Easy DIY Cracked Toilet Tank Repair

cracked toilet tank repairIf you won’t be careful enough, you’ll soon discover that your toilet tank has cracks on it. You see, people accidentally drop objects on the toilet tank especially when the lid is used as a shelf where toiletries are placed. That’s actually one habit that most homeowners are guilty of. The strong impact of the objects on the tank may result to different types of cracks. Some only look like hairlines — thin and relatively shallow. Other cracks are deep and long which are of course dangerous. They might grow longer and eventually lead to the total breakage of the tank. Fortunately, hairline cracks are not daunting to fix with the help of the right repair kit. Here’s a DIY guide in case you need it!

1. Before doing anything on your toilet, make sure that you’ll turn off the water supply first. Doing so will prevent the tank from refilling while you’re doing the repair. Once you have shut the water supply off, flush the toilet. Use a disposable cup to scoop out any remaining water inside the tank. You may also use a sponge to absorb the water.

2. When you’ve totally emptied the tank, disconnect the water supply line from it. Use a pair of pliers for this task. Twist the connector counterclockwise to loosen it up.

3.  After detaching the supply line, you have to dry the tank completely for the adhesive to stick efficiently. Wipe the inside and outside of the tank with a clean, lint-free cloth or rag.

4. Get your repair kit and read the instructions at the back. Make sure that you’ve fully understood the step-by-step process of the repair to avoid damaging the tank.

5. Apply the epoxy mixture on the hairline crack/s. If the crack is deep and is seen both on the inside and outside of the tank, make sure that both sides are applied with the epoxy. Let the material dry as per manufacturer instructions.

6. When the epoxy has already dried up, get an emery cloth (fine-grit) and sand the patched area. Make sure that you’ll remove any excess epoxy and that you’ll smoothen the surface.

7. Afterwards, connect the water supply line to the toilet tank again. Wrap the end of the supply line with plumber’s tape. Carefully slide the pipe into the connector and twist it cautiously. Use your pliers to tighten the connection.

8. Turn the water supply on to refill the tank. Once it’s already filled up with water, flush the toilet and check for leaks.

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Posted on: June 10, 2015