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What You Need To Know About Water Softener Systems in Kansas City, MO

water softener system installation Kansas City

Have you ever experienced a time when all of your cleaning agents seem to not work at all? Does your hair feel dry after shampooing? Don’t worry, the problem is not on the soap or shampoo you use but the water itself. Your home most like has hard water. Read on to know more about water softener systems in Kansas City.

Hard Water 101

Water is hard when there is high mineral content in it.  Commonly, hard water contains calcium and magnesium.  These hard minerals pose a threat to your plumbing system as they can eventually clog drains and reduce the efficiency of your plumbing appliances.

Water Testing

To check if your water supply is hard, you have to use a water testing kit. Water testing kits are sold by pool suppliers or water softener systems distributors. The presence of hard minerals in the water is measured either in grains per gallon (GPG), parts per million (PPM), or milligram per liter (mG/L). Hard water normally registers between 3.5 to 7 GPG.

Home Water Softener Systems

Home water softener systems are tapped into your home’s water supply. The system is typically made of 2 parts: the brine tank and the filter. The home water softener system also has a gauge that shows the owner when it’s time to refill the salt.

The home water system filters the water and removes the calcium and magnesium. While the water moves through the machine, calcium and magnesium trades places with softer ions. Once depleted, the water softener is replenished by flushing with brine. 

Home water softener systems can be expensive to the average American. A unit can cost from $400 to $1,2000. Meanwhile, each refill of salt can cost you $5 to $7 a bag.  But come to think about it, installing a home water softener system is a good investment considering the possible problems that hard water can bring.

How To Install A Home Water Softener System in Kansas City

Home water softener systems are only installed by licensed Kansas City plumbers. Call Plumbers 911 Missouri at (816) 656-2524 to inquire about home water softener systems in Kansas City, MO.


Posted on: June 14, 2019

Water Filtration Systems In West Palm Beach Explained

water filtration system installation West Palm Beach

Installing a water filtration system in your home is one of the most worthwhile investments that you could make in terms of overall health and well-being. Now, with all the water filtration systems in West Palm Beach that are available for you to choose from, would you know exactly what to get? Read on and find out how you can choose the best water filtration system for you.


What Home Water Filtration System is Right for You

Firstly, ask yourself why you are getting a water filtration system in the first place. Do you just want to make sure that your drinking water is pure and safe? If so, a good option is to purchase a faucet filter that you can hook up to your kitchen sink faucet.  Faucet filters carefully remove contaminants in the water with a slower flow rate

Would you also like to filter the chemicals and hard minerals in the water you use for bathing? Hard minerals can make the hair and skin dry and these can be filtered by a shower head filter which is pretty affordable.

If you’re feeling a bit generous and would want all sources of water coming into your home be filtered, you will have to buy a whole house filtration system. This is the most expensive among the types of home water filtration systems in West Palm Beach basically because they would need to filter more water. If you think of it, however, this is a good one-time investment because all your water sources will be covered.

Benefits of Having a Home Water Filtration System

  • Improve your health with cleaner drinking water.
  • Save money and help the environment. No need to buy bottled purified water anymore because you can easily refill your own water bottle from the comforts of your home.
  • Improve the look and feel of your hair and skin.  Since even the water you use for bathing is cleared of chlorine and other harmful contaminants, it is milder to your skin and hair.

Let the Pros Install Your Home Water Filtration System


With all the information shared above, you are now ready to have your home water filtration system installed. There’s nothing else to do now but to call Plumbers 911 Florida to have a licensed West Palm Beach plumber install a home water filtration system for you. You can call (561) 475-1164 for a free quote.

Posted on: July 19, 2017