The Complete DIY Guide On How To Install A Toilet

how-to-install-a-toiletIf you think toilet installation is way too easy, you’re actually mistaken. While it is doable, note that it’s also going to require a lot of effort and of course, plumbing skills. If you are looking for a complete do-it-yourself guide on how to replace your old toilet, you’ve come to the right place. Now remember, if you’re not into plumbing, it is best to call a licensed professional to avoid accidents and prevent damages on your property.

Old Toilet Removal


1. First things, first. Turn the toilet’s water supply valve that’s located at the side of the fixture. You should see a water supply pipe that extends from the wall or from the floor. Trace that and you’ll find the supply valve. Once you’ve turned it off, flush the toilet to remove the water from the tank. Scoop any remaining water with a disposable cup. Then, disconnect the water supply valve from the toilet.

2. Locate the bolts that connect the tank and the toilet bowl together. Remove the nuts in order to remove the toilet tank. If you discover that the nuts are rusty, you can loosen them up with penetrating oil. After doing so, lift the toilet tank carefully and set it down on the floor. Make sure that you have spread out a few rags or old towels to keep the tank safe.

3. Then, inspect the base of your toilet. Locate its bolt caps and remove them. When you’re done with that, you should see the closet bolts that keep the toilet in place. Remove them as well.

4. Afterward, rock the fixture on both sides for you to be able to loosen the gasket. When it’s finally loose, remove it and put it somewhere safe.

5. Plug the toilet’s drain pipe with an old towel or a rag to prevent the escape of foul gas and odor. Just ensure that the material you’ll use to plug the hole won’t fall inside eventually.

6. Now use a putty knife to scrape the old wax or putty from the base of the toilet. Clean the area for the new installation and make sure that it’s level so that the new toilet won’t get wobbly.

New Toilet Installation


1. Check the old flange that you removed earlier. Is it still usable? If it’s already damaged or if it has cracks, replace it.

2. Insert the bolts into the toilet flange and guarantee that they are positioned parallel to the wall behind the toilet.

3. Now flip the toilet over and put the wax ring in place. Remember that its tapered end should be the one that faces the toilet.

4. Remove the cloth or rag from the drain hole. Position the toilet bowl onto its (new or old) flange. Place the retainer washers and the nuts as well. Again, the tapered end of the washers should be installed face up. Check on the manufacturer’s instructions to get it right.

5. Carefully mount the toilet and press it down. Tighten the bolts found at the base of the toilet. Afterward, install the bolt caps and seal the toilet base with a fixture sealant.

6. Then, place a rubber gasket at the bottom of the tank and slide the bolts, too. Install the rubber washers as well.

7. Finally, position the tank and tighten its nuts to keep it in place. Put the toilet seat on the fixture.

8. Now proceed with the re-connection of the water supply pipe. Screw it and then turn it on. Let the tank fill with water. When it’s full, flush the tank and check the fixture for leaks.

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Posted on: July 14, 2015