A Guide On Drain Unblocking Tools And Supplies For Homeowners

drain-unblockingDo you have a plumbing tool kit at home? If you don’t, you should get one now because it’s going to help you get through plumbing emergencies. Drain clogs, for instance, are among the most common problems that you may face at home. These are caused by grease, fat, oily substances, food scraps, soap or shampoo scum, and other waste materials. To prepare you for such a plumbing emergency, here’s a list of the most valuable drain unblocking tools and supplies you have to keep handy!

1. Baking Soda and Vinegar


Baking soda and vinegar combined is an efficient drain cleaner. They create a chemical reaction that enables the solution to fizz out the sticky substances that cling on the walls of the pipes. Since these are cooking and baking staples, you can keep a stock in your cupboard and make use of them every time that you notice slow-draining in your pipes. Just plug the drain hole with an old towel or rag to prevent the bubbles from escaping the pipe.

2. Plunger


The plunger isn’t the iconic symbol of the plumbing industry for nothing. It’s an efficient tool that pushes the clog away to make the flow of water inside the pipe smooth again. Remember that there are two types of plungers. One is meant for sinks and floor drains. One is designed for toilets. Make sure that you’ll use the right type on your affected drain. When unclogging a sink, fill it first with enough water to cover the rubber part of the plunger. Position the plunger right on top of the sink drain and plunge away while ensuring that you maintain a steady pace. After several repetitions, turn the faucet on or pour some water into the drain and check if the blockage has been removed.

3. Plumbing Snake / Hand Auger


A plumber snake is among the most effective drain unclogging tools. It also has several varieties: the hand auger, the toilet auger and the drum auger. For clearing sink, tub and floor drains at home, use the hand auger. It has a long, flexible wire with an auger at its end. Insert it into the affected pipe and turn its crank clockwise to push it further into the system. When it reaches the clog, keep on turning the crank to break the obstruction into smaller pieces. If you feel as if the pipe has been cleared, carefully pull the snake out and dispose the waste materials properly.

4. Toilet Auger


Moving forward, you should also keep a toilet auger handy. The reason why you can’t use the hand auger for your toilet is because it may damage the fixture. The toilet auger, on the other hand, has a plastic coated hook-shaped wire that won’t create scratches or cracks. In terms of usage, it’s just the same as the hand auger.

5. Power Drill


Now, the power drill is actually meant for construction. But even so, it’s also a valuable tool that you can use to unclog drains. You see, blockages are sometimes too stubborn. There will be instances when you won’t be able to eradicate the clog with the sole use of your hand auger. Since power drills have off-hand attachments, you can hook your snake to it. Doing so will give your plumbing snake more power to remove the obstruction.

6. Wire Brushes


You surely won’t leave your drain covered with gunk or scum after unclogging it. Clean your drains with a wire brush and make it spotless again.

7. Bucket


It is advantageous to have a bucket when unclogging drains. It may serve as a container for waste materials that you’ll hook out of the drains or for standing water that you’ll remove from sinks and bathtubs.

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Posted on: August 20, 2015