Natural Drain Cleaning Remedies for Your Olathe KS Home

drain cleaning Olathe KSIf you spend a lot of time in your  Kansas home, you know that clogged drains and slow draining water is an annoying problem.

There are several steps you can take to clean your drains DIY style before calling your trusted local Olathe plumber.



Commercial Cleaners

The first is commercial drain cleaners. These are dangerous chemicals that can be purchased at the store. Pure poison these work by eating away and dissolving hair and particles.

But the corrosive power of these chemicals does not stop with clogs alone. It can eat away at the pipe itself is used incorrectly and depending on the material of your pipe. The caustic nature of these chemicals is also dangerous for your health so use with great caution or avoid altogether.

DeClogging Tools

The most common cause of clogged drains in the bathroom and bathtub is hair, particularly if they are long! Products that feature a thin and flexible piece of plastic with barbed sides, generally sold for $2 and up.

These tools are wonderful because they fit right into the bathroom and bathtub sink,  grab the hair and hair ties, and pull them right out.

Another cheap tool is the “snake” and comes in different shapes for different needs. Each is around 5 dollars and can be compared to a pipe cleaner in flexibility with a handle at the end.

Note that you can make your own tools. For example, you can take a metal coat hanger, straighten it out, and make a hook on the end to grab the gunk.

Videos on YouTube are quite helpful and learning how to unscrew sink and bathtub stoppers to reach clogs more easily. Remember to pull the gunk out, not push it through. Pushing it further down the drain will just lead to a deeper clog.

Olathe drain cleaning Homemade Cleaning Solution

After using a tool to remove the hair and debris you can use a homemade drain cleaner to remove any remaining buildup.

To create your homemade drain cleaner, pour one cup of baking soda and one cup of vinegar into the drain, close the stopper, and allow it to bubble and sit for 30 minutes without use.

After the 30 minutes are up, pour hot water down the drain to rinse it through. You may need to repeat couple times for drains with a bigger build-up. This homemade cleaner both deodorizes and cleans for a fresh, well working sink.

Live Culture

Another alternative is to use live cultures of enzymes/bacteria to work through organic muck blocking your drain. Companies such as Earth Enzymes and Biokleen seems to have a lot of customers.

After you have put in all this effort to clear your drain, take steps to keep it this way. Prevention is better than the treatment they say.

If none of these steps helped eliminate your clog, it is time to call in one of our licensed plumbers in Kansas.

We have a huge network of professionals who have state of the art tools that allow them to see exactly what is causing the problem and more powerful techniques such as hydro-jetting to clear clogs deep within the pipes.


Posted on: March 30, 2016