Benefits of Dual Flush Toilet Installation in Lumberton, TX

dual flush toilet installation in Lumberton TexasDual flush toilets are becoming more and more popular nowadays. It’s more preferred not only by budget-conscious homeowners but also individuals who are concerned with saving water for environmental purposes. Basically, it’s the same toilet but with separate flushes for liquid and solid wastes. Just how will a dual flush toilet installation in Lumberton benefit you? Let us show you how.

How Much Difference A Dual Flush Toilet Makes

A dual flush toilet can help lower water spending up to 67% compare to non-dual flush toilets. Its water-saving technology is so efficient that some countries have already required all new toilet installations to use dual flush toilets. Some municipalities in the US have followed suit, particularly the ones with a very dry climate.

Meanwhile, the State of Texas requires all dual flush toilet installation in Lumberton and the rest of the municipalities, cities, and villages, to not exceed 1.28 gallons in one full flush.

Rising Popularity

Dual flush toilets are not only popular in the US but also in other parts of North America. Because of this, it is relatively easy to find dual flush toilets being sold in home improvement stores. You can ask a licensed Lumberton plumber on what brand, variety, or design to buy.  You may choose to do toilet installation on your own or ask him to do it for you.


Speaking of design, more and more dual flush toilets sport pretty designs. You will surely find a dual flush toilet that will fit in your bathroom or washroom’s current look. Manufacturers strive to make them not only as comfortable but also as good-looking and user-friendly.

The latest styles have trendy buttons. By the way, these are better than buying dual flush toilets with a push-pull system. Those with two buttons on top of the water closet are better to use. Even a little kid will be able to distinguish the difference between the buttons for liquid and solid wastes.

Call Plumbers 911 for Dual Flush Toilet Installation in Lumberton

Once you’ve decided to install a new dual flush toilet in your bathroom or washroom, it’s time to call Plumbers 911. Plumbers 911 has a wide list of local plumbing professionals that can install a dual flush toilet in your home. Just call (409) 237-3137 today and a licensed Lumberton plumber will be at your doorstep in as little as an hour.

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Posted on: November 11, 2017