Fire / Lawn Sprinklers

Our Professionally Trained Staff Can Install and Maintain Your Sprinkler System

lawn sprinkler installationSprinkler systems come in a variety of types and sizes, but they mostly provide two basic services. One type of sprinkler system helps keep lawns watered and beautifully healthy. The other common type of sprinkler is the fire sprinkler which provides assistance in keeping the flames at bay in the event that a fire breaks out.

Both types of sprinklers come with a need for proper installation and proper maintenance by experienced and professionally trained, dependable technicians like what we have.

How Do Fire Sprinklers Work?

A fire sprinkler is a connected system of water sprinklers, usually mounted to the inside ceiling or top of the walls in a building. The connected system includes a water supply source, a mechanism for using pressure to force water through the connecting pipes and through each sprinkler and a fire detection mechanism.

If properly installed and maintained, a fire sprinkler system will automatically engage and begin to spray thousands of gallons of water in the event of a fire. Because a fire sprinkler system engages quickly and douses a fire with water, it is a very effective mechanism for keeping a fire under control and preventing the spread of the flames.

Who Needs Fire Sprinklers?

fire sprinkler installationEvery locality has different laws and regulations regarding fire sprinklers. In the early 90s, the United States Congress passed the Hotel and Motel Safety Act which mandated all hotels, motels, meeting halls, conference centers and other similar institutions that receive federal funds of any kind must be equipped with a fire sprinkler system.

Even if the laws doesn’t require it, the owner of any building or structure can benefit from a properly functioning sprinkler system in the event that a fire breaks out. They are most commonly used in larger buildings or in buildings that are likely to contain large groups of people like churches, schools, and lodges.

There are seven commonly used types of fire sprinklers:

  • Water Mist Systems

These are typically installed in areas where the water supply is limited.

  • Foam Water Systems

These sprinklers emit a combination of water and flame retardant foam to suppress a fire.

  • Wet Pipe Systems

These are the most common types of sprinkler systems installed for fire protection.

  • Dry Pipe Systems

These systems are usually installed in areas where it is likely that the water could freeze. Unheated warehouses and storage buildings in cold climates typically use these type of dry pipe systems.

  • Deluge Systems

These systems spray a large amount of water over the entire area all at one time.

  • Water Spray Systems

Very similar to deluge systems but water spray systems are designed to focus the spray on a specific area or item.

  • Pre-activation Sprinklers

These are usually installed in sensitive areas like museums or libraries where an accidental activation of a sprinkler system would be catastrophic.

What are Lawn Sprinklers?

lawn sprinkler repairLawn sprinklers are an interconnected group of pipes that push water through an in-ground sprinkler system in order to provide water to lawns, shrubs and flowers. Lawn sprinklers can be manual or on a timer.

Manual sprinklers only operate when a switch is physically activated. This manual system will continue to spray water until the switch is turned to the off position. Timer-enabled systems operate on a set schedule that is programmed into the sprinkler system. The sprinklers turn on and off according to the schedule that is pro-programmed into the sprinkler’s “brain.”

There are several types of sprinkler heads and our professionally trained staff can help you choose the type that is best for your lawn.

These sprinkler heads contain a tube that curves downward in the middle and then rapidly moves back and forth to spray water over a large area of your lawn.

Pulsating heads are extremely water efficient because they spray large amounts of water using lower amounts of pressure.

Rotary sprinklers from a rotating arm and are best used in smaller areas.

Proper Installation is Vital to the Operation of Any Sprinkler System

lawn sprinkler maintenanceThe proper installation of any sprinkler system, fire or lawn requires proper installation to operate effectively. A malfunctioning sprinkler system is not something anyone wants to risk if a fire breaks out. Our technicians are licensed and experienced and you can rest assured that your sprinkler system has been installed correctly when their work is complete.

Improper installation of a lawn sprinkler system can cause your system to malfunction or it can result in leaks that can ruin a beautiful lawn or damage a building. You also want to be able to know that your prized yard will not be unnecessarily damaged or dug up during the installation process.

Annual Inspections are Necessary

In order to ensure that your sprinkler system is operating properly, it is essential that you have your system checked by one of our sprinkler system pros at least once a year. Some local governments require such an inspection but even if the law does not require it, an annual inspection is necessary to make sure that your sprinkler system is in tip-top shape.

An inspection will uncover any potential problems with the functioning mechanism of your sprinkler system. It will also provide you with notification of any leaks, clogs or mechanical issues that could interfere with the proper functioning of your sprinklers when you need them.

What to Do if Your Sprinkler Springs a Leak

If your sprinkler springs a leak, you will want to call a professional immediately to come out and perform the necessary repairs. Without the proper repairs, hundreds of gallons of water can be wasted. Your water bill may increase exponentially and it is possible that your structure or your yard could be flooded. Sprinkler related floods could end in thousands of dollars’ worth of damage, but our professionals can repair any leak quickly and for an affordable price.