DIY Water Heater Installation in Cleveland, Texas

Water Heater Repair ClevelandAfter a long time of using your gas hot water heater, this should be replaced for safety purposes. You would need certain knowledge to replace this one yourself, and a proper guide on water heater installation in Cleveland will already cut a huge amount of money on your expenses.

Step 1. Ensure first that you have an adequate amount of ventilation to avoid building up carbon monoxide in your home.

Step 2.Turn the nearby shutoff valve around a quarter to turn off the main gas and water supply.

Step 3.Drain the water in the tank by using a garden hose. You need to be cautious in doing so as the water would be scalding hot.

Step 4.Use a tube cutter to cut off the hot and cold water lines and get off the water heater out of the way.

Step 5.With the new water heater temperature and relief valve, wrap its threads around using a Teflon tape and make at least three turns. Make sure it is tightly screwed into the tank using a pipe wrench. Connect the copper discharge pipe.

Step 6.The copper adapters should be soldered and the assemblies screwed to the inlet for hot water and ports for the cold water located at the top of the tank.

Step 7.Sliding the new water heater into place, make the old tubing connect with the new, and then solder them together.

Step 8.Reconnect the gas line and reassemble the nipples. Fill the tank by closing the valve, turning the water on and opening the valve for cold water to the water heater, and turning on the faucet for hot water until there’s water. Don’t forget to inspect the joints for any water leak.

Step 9.Check the draft and then lastly, configure the temperature settings.

If you still do not have a heating system at home, you might want to check the Department of Energy’s guide on selecting a new water heater. Meanwhile, if you would rather have someone else install your gas hot water heater for you, call (409) 237-3137 to be connected to a trusted Cleveland plumbing contractor.


Posted on: June 21, 2017