Disadvantages of DIY Counter Top Installation

Disadvantages DIY Counter Top InstallationProjects involving heavy equipment and fragile materials such as electrical, plumbing, or heavy demolition need professional attention and are better left to them for proper execution.

No, this is not about hurting someone’s ego but we’ve been in the business for so long that we’ve encountered almost every possible “ooops-I-thought-I-can-fix-it” problem and performed remedial job to fix it. It’s business on our end but sadly, to homeowners, it’s extra cost and time.

One example is counter top installation in Arlington Heights. Not everyone can do it. It requires know-how whether you’re dealing with recycled glass, quartz or granite. The pros? You save a little money. The cons? A lot. If you are not a pro, your installation may incur more time and additional cost, outweighing the little savings you got there.

  • Installation requires skills and special tools
  • You must have the correct tints and glue for the lamination of the apron and bonding of the seam
  • You need skills to set a tight, level seam and crack the slab
  • There could be fit issues that may require offsite adjustments and delay
  • Without the skills, you could damage cabinets, walls, or backsplashes
  • Issues with the faucet removal and placement in the sink
  • Incorrect adhesion

Granite Overlays, another popular countertop selection for today’s home owners, supplies an additional benefit for DIYers since it calls for no demolition. As opposed to having to remove countertops, this item is overlayed directly in addition to them, making it alluring for DIYers to attempt install their own.

“With no demolition needed, the setup procedure takes as little time as possible and also removes the mess and trouble caused by conventional counter top installations,” said Better Homes and Gardens.

Home owners ought to bear in mind that while granite overlays are lighter compared to traditional granite pieces, they could be hard to navigate for those that are not accustomed to functioning around angles. The exact same DIY disadvantages that maintain people from attempting to install granite, quartz, or recycled glass kitchen counters in their residence likewise lead them to an expert that can be found in and complete a job that looks much easier than it actually is. If it was very easy, everybody would certainly do it, as well as there would be little worth to it!

Granite overlays gives you the lovely appearance you are entitled to without the demolition and also setup headaches you might have if you were to do it yourself. There are absolutely the advantages and disadvantages but having a professional will absolutely conserve you time and also extra problems to reface your lovely kitchen area or restroom.

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Posted on: October 30, 2016