How Much Is A Drain Pipe Lining Cost And Is This Service Important?

drain pipe lining costYour drain pipes will get damaged as the years go by. There are just so many factors that will affect the tube’s condition such as temperature, the presence of chemicals in the system, tree root intrusions or simply old age. Unfortunately, these things cannot be controlled and there’s really nothing that you can do to avoid your pipes’ deterioration. There’s no need to worry though because it is now easier to have them fixed unlike years ago when there aren’t so many innovated solutions available. You also have to remember that while you can fix your kitchen sink drain pipe on your own, underground pipes should only be installed and repaired by professionals. That’s because special plumbing tools and equipment are required to fix these lines. Proper training and adequate know-how are also essential to successfully complete such projects. Anyway, let us share some information about drain pipe lining, a no-dig and hassle-free solution to repair leaking, broken drain tubes.

What is drain pipe lining?

Drain pipe lining or relining is a method of repairing leaking, broken or cracked pipes and restoring their stability. This involves the insertion of a smaller PVC, fiberglass reinforced or high density polyethylene pipe into a larger, affected tube. To keep the two layers intact and make the repaired pipe strong, grout is applied on the space between the two. The grout application is commonly done continuously or in segments.

What are the signs that your drain pipes are damaged?

Underground drain pipes are difficult to monitor unlike the exposed ones. However, there are obvious and apparent signs that signify imminent problems. Here are a few:

·         Ageing pipes

·         Hydro-jetting fails to get rid of drain clogs

·         Recurring clogs

·         Corrosion, dislocation and breakage

·         Foul odor escaping from the drains

·         Chronic slow drains

·         Waste substances fail to get flushed down

·         Constant backups and overflows

What’s the drain pipe lining cost?

The cost of professional plumbing services like this is often a concern among homeowners. That’s not surprising at all. Money is hard to earn and we all want to ensure that we’re spending it on the right things. What we can tell you is this. Drain pipe lining is an essential plumbing service that you shouldn’t say NO to. It may cost more than traditional dig-and-replace methods but it will certainly save you from a lot of unwanted repairs in the end.

According to research, trenchless pipe repair methods like this amount from $50 to $200 per foot but this range is still influenced by a lot of factors. For instance, plumbing service fees vary across states. That’s one obvious factor that you should not disregard. Other important elements that affect the cost of drain pipe lining include the affected pipe’s diameter; the pipe’s condition; the pipe’s access and of course, the size of the project.

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Posted on: January 1, 2015