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Clearing A Basement Drain Clogged With Dirt And Scum

Jbasement drain cloggedust in case you don’t know it yet, your basement floor drain is known as the final stop or destination of all pipes in your home. With that said, it is not unusual for the drain to get clogged especially when you have some nasty objects trapped in the pipes. If you have the skills and DIY plumbing experience, there’s no need to worry though because it is easy to clear the blockage! Here’s a short yet definitive guide to help you out!

1. Wear your protective gloves and get your plumbing tools ready. If you have standing water on your basement floor, then use a bucket to remove it.

2. Look for your clean-out because it’s the easiest way to get rid of the clog. Remove its lid or plug using your handy dandy wrench. Now prepare your plumbing snake.

3. Insert a few feet of your snake into the clean-out. Pour some water into the drain in order to add some pressure as you utilize your snake. This will also wash away some of the sediments, dirt and scum that the snake has broken into tiny pieces. If you feel some kind of resistance, just keep on pushing the snake in.

4. Turn the snake’s crank in a clockwise manner to push the auger further. Pull and push the snake a little bit to continue breaking through the objects that are trapped inside the pipes. Depending on whatever clogged your system, you’ll have to continuously repeat this process until the path is clear.

5. When you feel like you can no longer push the snake in because the clog is nasty and difficult, pull the tool out slowly to see if you can just hook the substances out. Get ready with your bucket because that’s where you’ll dispose the waste materials.

6. If you have successfully hooked the clog out, then great! You can start cleaning up! Otherwise, you’ll have to repeat the snaking process all over again. Once done, simply pour hot water in the drain to clean the pipes. The hot water will wash away and clear out any remaining sediments or waste materials that still cling on the walls of the pipes.

We hope that you learned how easy it is to clear a  basement drain clogged with dirt and scum. Should your DIY skills fail you, just look for the most reliable Broward FL plumbers, the most reputed Washington DC Metropolitan Area plumbing company or the most trustworthy Stanislaus CA plumbing company.

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Posted on: June 10, 2015

Do You Need A Camera Sewer Inspection?

camera sewerEvery day, you engage in different activities that make use of your plumbing. You take a bath and brush your teeth. You water your plants. You clean your car; wash the dishes and the list just goes on and on. Have you ever wondered how your septic tank or your sewer lines are doing? Over time, particles from the gray water such as grease, fat, food scraps and soap scum will accumulate inside your home’s drainage lines. And even before you experience major clogs, you’ll notice issues with your drain that signal the presence of buildups in your pipelines. Before the problem gets worse, you must have your lines inspected and cleared.

What is a camera sewer inspection?

A camera sewer inspection is an essential plumbing service provided by skilled, trained and licensed experts. To carry out the inspection, professional plumbers make use of specials tools and equipment. These include the sewer camera, a monitor display and a plumbing snake.

How does the inspection go?

During a camera sewer inspection, the plumbing professionals will visit your home, driving a special service truck. The truck carries all the required equipment and tools that will make the inspection a success. The plumber will start by searching for your sewer cleanout so make sure that you know where it is located. The sewer camera will be inserted into the cleanout. It will be pushed further to locate the cracks, holes, damages or clog inside the pipe. The camera will capture the interior of the pipe and display the images using the monitor that’s set up in the truck. The monitor, meanwhile, is usually powered up by a small generator. To be able to capture images despite the darkness inside the sewer line, the camera is equipped with some kind of light or illumination. Once the plumber locates the clog or the cracks, the appropriate repair will be performed.

How often do your sewer pipes need to be inspected?

It is saddening that most homeowners only find this plumbing service important when they’re already experiencing issues like leaks, backflows and blockages. It’s a bad practice. Inspections should be done regularly to avoid plumbing problems. To learn about the required frequency of sewer inspection for your home, you have to consult a plumbing professional. He will ask you pertinent questions that will help him determine your inspection schedule.

Can you inspect your sewer lines on your own?

We don’t recommend inspecting your drain lines by yourselves. As you may know, different types of waste materials pass through these pipes and they contain bad bacteria which can harm your health. You surely do not want to risk your own safety just to save a few bucks for a professional plumbing service. Another point that you may want to consider is that you do not have the necessary equipment to carry out the inspection.

We hope that you learned the importance of a camera sewer inspection for your home or business. If you need this service, just call the most reliable Chelsea plumbing company. Plumbers 911 Boston provides excellent plumbing services in Chelsea MA including camera sewer inspection, backflow prevention, hydro-jetting, mainline video, leak detection and many more! Call us at (877) 754-1048 to schedule a service!

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Posted on: May 27, 2015

What Is A Sewer Cleanout?

sewer cleanoutYour drains play important roles in your entire plumbing system. The plumbing appliances and fixtures that are installed in your home make use of these drains. The drain pipes are responsible for transporting soiled water, food waste, human waste and other materials to your septic tank or the public sewer in your area. Because of this responsibility, they are exposed to different substances that may result to clogging and other types of plumbing issues. To prevent these issues from arising, it is important that the drains are kept clear of debris and other obstructions. That’s where the sewer cleanout comes in.

What is a sewer cleanout?


The sewer cleanout is also a vital component of your plumbing system. It is a covered pipe that provides homeowners and plumbers access to the sewer line or drainage system. When blockages occur in your drain pipes, plumbers will use the sewer cleanout to remove the clog. The sewer cleanout’s cover will be removed by hand or with the use of a wrench. Once it is removed and the pipe is accessible, a plumbing snake will be inserted into the tube to get rid of the clog. The sewer cleanout may also be used for camera sewer inspections. The camera will be inserted into the cleanout and maneuvered further for plumbers to examine the condition of the pipe.

Where can you find the sewer cleanout?


In most cases, the sewer cleanout is located in the yard or in other words, outside the house or place of business. If you don’t know where yours is installed, you can take a look at the nearby bushes and check if it’s hidden there. You may also check areas near your bathrooms. There will also be cases when the sewer cleanout is situated in the basement. Knowledge of its location is vital especially when emergencies arise. You’ll certainly save your plumber a lot of trouble and save time during repairs.

One Tip Before The Inspection Of The Sewer Cleanout


Before inspecting your sewer cleanout, make sure that the water supply has been turned off. Doing so will prevent backups and water contamination.

We hope that you learned all about sewer cleanouts through our blog today. If you need help with your sewer system, just call the most trustworthy Brunswick plumber. Plumbers 911 Washington DC provides local plumbing services in Brunswick MD including leak detection, camera sewer inspection, frozen pipes, HVAC services, septic tank maintenance and many more! Call us now at (877) 932-5325 to schedule a service!

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A 101 On Camera Sewer Inspection

camera sewerThink about all your daily activities that require the use of your plumbing fixtures: taking a bath; watering the plants; cleaning your car or your house; washing dirty dishes, pots and pans; brushing your teeth; cooking and the list just goes on and on. Think about all the soiled water that you produce or all the waste materials that go down the drains. Where do all these go? Houses either have their own septic tanks or are connected to a public sewer. But before they get treated in the tank or flow straight to the municipal or city wastewater facility, they will first pass through the drain pipes. These drainage pipes are vital components of your plumbing system and for that very reason, camera sewer inspections are essential.

What is a camera sewer inspection?


A camera sewer inspection is a vital plumbing service provided only by trained and licensed plumbing professionals. Several pieces of equipment are used to deliver this service such as the plumbing camera and a monitor. The camera will be inserted into the drain pipe or the sewer pipe to monitor the current condition of the tube. It will capture the interior of the pipes so that cracks, holes, clogs and tree root intrusions are located and then repaired.

What are the equipments used for this service?


The plumbing contractor will drive their service truck to the customer’s home or business establishment. The truck is equipped with its own power supply that makes the inspection equipments work. The power supply usually comes in the form of a small generator. Now a professional camera is connected to a long cable and winch. The camera will be inserted as far into the drain pipe as needed. It is maneuvered by a cable with reel. To be able to capture images inside tube despite the darkness, the camera is equipped with an illumination. The other end of the cable is attached to a TV or monitor that displays whatever’s being captured by the camera.

How often should the sewer pipes be inspected?


Homeowners often ask plumbers to inspect their drain pipes because they are already experiencing issues such as blockages, backflows, leaks and foul odors. This should never be the case. In fact, inspections should be done regularly in order to ensure that the drain pipes are all in good condition. You’ll never know when cracks or holes are already present in the system because most of your drain pipes are hidden underground. To prevent worse problems from arising, have your pipes checked at least twice a year. This way, repairs will be done right away.

We hope that you learned the importance of camera sewer inspection for homes and businesses. If you need this service now, just call a reliable Gaithersburg plumber to inspect your drainage system for you. Plumbers 911 Washington DC provides trusted plumbing services in Gaithersburg MD including drain cleaning, camera sewer inspection, backflow prevention, septic tank maintenance, leak detection and many more! Call us now at (877) 932-5325 to schedule a service!

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Why A Sewage Camera Is Important For Inspection & Repairs

sewage cameraSewer inspection and cleaning are essential in keeping your home plumbing system at tip-top shape. Every time you take a bath; brush your teeth; wash your dishes or clean the house, you use your plumbing thus produce sewage. Now problems arise when these waste materials that pass through your drainage system stick onto the walls of the pipes. They may accumulate over time and may also result to clogs and other types of plumbing issues. To fix such problems, plumbing experts need to have a reliable sewage camera. Here are some things that you should know about this plumbing equipment!

What is a sewage camera?


A sewage camera is a professional grade plumbing equipment that’s used to visually inspect and explore the interiors of pipelines. It is made up of several components that include the camera itself, a durable probe and a monitor. The camera is capable of capturing the condition of pipe interiors even if it’s pitch-black because of its illumination feature. It is connected to a lengthy probe that’s inserted into the lines and maneuvered through with the use of a reel and crank. The monitor hub, meanwhile, displays whatever the camera’s capturing inside the pipes. By the way, monitors differ in terms of display resolution and size.

What happens during a sewer camera inspection?


So what happens during a camera sewer inspection is that the plumber checks your sewage pipes from the inside. He’ll access the lines through your sewer pump-out so remember that it will be helpful if you know where it is. The camera will be inserted into the pump-out and then reeled further into the pipes to find where the clog or damage is. With the help of the camera, your friendly plumber will easily check the current condition of your pipes which will be shown on the monitor. Because of this innovative equipment, the plumber can tell where the clog is; how bad it is; or check for holes, cracks and tree root intrusions, too.

What are the benefits of using a sewage camera?


Using a sewage camera has a lot of advantages not only for the plumber but also for the homeowner. First of all, the camera cuts down the time and energy it takes to inspect and repair sewer lines. During the earlier days, plumbers dug around to check pipes and find the location of clogs and damages. But because of the sewage camera, plumbing experts nowadays no longer have to excavate to find and fix sewer problems. Troubleshooting and repairs are definitely done hassle-free.

Another reason why a sewage camera is a vital plumbing equipment is that it ensures safety. Obviously, sewer lines are not the cleanest places on earth to stick your hands into. They carry all kinds of waste materials and are infected by bacteria as well as other harmful substances that may put the plumber’s health at risk. The camera avoids direct contact to the sewer lines thereby preventing plumbers from acquiring bacteria-related diseases.

 Lastly, a sewage camera is cost-effective. Since the time spent on inspection and repairs are cut down, homeowners are able to save a lot of cash when paying for the service. No excavation will also be required so homeowners won’t have to spend a penny for the reconstruction of their house.

We hope that we have provided you enough reasons why a sewage camera is important for inspection and repairs. If you need help unclogging your sewer pipes now, just call a trusted Washington DC plumber. Plumbers 911 Washington DC delivers excellent and affordable plumbing services in Washington DC including sewer inspection, septic tank and grease trap installation, backflow prevention, sub-metering, hydro-jetting and many more! Call us now at  (877) 932-5325 to schedule a service!

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