A Handbook On The Most Common Septic System Problems

common-septic-system-problemsYour septic system is an essential component of your plumbing system. Without it, you won’t be able to dispose the dirty water that you produce (or the waste materials) whenever you use your plumbing fixtures. And because it is important, it should also be taken care of and maintained regularly and properly. Otherwise, you can expect a great deal of trouble. Here’s a list of the most common septic system problems you should watch out for!

1. Sludge may accumulate or build up in the tank if you won’t have it pumped regularly.

2. You may also encounter damaged drainage lines or septic tank baffles.

3. The septic tank’s filter may get clogged when it’s not cleaned properly or totally neglected.

4. If there are surrounding trees that have strong roots in the area where the tank is installed, these roots may actually get into the pipes or inside the tank itself. When it does, it will result to clogging in the system and later on create backups.

5. If your septic tank has inadequate amount of bacteria or septic enzyme, it will take longer for the system to sort out and filter the waste water. Thus, the longer it will take for the liquid to be treated and the higher the possibility of experiencing backups.

6. Grease isn’t completely prevented from getting inside the tank. Small portions will eventually build up inside the tank and create clogs.

7. Speaking of tree roots, they may also clog the drainfield, too. Make sure that you’ll have the system inspected regularly to avoid clogging and other inconveniences.

8. The drainfield’s pipe is vulnerable to damage.

9. The soil may get compacted therefore causing septic system failure in terms of liquid treatment.

10. The sludge and other solid waste materials may also leave your tank without being properly treated.

11. Sulfite may also build up inside the tank thus cause imbalance in the system.

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Posted on: September 10, 2015