Plumbing Tips And Tricks For Do It Yourself Projects

 do it yourself projectsWe believe that only professional plumbers should work on your plumbing system. They are trained, skilled, experienced and licensed to fix any type of problem that involves your pipelines, drainage system, fixtures and plumbing appliances. They are equipped with the right tools that allow them to get you through annoying and expensive plumbing emergencies. However, we cannot disregard the fact that there are also a lot of people who are into DIY plumbing. If you are one of them, here are a number of valuable tips you can use.

1. When unclogging a sink, you must remember to plunge the water first prior to detaching the trap. Otherwise, you just might get sprayed with dirty water and the work area will be messy! Plunging the sink will push the water out of the trap so the latter won’t spill out.

2. If you have a double-sink and one of the wash basins get clogged, you must plug the other basin with an old cloth or a rag. Doing so will avoid sewage from backing out of the pipe that’s not clogged.

3. If your toilet has a weak flush, fill a bucket with water and use it to get rid of the waste. Pouring two buckets of water should be enough to flush the waste.

4. A clogged toilet can be repaired with the use of a plunger. Make sure that you get the right plunger for the job as there’s also another one meant for sink and floor drains. If the plunger won’t work, use a plumbing snake.

5. There are times when your kid drops his toy in the toilet. You won’t have to remove the fixture from its place right away. Try hooking the object out with the use of a wire hanger. Just be careful so you won’t scratch the toilet. When this method fails, also try using a wet / dry vacuum to suck out the object inside.

6. If your stainless kitchen sink produces a gong-like sound when you use it, you can deaden the noise by installing a pad underneath it. If you have a double sink, you may also fill the space between the two wash basins with expanding foam.

7. To help your water heater reach maximum efficiency, insulate its water supply lines and the tank. This should ensure that water is kept warm until it reaches your fixture.

8. Hot water causes copper pipelines to expand thus making them grind against each other or against joists and pipe hangers. To solve this problem, just wrap the copper pipes with adhesive-backed felt.

9. When fixing garbage disposals, make sure that they are switched off and that the circuit breaker or electrical panel is turned off, too. Doing so will avoid electrocution and other electricity-related accidents.

10. When unclogging pipes and fixtures, never ever use cleaning agents that contain harsh chemicals. They will surely get rid of the clog but they’ll also damage the pipes in the long run.

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Posted on: June 3, 2015