Simple Clogged Toilet Remedies That You Can Perfectly Do At Home

clogged toilet remediesClogged toilets result to a lot of inconveniences that range from just simply unpleasant to totally horrible. For one thing, you won’t be able to do your “thing” in a clogged toilet because you’ll end up panicking about overflows. While you might get disgusted at waste materials that aren’t flushed down, remember that’s just part of a bigger problem. Really bad overflows lead to graver consequences. For instance, leaks may actually damage your walls, floors and ceiling over time. They also leave ugly stains behind and may even promote the growth of molds, which can trigger health problems like allergies and illnesses. And while it is normal for us to worry about the effects of having a clogged toilet, it should not be denied that learning about the causes of this annoying problem is equally important. What instigates clogging? Read this interesting article to find out:

What Causes Clogged Toilets?

Toilets clog for a variety of reasons, most of them not actually related to human waste. You can evaluate what is causing your toilet to clog by noticing if your sinks seem to be running slowly, indicating the problem extends further than just the toilet’s plumbing.

According to the article, paper towels, diapers, sanitary products and tissues are among the most common culprits of toilet clogging. By not flushing these things down in the bowl, such an inconvenient bathroom problem will be prevented. The main principle is that you shouldn’t dump anything in your toilet, not even tissues. And don’t forget about soaps and small objects, too. So if you have a kid at home, make sure that he won’t use the toilet bowl as a basketball ring or an impromptu swimming pool for his toy soldiers. Anyway, let’s now delve into simple remedies that you can perform in case your toilet gets blocked. Of course you’ll try to get rid of the clog before calling your trusted plumber so you might as well learn how to do so properly. Read this descriptive, step-by-step guide we found online:

How to Fix a Clogged Toilet

Clogged toilet? No problem. With a little practice, even a home repair rookie can get most clogged toilets back up and running in minutes, without flooding the bathroom and making the situation worse. In this article we’ll show you how to avert a morning household disaster by clearing a clogged toilet fast.

The article above just taught you how to make use of your plunger the right way. It also provided a detailed guide on using a “snake” to snag and pull out the object that’s causing the clog. And when both of these fail, you know what to do. Call the best local plumbers in the US  and let us help you! Plumbers 911 will only send out skilled, friendly and reliable and professionals to help you with your plumbing repairs, installation and many more!

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Posted on: June 10, 2015