Outdoor Kitchen

We Can Assist with the Maintenance and Repair of Your Outdoor Kitchens

outdoor kitchen fixturesAs the temperatures start to get warm during the summer months it will be time to uncover the patio furniture, pool and fire up the grill for those long awaited cook outs. So maintaining and cleaning that coveted outdoor kitchen is very important. Outdoor Kitchens have become a very hot item as well a common fixture when having a home built or remodeled now. They can cost from $2000- $100,000 depending on how luxurious they are. The more luxurious they are the more maintenance they will need and enlisting the help of one of our reliable technicians will ensure that your cook-out goes off without a hitch.

A Good Design will Help with Maintenance and Repairs

If you have a good design, then maintenance and repairs if needed will be easy to do. The design of an outdoor kitchen will give you more freedom than indoor as they have certain objectives to follow. It is a functional living space as well as the extension of the home, some of the same conveniences inside are also outside. So here are just a few of the many tips to help in designing your outdoor kitchen:

  • Ensure that all your areas work together with each other: Hot, Cold, wet and Dry as well with enough space to use them.
  • The main difference between your Outdoor and Indoor kitchens is exposure to the elements, however, there are a few more such as water, walls so the equipment defines the area you use.
  • Use low-maintenance materials and equipment- this means they are easier to clean and maintain. If it is easier to clean and maintain the owner is apt to use them more.
  • Make sure you outdoor kitchen complements the home design

Maintenance of Your Outdoor Kitchen

outdoor kitchen repairs and fixturesMaintaining your outdoor kitchen is important although they are designed to be durable and easy to clean. They need to have maintenance and be cleaned regularly so they continue to work as they should. They are relatively low maintenance and only have a few tasks that should be completed to keep them working at optimal performance.

  • Care for your countertops– Granite, soapstone, and marble are great outdoor countertops that are durable and clean up easy. Ensure that they are sealed regularly, and wipe up stain causing materials as soon as they hit the countertops. These materials are porous and will stain cover your counters during the winter protecting them from ice and snow as well.
  • Some grills are not self-cleaning- if your grill is not self-cleaning make sure not to let it get too greasy, wipe it down after it cools with soapy water. Do not use steel wool or chemical cleaners, wiping it down will help to avoid corrosion, rust, and grease fires.
  • Don’t overdo it on your appliances- The outdoor appliances are most often stainless steel and very easy to clean, avoid the chemical cleaners and steel wool that will scratch and cause corrosion and wipe down with warm soapy water.
  • Never neglect the fireplace- if a fireplace is part of your outdoor kitchen it should not be neglected. Remove debris, regularly remove ashes, purchase a cover for the chimney, sweep out the chimney once a year or have a professional chimney sweep service clean it out.

Winterizing Your Outdoor Kitchen

outdoor kitchen repairsMaintenance also includes winterizing your outdoor kitchen, you want it to be the best it can be from summer to summer, so ensuring that it isn’t damaged during the winter is important. So there are tips that can help you ensure that it looks its best.

  • Ensure outdoor water is Shut off the so that it won’t freeze and any pipes burst or break.
  • Ensure that all drain lines for your outdoor sinks, kegerators, refrigerators and icemakers, are drained.
  • Switch off the power to your outdoor kitchen appliances either unplug or switch off the circuit breaker that controls them.
  • Thoroughly clean all the cabinets, surfaces of your kitchen removing any spills and crumbs then cover them.
  • Do not cover your refrigerators and icemakers as the electrical parts can get damaged from moisture being trapped underneath. Don’t forget to remove the ice as well.
  • Seal any stone countertops before winter sets in to avoid cracking chipping, and leaf stains from freezing the moisture.

Repairs or Professional Maintenance For Your Outdoor Kitchen

Some homeowners don’t feel comfortable making repairs or conducting certain maintenance to any of their appliances or fixtures that are installed in their outdoor kitchens, this is when calling a professional comes in handy. Our expert professionals are highly-trained to repair your appliances and fixtures that are installed in your outdoor kitchen. Some items that may need to be repaired with your outdoor kitchen are:

  • New parts installed on grill
  • Internal lights on grill burned out
  • Burners need to be calibrated to reduce hot spots on a grill
  • Need rusty grates replaced
  • Ice maker is not working at optimum efficiency or cubes look strange
  • Foods are not chilling to the correct temperature in the fridge

Natural Gas and Propane grills cause some people concern and they would rather have a professional clean them also. There are certain chemicals that should not be used when cleaning these types of grills as well. If a homeowner does not feel comfortable making major repairs and cleaning of gas and propane grills calling our technicians is easy as picking up the phone.

Before summer rolls around and it’s time to heat up those coals for the steaks, hot dogs, chicken or what every else that is grilled, and/or smoked. Ensure that everything is working and functioning to optimum efficiency in your outdoor kitchen. Contact our technicians as we can repair, maintain and service any appliances and fixtures in your outdoor kitchen at a reasonable cost.