Reasons to Look a Plumber for Drain Cleaning in Arlington

A clogged drain is one of the most common plumbing problems there is. Clogged drains are unavoidable. It’s natural for drains to get backed up over time. It could occur in drains of the bathroom, bathtub lavatory, the kitchen sink, or the laundry area. There are many reasons for drain clogging that will urge you to look for a plumber for drain cleaning in Arlington. We have listed a few in this post. Knowing the cause of clogged drains can help you avoid it in the future.


Causes of Drain Clogging

  • Oils and Grease – Even in its liquid form, oils and grease account for a large percentage of clogged drain incidents. Oils and grease solidify with cold waste water. The solidified grease attach to the inner walls of the pipes and make wastewater difficult to pass through. To prevent stubborn drain clogs, do not pour oils into the kitchen drain. Experienced cooks and homeowners know that. 
  • Hair – Fallen hair collect in bathroom floor drains and forms into a clump of hair as time goes by. Bathroom drains should have traps to catch fallen hair. Have bathroom drain cleaning in Arlington at least twice a year to get rid of any hair that passed through the trap.
  • Excessive Toilet Paper – Most toilet papers can be easily flushed down the drain. However, some toilet papers cannot be easily dissolved in water. Thus, the undissolved fibers solidify and become a hard clump that can block the drains after some time.
  • Foreign Objects – Kids can sometimes do the craziest things, including throwing toys into the toilet! Since this in unavoidable, always be on guard when there small kids in the house. Teach them early on that only toilet paper can be thrown into the bowl. Also avoid flushing feminine products, thick paper towels, and even dental floss. Most especially, be wary of “flushable” diapers since this may be false advertising.

Common Equipment Used for Drain Cleaning in Arlington

Professional drain cleaners commonly use these types of equipment to fix clogged toilets:

  • Drain Rod – This is a stiff but flexible rod with ends that can be screwed together.  The rod is inserted into the drain and twisted to remove the clog.
  • Plumber’s Snake or Auger – This long metal coil is also inserted into the drain to dislodge clogs.
  • Hydrojetting – Powerful water pressure is used to remove debris that has built up inside the pipes. This is actually the perfect choice for sewer lines and is recommended to be done every two years.

While unclogging the drains is now made easy with these tools, it is still recommended to have your pipes checked twice a year, for practical reasons and for your peace of mind.

Let Plumbers 911 Illinois Help You with Your Drain Cleaning Requirements

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Posted on: August 18, 2017