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Do I Really Need a Powerflush in My Kansas City Home?

boiler installation syracuseFirst it is important to know what a powerflush is because a lot of people do not know what it is.  It is a cleaning process that is carried out on a central heating system with the help of a Powerflush pump. The main task of Powerflush is to remove all debris, dirt, rust and sludge from the water running within the heating system pipes.

The point is that: “do I really need a Powerflush in my home?” The answer is: Yes, it is very necessary to make the system efficient after prolonged use. If you don’t powerflush, your boiler could be damaged by the dirty waters. Powerflush is not only about clearing the debris that has already built up in the system, but there are also certain chemicals used in power flushing which slows down further breakdowns in the future within the radiators and pipes.

When Do I actually need a powerflush?

The answer depends on the level of dirt and rust that has built-up in your system for days. Incase you have a system that is few years in age and you never got a powerflush done anytime; you would definitely need one soon. The best way to decide is to take a sample of water from the system and test it from a heating engineer. If you experience the below mentioned symptoms you need powerflush:

  • Unclean bleed water or cold radiators?
  • Boiler cut outs and noises?
  • Fluctuations in temperature or lukewarm water?
  • Blocked pipes and a cold home?
  • Very slow heating

What could happen if you don’t powerflush?

There could be severe damage that would be extremely expensive to repair. Take a look at mainly what happens if you don’t:

  • The system would lose its performance and you would have to pay high fuel and repair bills
  • The heat exchangers and radiators would be filled with pin holes and that would need repair or replacement. A black oil come out known as the oxide sludge and it can damage anything like floors, carpets etc.
  • There could be mechanical failures like in the pumps, hydraulic systems, valves and heat exchangers.

Advantages of power flush

  • The system is more energy efficient
  • The reliability is enhanced
  • Radiators are hotter
  • Less chances of breakdown
  • The lifespan of your system is increased
  • Least noises
  • The heating of radiators will be quicker
  • More hot water supply

Is powerflush a DIY initiative?

It is not recommended to do the power flush yourself because it’s a risky and complex process; there are a lot of equipment and chemicals used. It is best to get in touch with our Gas Safe registered technicians  in your Kansas City.

Do you take care of your boiler?

If you perform an annual servicing of the boiler thenPlumbers in Summer a power flushing after every 5-6 years is sufficient. A power flush prior to installing a new boiler is highly recommended.

One question rings the mind that why is power flush necessary for a new boiler? It is very essential to maintain the warranty because if a new boiler is installed on an unclean water system, there are chances of the heating system getting damaged.

How much does Power flush cost?

Now if you are keen about knowing how much a power flush would cost, it depends on the size of your heating system and how complex the task would be. The service is a bit on the expensive side but its worth as it could save a huge amount of future expenses. Power flushing takes just a day to be done and for smaller systems it takes only a few hours. Contact our plumbing contractors in your Kansas City that offers power flush service at a competitive pricing.


Power flushing improves the efficiency because water flows without any hindrance through the pipes when the system water is cleaned. If you imagine the boiler to be a human hear and the pipes as the arteries, you could understand the functionality.

Posted on: June 26, 2018

Quick Tips to Save on Your Water Heating in Your Chicago Home

Wellesley Island Heating System RepairsThe water heater is a very essential appliance of your household but do you know that it accounts for 15% of the energy bill expenses?

It’s practical that you cannot do without a heater but you can definitely use it rationally to conserve energy and save from your pocket.

Here are a few quick tips to save on your water heating energy bill:

Turning down the temperature

Go to the warm setting and just turn down the temperature and this will prevent your skin from getting burnt anytime apart from saving energy. 

You would need the heater daily throughout the cold season so you can imagine how much energy would be consumed in these months. The usual setting is 140 degrees F but you can lower it to 120 degrees F to save a 6% to 10% from the energy bill. Just refer to the manual while adjusting the thermostat.

Use the water heater less

Could you use the water heater less? Showers are mainly responsible for your soaring water heating costs. You can use showerheads with low-flow, complete your shower quickly, turn off the water supply while you are using soap and always use lukewarm water.

You can endure a bit and try using cold water in washing clothes because a lot of water goes in washing clothes.

Water heater inspection

Do you get your heater inspected every year before the winters? It is actually a good idea to do so and prevent from applying huge energy bills. Just before the onset of the spring and in the summer months get an inspection to ensure the heater is working optimally.

Reputed and certified plumbers in Chicago can detect any problems and do the necessary servicing so that you get right water flow in the winters and your bill does not soar up.

Repair boiler leaks

Gallons of water is wasted every year due to boiler leaks so don’t wait to mend boiler leaks but get early and quick solution.

Call a professional plumber in Chicago to detect leaks and get repaired.  While water is being wasted, your bills are rising!

You can switch to solar or tankless systems

If you have decided to replace your old water heating system, you can invest a little more and purchase the solar or tankless systems. If you do so, your energy costs would be slashed down by half of what you pay. Isn’t it a great option for the households? You can give it a thought.

Add insulation

It is practically inexpensive to add insulation but doing so can cut down standby loss of heat by 25% to 50% and this would directly cut down heating costs by 5% to 10%.

Reuse the water

So much of hot water flows down the drain but did you hear about ‘drain water heat recovery systems’? It’s basically a technology to arrest the energy that flows down the drain to pre-heat the cold water that is making its way into the heater.

These systems are priced within $300-$500 and you can call your plumber in Chicago area to install. You invest once and reap the benefits of it through low water heating bills.

Buy an efficient model

If your water heating system is old, invest in a new one because old tankless water heaters chicagosystems tend to consume more electricity. Buy energy star models where you can save 15% of the total cost of energy bills.

You can also invest in a system with heat traps fore more energy efficiency.

Simply set a timer

A lot of energy is invested in retaining the heat inside the water all 24 hours. Since you don’t need to use water all 24 hours, then why not set a timer to turn off during the sleep time hours or before you leave home for work?

This can help to conserve about 5% to 12% energy. Buy a timer for about $60 and enjoy the hassle free benefits.

Now that you know so many tips to save water heating costs, try these out.  If you encounter any problems, call us immediately! We’re licensed and we can refer you to certified local plumbers in Chicago, IL.

Posted on: June 21, 2018

Common Hot Water Heater Problems in Pembroke Pines and Elsewhere

common hot water heater problems in Pembroke Pines FLHomeowners nowadays would want to have all the amenities that could make living easier and more comfortable. Who wouldn’t, right? A hot water heater is one of these amenities as it plays a significant task in making bathing comfortable for all the members of the family. As such, when it conks out, it becomes bothersome for the whole household. It is best to be vigilant in looking for hot water heater problems in Pembroke Pines to prevent further damage and repair expenses.

Watch Out For These Hot Water Heater Problems

Most hot water heater problems can be repaired on your own. Check this list first before heading out to the store to buy a new hot water heating unit. Then again, if you’re not confident with your plumbing skills, you can always contact a licensed Pembroke Pines plumber for help.

Water is too hot

Begin by checking the thermostat. Make sure that it is set correctly. You can adjust it to lower the temperature. If adjusting the temperature does not do the trick, the problem might be with the thermostat itself. This will need to be replaced by a plumbing professional.

Water pressure is low

Examine the shower head if it is clear of sediments or hard water deposits. If it does, get a fine needle that you can insert in the holes. See if this works. Otherwise, locate the reset button and push it. If this still doesn’t resolve the problem, call a hot water heater repair plumber. The problem might be in the thermostat or in another part of the unit.

Leaking water tank

Tighten the bolts on the gaskets surrounding the unit. After that, check the pressure valve. If it still continues to leak, it would be better to buy a new water heating unit especially if this current unit is old. The maximum life span of a hot water heater is 10 to 15 years only. An old heater is most likely to leak because of rusting or wear and tear.

Noisy hot water heater

Drain your hot water heater’s tank first. Then, examine the insides of the tank if there are rusted areas. If there are signs of rusting in some parts, make sure that they are replaced. Water heater units with dirty water coming out of the shower can also be fixed with simple flushing out of water. Remember also to refrain from leaving the hot water heater on for a long time to prevent it from overheating.

Let Plumbers 911 Take Care of Hot Water Heater Problems in Pembroke Pines

The key to having a trouble-free hot water heater unit is routine maintenance. It is still better to be pro-active and to prevent problems by contacting a licensed Pembroke Pines plumber to perform regular check-ups on your hot water heater. Call Plumbers 911 at (954) 866-7699 to set an appointment today.

Meanwhile watch this video to know more about Plumbers 911:


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Reminders in Hiring a Kansas City Tankless Water Heater Installer

More and more homeowners prefer tankless water heaters because of the fact that you will never run out of hot water. In addition, a tankless water heater saves more energy which makes it more cost-efficient. Lastly, it’s a space saver since you will not need to have a big tank to keep the hot water in. You’re probably already 100% convinced that you’ll change your current water heater into a tankless unit. But before you do that, here are some reminders in hiring a Kansas City tankless water heater installer.

Kansas City tankless water heater installer reminders

Things to Consider Before You Buy a Tankless Water Heater

You will have plenty of options with so many contractors advertising online. Then again, you have to make sure that you have someone who is an expert and has all the needed certifications.  Licensed Kansas City plumbers are the most capable to install tankless water heaters.

You should never settle for someone inexperienced because of the high risk of electrocution or fires caused by faulty installation. Also, the manufacturer’s warranty will be void if the installation is done incorrectly. Lastly, an incorrectly installed tankless water heater will not be able to decrease your energy consumption which totally defeats its purpose.

Another thing to consider in hiring a tankless water heater installer in Kansas City is water testing. It’s a plus if your potential plumbing contractor offers testing of the hardness of the water. Water heaters do not last long if the water in your home is hard. The hard minerals of your water will eventually build-up and make it less efficient. A professional Kansas City plumber would know that and would suggest a water softener system for your home.

Your chosen Kansas City tankless water heater installer should also have insurance. An insurance gives you the peace of mind that you will not be spending a single dime on repeat jobs to fix problems after the installation. Professional plumbers have insurance and this is what you should look for.

Discount coupons or loyalty rewards are also a plus. Imagine the amount of money you can save on other plumbing projects with these rebates.

Finally, choose a tankless water heater installer that is consistent in terms of scheduling appointments. He should be sure that he will be present on the scheduled installation date. He should also respect your time and availability.

Let Plumbers 911 Refer a Reliable Kansas City Tankless Water Heater Installer

Plumbers 911 is a nationwide plumbing referral company that connects its clients with the best local plumbers. Just call (816) 656-2524 and a licensed Kansas City plumber will be at your doorstep right away. You can also ask for a free quote from our friendly call operators.


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Water Heater Installation in Bonner Springs – Tank or Tankless?

expert in water heater installation in Bonner SpringsWater heater installers normally would advise that a water heater with a tank is less energy efficient than the tankless version. Old or faulty water heating units would obviously be less energy efficient than these newer tankless models. Of course, when given a choice between saving money and wasting precious energy, homeowners would choose the former. If you’re still in a daze about your water heater installation in Bonner Springs, this article might be able to help.

Tank or Tankless?

Conventional water heaters with tanks need not really be replaced if they are still working properly. In terms of energy efficiency, there are still newer models that are fairly energy efficient. The average life span of a water heating unit is around ten to fifteen years. If yours has been around for more than that, maybe it’s time to consider buying a new tankless model.

You can always ask your trusted Bonner Springs plumber for his recommendation. A professional water heater installer can always look at your conventional water heating unit and tell if it is running at its most efficient. Water heater installers normally have special infrared glasses that they use to determine if heat is being lost. Conventional water heaters with tanks use a lot of energy to heat up everything that’s inside the tank, even the water that will not be used.

Tankless water heaters are not only newer but they also demand less energy. They only heat water that is needed that is why it is also called instantaneous or demand heaters. Tankless water heaters are more expensive compared to the conventional models. However, you should also consider the amount of money you will save by opting to buy tankless water heaters. You save gas or electricity and end up saving money.

Though newer in technology, tankless water heaters are not complicated to use. The process is simple: you turn on the faucet and water traveling from the pipes gets heated as it passes through the water heating unit. It’s the same process whether the unit is electricity or gas-powered. However, gas-powered water heaters can heat more water than electric models.

Another advantage of having a tankless water heater is that you will not have to wait for the water to be heated as with conventional units. No more shivering under the shower while waiting for the water to be heated.

Ask a Professional Plumber for Recommendations

A professional plumber would know what the best water heating unit would be for you. If you want recommendations, you can call Plumbers 911 Kansas anytime. Plumbers 911 can connect you with the best licensed Bonner Springs plumber who can give you the best recommendation. Call (816) 429-1638 today to schedule an appointment.


Posted on: August 10, 2017