Clogged Drains and a Simple DIY Fix

clogged drains ShawneeAt some point in our lives, a drain could make us frustrated and angry. Who wouldn’t be when your drain suddenly clogs up while you’re bathing or cleaning the dishes? The worst part? It’s too late to call a plumber or you’re not buying the thought of spending money on something like this, anyway, it’s just a clogged drain.

This situation is very common when there are long haired women in the house as they lose an average of 50 – 100 hair each day and most of those are lost while they brush their hair or during bathing. These hairs go down the drain and will eventually clog up your drain and you will notice this because the water is backing up. This also happens when you shave in your sink.

But guess what? You can fix a clogged drain on your own! Seriously.

To do this, Use a plumber snake to unclog your pipes and drain. While professionals use something else, this will do for the meantime. This is a flexible metal rod twisted like spring. This is pushed down the drain in a twisting motion to pull anything unclogging the drain. Do this several times to get everything all out. These plumbing snake costs less than $10, but if this is still expensive for you, try a wire hanger. Use pliers to twist the bottom up to create a makeshift plumber snake.

Done with your snake? It’s now time to remove the drain cover. You can actually remove it using your fingers to pull it up, if it doesn’t work, use a flat head screwdriver to do the job. A tweezer can be used for the drain covers with small holes. Once it is off, use the DIY snake you have made or the store-bought one to push it down the drain. Give it a twist during the process, push it down through the clog and grab it. Do it several times until everything comes off. Remember that once you get to the bottom, twist and pull it back up still twisting as you go to keep hold of the gunk that clogs your drain.

At some point you will get a little bit of gunk on every pull, try a commercial drain cleaner to dissolve the small bit left inside the drain. When nothing else is coming out, then you’ve probably gotten every possible gunk. Put the cover back and you are done!

However, when after doing all of above and the water is still backing up, call a trusted Shawnee plumber to do the task for you. It might cost a wee bit, but at least you are sure that your problem is solved. Plumbers 911 can solve all plumbing problems such as toilet repair in Shawnee, sump pump repair in Shawnee, home remodeling in Shawnee, sewer inspection in Shawnee, and most emergency plumbing jobs in Shawnee, Kansas.

Posted on: July 21, 2016