposal repairWith the rise in popularity of home improvement shows, many people think that home renovation projects such as installing plumbing appliances is an easy to complete job for any homeowner. This is just not true. Many do it your-selfers end up spending more time and money as the result of damage caused by improperly installed appliances. The guaranteed work of our trained professionals takes the frustration and uncertainty out of the process of installing these appliances.

What Appliances Can Our Plumbers Install?

Our contractors receive thousands of hours of training and are properly screened so that you can feel comfortable that they are well-equipped and prepared to install your appliances quickly and for a price that is below the median price of other plumbers in the area. Some plumbing appliances that our technicians can install for you include (but are not limited to):

Garbage Disposals
If you do a lot of cooking, you likely find yourself with bits of food going down your kitchen drain. Over time, these can damage your pipe and drain system. These disposal systems come in a variety of options and power levels and our plumbers can talk you through the selection process to ensure that your new garbage disposal meets your needs.

Sinks come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. From marble and acrylic to modern composite materials, sink installations vary greatly depending on the type of sink you want installed. Properly installing the sink and connecting water sources is a delicate process that should be performed by an installation professional in order to avoid leaks or damage to the sink itself.

You may not think about your toilet very often but it is actually connected to your sewer system through a complex pipe and drain system. A professional installation by our qualified plumbers will ensure that your toilet works properly for longer.

Faucets come in a variety of styles and sizes. They are made from a variety of materials and they key to enjoying the beauty and functionality is proper installation. A mistake in that process can lead to annoying and wasteful leaks that ruin the appearance of your faucets and increase your water bill. After a period of time, improperly installed faucets can rust which renders them unusable.

Tubs and Showers
Tubs and showers come in more varieties than ice cream at Baskin Robbins. This can make installation tricky. The last thing any homeowner wants is to make a large investment like a new garden tub and then be unable to relax in a bubble bath due to a faulty installation.

Washing Machines
Many people don’t think of washing machines as plumbing appliances but they absolutely are. If the water supply is not connected properly, you may not get the most out of your washing machine. You want to ensure that water temperatures are correct and that connections are secure in order to maximize the proper use of your washing machine on laundry day.

Water Heater Thermocouple
The thermocouple on your gas water heater is a critical safety device. If the pilot light goes out, the thermocouple’s magnet is deactivated which closes the valve and prohibits gas from flowing. An improperly installed thermocouple is highly dangerous. Our professional plumbers can install yours safely and correctly.

Drain Ventilation
Properly installed ventilation is essential to any plumbing fixture in your home. If the vents are not properly installed, harmful gases and rancid smells may fill your home.

How Much Does Professional Installation Cost?

plumbing appliance installationProfessional installation by our network of professional contractors is less than the median price of contractors in your area. In many cases, our prices are the lowest in the area and all of our work is fully guaranteed. There are also hidden savings when hiring one of our well-trained plumbers. Improperly installed plumbing appliances can result in breaking your brand new appliance which will render that appliance useless and force you to buy another one. Many untrained installers of faucets and toilets and other items accidentally create leaks which increase your water bill and can cause rusting of your new appliance. If the leak is hidden behind a wall or underneath a floor panel, the water damage could be extensive before it is detected.

What If We Tried a DIY Installation and it Didn’t Work Out

If you tried to install a new plumbing appliance and it didn’t work out, do not worry. All is not lost. By contracting with one of our plumbers, we can have your installation complete in no time. We will work quickly and efficiently to professionally install your plumbing appliance. If any damage has been done, we will identify that damage and talk to you about your options to repair and, if necessary, replace damaged parts.

How Do We Know If We Need a New Appliance or If We Just Need Repair

If you have a malfunctioning plumbing appliance it may be difficult to determine if you need an entirely new appliance or if you just need a repair. Our team of plumbers can come out and evaluate your issue to determine if you need a replacement of if a repair is, in fact, the best course of action.

We Know We Need a New Appliance but We Don’t Know What to Buy

dishwasher repairShopping for a new plumbing appliance can be confusing, frustrating and even overwhelming. A visit to a big box home improvement store can leave you bewildered and lost and, even the friendliest and best trained store associates, may not be able to help you make a wise decision.

Our plumbers are friendly and professional and will sit down with you to listen to what you need from your new appliance and they will make suggestions based on your needs. We believe that you should have all of the information you need to make an informed decision and we are prepared to help educate you in an easy to understand way. We can answer any questions you have and make recommendations based on your needs and the specific space within your home.