How To Properly Use A Drain Auger

drain augerHave you ever had a clogged kitchen or bathroom sink and failed to fix it? We hope not. A blocked sink drain is really an annoying inconvenience — especially if the sink is in the kitchen. There are just so many activities that rely on your sink that’s why you can’t afford to have it unusable. Where will you wash your pots and pans? Where will you wash your fruits and vegetables? Fortunately, getting rid of clogs is not so daunting after all. You can remove the blockage with hot water, with a plunger or with baking soda and vinegar. And when all these solutions fail, you can always rely on your tried and proven drain auger. You just need to use it properly to get your sink drain back to working condition again! Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you out!

1. Get your supplies ready. Prepare a bucket to serve as a container for the clog in the pipe; a pair of rubber gloves to protect your hands against dirt and bacteria in the system and of course, your drain auger. It is also referred to as the plumbing snake and is comprised of three parts: the crank or handle, the metal coil and the auger.

2. Once your supplies are ready, check your sink hole. Make sure that there isn’t anything that’s blocking it. For instance, if you have attached a trap or screen to it, remove it for the mean time.

3. When the drain hole is open and accessible, insert your plumbing snake into it. Move its crank in a clockwise manner and push it forward. If you feel like it’s not moving at all, use both of your hands to hold the crank. Lower the metal wire until your hands are already three inches away from the opening. This distance will let you feel the blockage a lot easier.

4. As you’re lowering the cable, you’ll feel as if there’s something preventing it from going any further. That must be the trap. Just keep on pushing the drain auger forward in order to pass through the curved pipe. When you sense a strong object blocking you once again, it must be the clog.

5. Keep on turning the crank clockwise so that you can break the clump. Push it more until the auger has hooked the clog out. Once it’s moving freely, slowly pull the drain snake out. Dispose of the waste in the bucket that you prepared. Repeat this process until you’re confident that there’s nothing left. Run water down the drain and test if it’s working properly again.

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Posted on: June 9, 2014