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Save Money for Holiday Gifts with Leak Detection in Jacksonville Beach

save money for gifts with leak detectionThe holiday season is, undoubtedly, the most festive time of the year. Naturally, it also becomes the time of spending more money on shopping. Don’t be Scrooge this holiday season! Splurge a bit on holiday gifts because we’re sure you’ll save enough money with these tips on leak detection in Jacksonville Beach, FL.


Do These DIY Leak Detection Tips First


Start with the toilets

Check if your toilet is running, meaning water from the tank is leaking into the bowl. Drop liquid food coloring into the water tank just enough to make the water colored. Then, inspect the bowl after a few minutes. See if there’s some colored water that leaked from the tank. Once you confirm it’s leaking, check the insides of the tank and make sure that the rubber flap closes the tank’s hole after every flushing. If it’s old and worn out, you will have to replace it.

Hot water heater tank

water heater leak detectionSee if the pressure relief valve of your hot water heater’s tank is leaking. If this can’t be removed, listen carefully for any hissing sounds. Once you hear one, call a licensed Jacksonville Beach plumber right away. Do not attempt to repair this yourself, especially if you do not have any knowledge of repairing electrical or gas-powered devices.

Observe the water meter

Close all water sources in the house by shutting down the main water valve. Then, observe the water meter if the dial is moving. If it is, then it’s most likely that you have a leaking pipe. Check all the faucets and shower heads to see if they are dripping. Inspect all visible pipes for leaks. If you can’t find any, then you will need to avail a leak detection in Jacksonville Beach from a plumbing professional.

Take a look at the walls and floors

If you ever notice a moist or wet spot on the wall or floors, it is possible that there’s a broken pipe that’s leaking underneath. Call a reliable plumbing professional to resolve this. A slab leak requires quite a lot of other tasks other than just plumbing repair. Plumbers have a leak detection device that can be used to determine the exact spot of the leak. Then, the cement wall or floor will be taken out to expose the leak.


Plumbers 911 Has Experts in Leak Detection in Jacksonville Beach


Plumbers 911 is a nationwide referral service of trusted professional plumbers. We can refer a licensed Jacksonville plumber and have him come over to your place in as little an hour. That’s what 24/7 emergency plumbing service is all about! All you have to do is call (904) 360-8444 to schedule an appointment.

Plumbers 911 Jacksonville Beach

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How a Gainesville Shower Installation Plumber can Change Your Life

Gainesville shower installation plumber contractor

Today’s fast-paced lifestyle has made most homeowners craving for relaxation right in the comforts of their home. Thus, it is now common to find Zen gardens, calming fountains, and the like in one’s home. The ordinary lazy TV chair is changed into a massage chair to make it more comfortable and luxurious. And in the bathroom, bathtubs and rainfall showers are typically seen. Yes, a shower installation can actually help in enhancing your resting time in your Gainesville home. This is precisely how a Gainesville shower installation plumber can change your life for the better.

Shower installations are lavish yet an inexpensive way to unwind at home

Nowadays, it is easy to have a shower installed in your bathroom. It is also not hard to buy one with the most incredible features. The coolest showers in the market can take your bathing experience to a whole new level. The best part of all is that they are totally affordable.

More and more plumbing companies offer different types of shower installations that will surely fit your needs. You can choose from walk-in showers to the tower types. There are also steam showers that give that spa-like vibe right in the comfort of your own bathroom. You might be overwhelmed with the many options to choose from. Definitely, you will be able to find one that will suit your taste.

Relax your body and refresh your senses every day

With the many shower installation options to choose from, you can be sure to find one that can relax your body and refresh your senses every day.

  • Steam showers – You can easily incorporate this luxury in your own bathroom as it’s almost the same size as an ordinary shower. Steam showers have also upgraded from the usual ones we see in spas. For example, there are ones that have television or audio outputs. There are also those with attached foot massagers or telephones.  One will really feel rejuvenated and refreshed while accomplishing a lot of things simultaneously.
  • Shower cubicles – These are the most common types of luxury showers in the industry today. Indeed, it is a common sight in bathrooms. Then again, there are shower cubicles that have water jets installed on its sides. Thus, you can walk into the cubicle and have a refreshing and soothing shower with the water massaging your whole body. The latest models have hydrotherapeutic showers with controllable temperature and water pressure. There are also those high-tech water jets with settings that you can customize for each part of your body.
  • Luxury shower enclosures – Aside from massaging your body while in the shower, you can also opt to take it to the next level with a luxurious shower enclosure. This can be done if your bathroom has a lot of space. The curved pivot doors and aluminum frames of this enclosure add to its beauty.

Let Plumbers 911 find a Gainesville shower installation plumber for you

Plumbers 911 keeps a huge database of local plumbers in Jacksonville and other areas in the country. You can be sure that a licensed Gainesville plumber will be sent immediately to your home. Plumbers 911 only connects its clients with reliable and insured plumbers so you can be sure to have the luxurious shower of your dreams installed in no time.

Posted on: September 15, 2017

How to Choose the Right Overland Park Bathroom Remodeling Plumber

Overland Park bathroom remodeling plumber contractor
If ever you are looking for the right Overland Park bathroom remodeling plumber, there are a couple of important things that you should know. First of all, understand that a bathroom remodeling project is not an easy task. There are many things to be done which will surely take time to finish. It is true that there are plumbing experts who can help you with this project. Then again, do you know how to select one that will agree with your preferences?

A Few Recommendations

Here are a few things that you can do when looking for a bathroom remodeling plumber in Overland Park:

  • Ask your neighbors and friends if they have already hired local Overland Park plumbers. Find someone with a good experience with a contractor and ask for the contact details. An honest referral will save you from stress and unwanted plumbing expenses.
  • Have plumbing contractors bid on your bathroom remodeling project. You can contact 3 to 4 contractors and check out their offers. Be careful to choose the one with the best price and offer. The lowest price doesn’t always mean it’s the best service.
  • Before you contact a plumbing contractor, make sure that you already have a general plan on how to go about with your project. At least have an idea of the look that you want or the fixtures that you want to add or replace. That way, you will know if the contractor will be able to deliver or not.
  • Always choose a plumbing contractor that has insurance. As with any other plumbing project, there is a high chance of injury or damage to your home when a bathroom remodeling project is done. In doing so, you will be able to avoid future expenses on back jobs and additional repairs.
  • Ask the plumbing contractor if they will have to sub some of the task to other plumbing contractors. If this is the case, specify in your contract that he should be directly responsible for his subcontractor.
  • Choose a professional plumber that comes with guarantees. A plumbing expert would be confident enough to offer you a guarantee because he had done the job right the first time.
  • Have every minute detail specified in your contract. Even the schedule should be written in the contract. The payment schedule should also be fair for both parties. An upfront payment is understandable.

Have Plumbers 911 Find You a Reliable Overland Park Bathroom Remodeling Plumber

Plumbers 911 is a nationwide plumbing referral service with a huge database of certified plumbing contractors. The company can help connect you with a licensed Overland Park plumber that is sure to save you from bathroom remodeling headaches and stress. You can call (816) 429-1638 to inquire and a local plumber will be at your doorstep right away.


Posted on: September 13, 2017

Toilet installation in Beaumont – Reasons to Leave it to the Pros

plumber for toilet installation in BeaumontAre you thinking of replacing or upgrading your current toilet? Or do you have a newly constructed bathroom or powder room in the house? Toilet installation may look like an easy task, but it is not. If you do your research, you will see how complicated some steps are. Moreover, there are many considerations to think about before installing a new toilet. And if you’re not really the DIY type of homeowner, expect some hits and misses to occur. This is why it is highly recommended to leave your toilet installation in Beaumont to the pros.


Points to Consider for Toilet Installation in Beaumont

  1. Specifications – You will have to measure the area where the toilet will be installed. Typically, it is from the wall to the center of the outlet. Standard toilets have a size of 12″, but since toilet bowls also come in 10″ and 14″ sizes, you must do the measuring to be sure.
  2. Toilet footprint – For toilet reinstallation for remodeled bathrooms, you will have to refer to a toilet footprint specification sheet for the area where the toilet will sit.  For new installations, the flooring should be close enough to the ring on the toilet flange.
  3. Toilet height – The “comfort height” for users of the toilet being installed should also be considered. For example, taller and older people would need toilets installed a bit higher so there will be no need to bend lower every time.
  4. Elongated or round front – Elongated fronts are best for younger users. However, you should consider a toilet with a round front if your toilet area is small. 

A licensed Beaumont plumber would be able to know what’s best for you based on these points for consideration. You will have the luxury of rest and peace of mind if you let the pros install your toilet for you.

Hire a Licensed Beaumont Plumber for the Job

Having a licensed Beaumont plumber doing the job for you may actually work well to your advantage. Without the right tools and experience, you could end up doing more harm than good to your bathroom. Yes, installing the unit looks easy but having it installed properly is a different story. Will it leak? Will it break? Did you tap into the correct pipes? You have to wait to find out. Professional plumbers get the job right the first time.  Lastly, you will definitely need a professional plumber to install a toilet in the basement because it has to include a pump.

To be honest, finding a reliable professional plumber is easier than installing a new toilet. You can ask family and friends for recommendations. Word of mouth advertising is reliable because it comes from the first-hand experience. You can also call plumbing companies in your locality to ask for free quotations. After making a number of calls, you can decide which gives the best deal.

Choose Plumbers 911 Texas for Your Toilet Installation in Beaumont

Plumbers 911 has the largest network of professional local plumbers nationwide. By referring you to a licensed plumber in your area, you are assured that you will be serviced in as quick as an hour. Call Plumbers 911 Texas at (409) 237-3137 to ask for a free quote and to schedule a visit.


Posted on: July 30, 2017

Sewer Cleaning in Blue Springs, What You Need To Know

sewer cleaning in Blue Springs MOHomeowners tend to forget one of the most important parts of the home – the sewer system. Think about it, can you live in a house that has clogged pipes and smelly drains? Keeping the home clean and dust-free is essential but keeping the drains and sewer system clean is as important. It is recommended to have sewer cleaning in Blue Springs done every three to five years. Professional plumbers do the task and should not be done by anyone else. There is a high health risk if the job is not done by a professional because sewer systems deal with wastes.

When To Have Sewer Cleaning in Blue Springs

While it is normal to have your sewer cleaning scheduled  every 3 to 5 years, you would be compelled to have it done as soon as possible if any of these signs appear:

  • Multiple clogged drains – If only one drain is clogged, that means that an object is blocking the pipe. But if there is more than one drain clogged, the problem is probably the sewer line. This is very obvious if different drains are clogged simultaneously like the bathroom drain and the kitchen sink drain.
  • Clogged toilet – The toilet’s drain is directly connected to the sewer line. If using a rubber plunger or a plumber’s snake fails to fix the clog, then something might be blocking its connection to the sewer line. This happens when tree roots grow into the main sewer line.
  • Nasty wastewater smell – All drain fixtures in the house, such as toilets and sinks, have a U-shaped pipe that holds water and is supposed to prevent nasty smells from the sewer from escaping through the drain. If the water leaks or has evaporated, the smell will escape through the drain.
  • Strange behavior of plumbing fixtures – You might need to have sewer cleaning in Blue Springs done if your plumbing fixtures behave strangely. For example, you flush the toilet and water flows out of the bathtub drain. Or when you use the bathroom sink, the toilet bowl makes a gurgling sound.

Call a Licensed Blue Springs Plumber to Clean Your Sewer Line

Finding a clog in your sewer line is never a DIY job. Leave it to the pros. It is dangerous and hazardous to your health as you will be dealing with wastes. Moreover, hiring non-licensed plumbers may just make the problem worse and have you double your expenses on plumbing repairs. 

Plumbers 911 Missouri has the widest network of Blue Springs plumbing professionals who can conduct sewer inspection and cleaning in your property. The company offers mainline video inspection services that can give your plumber and yourself an idea of the type of problem your sewer line has. 

Let Plumbers 911 connect you with a licensed plumbing technician today. Call (816) 656-2524 to schedule an appointment.


Posted on: July 23, 2017