What’s The Cost To Pump Out A Septic Tank?

cost to pump out a septic tankDo you have your own septic tank at home? Every time that you use your plumbing fixtures (faucets, showers, tubs and toilets) and drains, the waste materials are carried all the way to the tank. It’s where sewage is filtered to separate the solid wastes from the liquid wastes. The solid particles stay at the bottom of the tank while the liquid component is transported to the drain field for treatment. And while the septic tank is reliable, you should know that it can only hold so much. Its capacity is limited therefore making pump-out an essential plumbing service. By emptying the tank, it will revert to its original condition and take in more sewage. Read on and learn more about septic tank pumping.

What is septic tank pumping?


Septic tank pumping is a kind of plumbing service that’s essential for every home. It involves the removal of waste from the tank with the use of a large siphon hose. How? Well, a service truck, equipped with tools and cleaning equipment, will be driven to the homeowner’s home. The siphon will be inserted into the tank’s access pipe and suck all the waste materials out. These substances will be stored in a large container in the service truck and then delivered to a treatment facility for proper disposal. To take advantage of the waste substances and make use of them in productive ways, they can be turned into fertilizer (to grow food) or even used to generate power.

How often should you have your septic tank installed?


The septic tank should be pumped out regularly. However, several factors affect the frequency of pump-outs. These factors include the size of the tank, the number of people using the plumbing, the amount of waste produced in the property and so on. For example, if your tank is just right for a people of five and yet there are 7 or 8 people using the plumbing, chances are, you’ll need to have it pumped out more often. Seek the advice of a professional plumber to find out how often you’ll need septic tank pumping services.

What’s the cost to pump out a septic tank?


According to research done and published by Home Advisor, homeowners pay an average of $403 to $537 for septic tank pumping. This value is based on a sample of 1,377 respondents. According to the report, there were respondents who said that they paid a minimal fee of $200 while there were also those who paid as much as $831. For your info, here are the factors that affect the cost of septic tank pump-outs:

  1. Last pump-out schedule
  2. Local service fee
  3. Tank capacity
  4. Hours spent on the task
  5. Other tasks handled by the plumber

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Posted on: April 21, 2015