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Save Money with Water Submetering in Fort Lauderdale

plumber for water submetering in Fort LauderdaleStudies over the years have proven that submetering of utilities is an effective way to lower consumption of energy. Whether it be water, gas, or electricity, submetering appears to be more helpful in making consumers aware of their usage. Water submetering in Fort Lauderdale largely benefits apartment owners as it also helps individual unit owners to cut down on utility costs. Moreover, it benefits the earth as less natural resources are used.

Life before water submetering in Fort Lauderdale

Submetering has been present since the 1920’s. However, people did not really put much thought into it. It was only at the start of the 80’s when property owners started to become conscious of the cost of their utilities. Add to that, energy conversation lobbyists have become vocal about saving water and electricity.

Back in the day, people in Florida would only pay around $20 a month for water consumption. Take note, that’s already for a three-bedroom apartment with six people living in it. This is also the same amount of money paid by a one-bedroom apartment resident who’s living by himself. So whether you had a full month’s load of laundry or you don’t do your laundry at all in your apartment, you still pay the same amount of water bill. Yes, it looks unfair but they were ok with it back then.

Water submetering is not actually required in Fort Lauderdale, but it is permitted. In lieu of it, a master meter is used. The property manager can then choose to use a submeter to identify how much water exactly one unit uses in a month. The property manager should be responsible for ensuring that there is no break in the water line between the master meter and the submeter. Otherwise, he will be the one paying for the wasted water and not the unit owners.

Are there downsides of water submetering?

Water submetering in Fort Lauderdale enables its residents to save money by paying only for what they use. A drop of up to 30% in water usage and/or sewer usage has been observed in some properties. You can almost hear a resounding “bravo” from environmentalists. Come to think of it, you do not only conserve water but also energy and resources used in processing sewage.

The many benefits of having water submetering have been established. You might be wondering if there are any downsides. Surprisingly, there are a few.

Having submeters installed in each unit of a building comes with a cost. Naturally, most homeowners don’t like extra expenses. A local Fort Lauderdale plumber installing a submeter will indeed come with a cost. Then again, it should be thought as an investment and the money saved in the future will make up for it.

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What Are Water Sub Meters And How Do They Work?

water sub metersDo you have a multi-family residential property or do you live in one? Do have water sub-meters installed there? We hope so. Water sub-meters are essential plumbing components that provide property owners and tenants several advantages. If you still don’t have sub-meters installed in your apartment building or condominium, read on and learn all about the importance of these devices.

What are water sub meters?


Water sub meters are devices installed in every unit of multi-family development communities such as apartment buildings, condominiums and mobile homes. These devices measure and track the water consumption of the specific units where they are installed.

How do they work?


Multi-family development communities used to have only one main water meter to track the water consumption of all the tenants. Once the meter is read, the water consumption bill is evenly divided among the number of tenants or units currently living in the complex. The expense is then distributed to the tenants in the form of association dues or additional fees placed on top of rent. This method is really unfair for people or tenants who don’t use as much water as the others do.

But because of water sub-metering, fair billing is implemented. Each unit will have its own water sub-meter that will track and measure the tenant’s water consumption. People will not pay accordingly and fairly. Those who use more water will pay more. Those who use less, will pay less.

How will sub-metering benefit tenants?


Obviously, tenants will only be paying for water that they’ll actually consume or use. They will no longer be asked to pay for additional fees or association fees that result from their water usage. Tenants will also be able to monitor their water consumption. Since they have their own meter they can check, they’ll surely be in control of how much water they’ll use. In other words, they’ll be more capable of saving or conserving water.

What about the benefits for property owners?


Well, there are several. First of all, there will be no need to hire people to read the water meter; make the bill; distribute the bill and collect the payments. Since there’ll be a water sub-metering company who’ll take care of all these things for the property owner, his expenses for overhead or labor are cut down. Another important advantage is that the owner longer needs to waste his time and energy monitoring his tenants’ payments for water consumption. The responsibility of paying the bill is taken off his back and is transferred to the very tenants.

We hope that you learned a lot about water sub meters today. If you need them installed in your multi-family property, just call the most reliable Miami plumbers for water sub-meter installation. Plumbers 911 Florida provides excellent plumbing services in Miami FL including water sub-metering, gas system installation, plumbing installation, plumbing fixture installation, plumbing appliances installation and many more! Call us at 305-662-0668 (Miami-Dade County FL), 954-468-0512 (Broward County FL), 561-327-6287 (Palm Beach County FL) to schedule a service!

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What Is A Water Sub-Meter and Why Is It Important?

water sub-meterDo you have a water sub-meter at home? If you live in a multi-family structure such as an apartment community, condominium or a mobile home community, you indeed have one. You see, a water sub-meter is a device installed in multi-family residential structures to be able to monitor and bill each family or tenant accordingly. Without the water sub-meters, all tenants and residents would have to divide the water bill among them without relying on an accurate measure of their usages. What about tenants who do not use as much water as the others? What about those that use more than what they’ll pay for? Obviously, the lack of water sub-meters is going to result in problems that will not only affect the residents but also the property owner, too.

How Water Sub-Metering Works


A licensed plumbing contractor will be hired to install water sub-meters in a property. Transmitters and reading equipment will be installed together with the meters to accomplish the accurate monitoring and billing of the tenants’ water consumption. The contractor will access each of the apartment or condominium units for the installation. When the project is completed, a sub-metering company chosen by the property owner will then take care of the reading, creation and distribution of bills as well as the collection of payments from tenants.

The Importance of Water  Sub-Metering


The installation of water sub-meters in an apartment complex or multi-family residential building is essential and advantageous. This system benefits the tenants and the property owner, too. Here are some of the advantages:

1. Fair billing will be implemented.

2. Tenants will be able to monitor their water consumption. When they notice that they have been using water way more than they should, they’ll be able to easily lessen their consumption.

3. Paying water bills will be easier since each tenant is already presented his own bill that’s calculated based on his or her water consumption.

4. The property owner’s responsibilities are lessened when it comes to payment collection. He won’t have to compute each tenant’s bill or handle the collection of their payments on his own.

5. The property owner’s expenses will also be reduced. Instead of spending money on hiring people to distribute the bill and collect payment from each of the tenants, the owner can just set up a contract with a water sub-metering company to do all these things for him.

5. With all the water shortages and environmental problems we face nowadays, water conservation is vital. With the help of water sub-meters, homeowners or tenants will be aware of their consumption and therefore find ways on how they can cut down their utility expenses while saving water at the same time.

We hope that you learned a lot about how a water sub-meter and why it is important. If you need sub-meters installed in your property, just call a trusted Frederick plumber. Plumbers 911 Washington DC provides reliable plumbing services in Frederick MD including sub-metering, gas system installations, fire sprinkler systems, grease traps installation, drain cleaning and many more! Call us now at (877) 932-5325 to schedule a service!

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What Is Water Submetering And Why Is It Essential?

water submeteringWater sub-metering is a plumbing service that involves the installation of separate water meters into individual units in apartment communities, mobile home communities or condominiums. Sub-metering is needed in these types of properties to allow each resident or tenant to pay the water bill based on his or her consumption. Without sub-meters, the development owner will be responsible for dividing the water expense across all tenants and residents which is indeed unfair for those who don’t consume that much. The cost will be passed on as association dues, as part of the tenant’s rent or as other forms of payment.

Why is sub-metering important?


Sub-metering is important for a number of reasons. First of all, it allows the fair billing of water consumption. This is an obvious advantage that residents and tenants will benefit from. Another significance of water sub-metering is that the task of paying the bill will be easier to accomplish. Each tenant or resident will be responsible for paying the bill instead of the development owner being responsible for paying their consumption in bulk.

Sub-metering is also essential because it allows people to monitor their water consumption. It may not be that big of a deal for some but think about it. With the environmental problems and water shortages we are facing nowadays, it is only wise to keep our consumption at minimum levels. When we are aware of how much water we use, we are also able to conserve. In fact, a recent study suggests that tenants in a multi-family property are more prone to wasting water when their consumption is not monitored.

For development owners, sub-metering is also beneficial because they no longer need to raise the tenants’ rent in case the water bill skyrockets. Therefore, they will also avoid complaints from people living in the condominium or apartment complex. Their operation expenses will also be reduced because since the tenants are responsible for their own bills, the owners no longer need to spend so much on overhead just to take care of meter reading and payment collection.

How does sub-metering work?


To have a property sub-metered, the owner must choose a contractor or company that specializes in this service. The said company will install the equipment needed for the sub-meters to work. These include the reading equipment, transmitters and water meters among many others. Each unit in the apartment complex or condominium will be accessed by the contractor’s crew to install the said equipment. Once done, the sub-metering company will take care of the meter reading, bill disbursement and payment collection.

We hope that we have given enough information about water submetering. If you need your property sub-metered, just call a professional West Palm Beach plumber. Plumbers 911 Florida delivers exceptional West Palm Beach plumbing services including sub-metering, gas system installation, plumbing repair, leak detection and many more! Call us at 305-662-0668 (Miami-Dade County FL), 954-468-0512 (Broward County FL), 561-327-6287 (Palm Beach County FL) to schedule a service!

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