What Is A Drain Pipe Camera?

drain pipe cameraEvery time that you use your plumbing such as when you brush your teeth; take a shower; use the tub; flush the toilet; wash your dishes or do your laundry, you produce wastewater. This wastewater travels through your drainpipes; convene in your basement drain and then go to your home’s septic tank or the public sewer. Now there are times when clogs occur or when foreign objects get trapped in the drainage pipes. The problem with this is that some blockages do not occur near the clean-out which makes repairs challenging. So how do plumbers locate them? Yes, through the use of a drain pipe camera.

What is a drain pipe camera?

A drain pipe camera is a device used by professional plumbers to visually inspect and navigate inside the pipelines. The camera is connected to a probe that allows plumbers to push the device further into the drain. This is controlled with the use of a reel and crank. To capture images despite the darkness of the pipe’s interior, the camera is equipped with an illumination feature. The other end of the probe or cable, meanwhile, is connected to a monitor hub. It displays whatever’s being captured by the drain pipe camera inside the pipe. The monitor hub varies in terms of resolution and size.

What’s a drain pipe inspection?

A drain pipe inspection is a plumbing service wherein the professional plumber inspects the pipe with the use of professional equipment. He’ll gain access to your drainage system through the clean-out or the pump-out. The lid will be removed and the drain pipe camera will be inserted into the pipe. It will be pushed all the way into the tube until it reaches the part where the blockage is situated or the area is damaged. The condition of the pipe will be captured by the camera and displayed on the monitor hub. Through the use of the camera, plumbers are able to locate clogs; identify holes, cracks or damages on the pipe and check the system for tree root intrusions.

How advantageous is a drain pipe camera?

A drain pipe camera is very advantageous for plumbers and homeowners, too. It reduces the amount of energy and time spent on inspecting and repairing pipes. It also prevents the unnecessary excavation of drain lines just so plumbers can perform repairs. In the older days, plumbers had to dig the ground to check pipes and repair them. Because of the drain pipe camera, they no longer need to. They can easily detect the damage and locate the blockages nowadays.

The use of the drain pipe cameras is beneficial for homeowners, too. Since the time spent on repairs is lessened and the job is no longer too tedious, the cost of the plumbing service is also cut down. It’s a win-win situation!

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Posted on: March 31, 2015