A List Of Emergency Plumbing Problems You Should Watch Out For

emergency-plumbing-problemsEmergency plumbing problems arise when you least expect them to. This is something that we can all agree to, right? It’s just that sometimes, even with proper care and maintenance, components of your plumbing system malfunction, break, get damaged or simply deteriorate. There are also other external factors that may negatively impact your plumbing system such as bad weather or high / low pressure in the plumbing lines. Don’t panic and be prepared instead. Here’s a list of the most common plumbing problems that you should watch out for!

1. Slow or Clogged Drains

Once in a while, you’ll notice that your drains either get clogged up or just turn slow. It really doesn’t matter whether the affected drain is the one in your kitchen sink, bathroom floor, toilet or an outdoor floor drain. This plumbing issue is common because of the drains’ exposure to all kinds of waste substances every day. When the drains are not regularly cleaned or when you

2. Running Toilets

Toilets are also made up of components that may deteriorate over time. If you ever notice that water is continuously flowing out of the tank and into the bowl or when you see it pooling at the bottom of the fixture, call your plumber right away. They are trained on how to fix plumbing problems like this.

3. Dripping Faucets

Dripping faucets may not be as annoying as you think it is. However, you should understand that continuous dripping will not only give you sleepless nights but also result to high water bills. An immediate repair of the fixture through the replacement of parts or a complete replacement will fix the problem.

4. Leaking Pipes

It doesn’t matter if the leaking pipe is part of your clean water supply system or your drainage system. Both are equally inconvenient. A leaking water supply pipe will, as we have mentioned, make you incur high charges on your monthly water bill. It may also damage furniture, appliances or parts of your home where flooding will occur. A leaking drain pipe, on the other hand, may result to other issues such as water contamination, backups or backflows.

5. Burst Pipes

Aging or high temperature may result to pipe bursting. This kind of plumbing problem is usually avoided through preventive measures such as insulation. Just remember that when your pipes burst, you should turn off the main water supply valve and call your plumber immediately to avoid flooding or damages to your property.

6. Low Water Pressure

There will be instances when the water pressure in your pipes is too low therefore allowing only a trickle of water to come out of your fixtures. This is a rare plumbing emergency and is usually caused by issues in your municipal or city water supply. There are also cases when this problem results from the accumulation of mineral deposits in your plumbing lines and/or fixture aerators. Call your plumber to figure out the real cause of the issue.

7. Backflows

Backflow is the unwanted flow of water in the wrong direction. This is really something that should be attended to right away. Otherwise, your clean water supply may get contaminated. Also remember that backflows cannot be eradicated on your own. Backflow prevention can only be done by a certified plumbing professional.

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Posted on: September 1, 2015