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How to replace a kitchen mixer tap in your Chicago Home

Kinsey new kitchen tap installAre you having problems with your kitchen mixer tap in your Chicago home? It could be leaking or the taps could be showing up other issues. In case you are planning to revamp your kitchen, you would definitely want to replace them. Almost all modern kitchens have mixer taps which deliver both hot and cold water through one single pipe.

The water flowing out is very comfortable to use in the cold season. Every tap comes with a thread of half-inch at the bottom and a small size washer that goes to the bottom of the sink and is fitted with a tiny nut. Majority mixer taps have foam plate which is placed just beneath the unit and this seals the tap very well.

You can connect tap pipes using different methods and the flexible type is really good, the one that has a little rubber seal on it. It’s very simple and easy to fit because the pipes need not be entirely lined up. You can also opt for a rigid tap connector about half an inch but it has a small collar with a rubber washer or a fiber washer.

How to remove the old kitchen tap

First you need to remove the part of the tap that is present down under the sink so that the pipe connectors are visible and access them at ease. So here are the steps:

  • Cut off the water supply and the water supply should be turned off –This is pretty simple so find out the shut-off valve and turn off the water supply. Turn on the taps and check whether the water supply is off.
  • Take off the old tap – If you are not an expert you can call our skilled technicians in Chicago to do so. We have specialized tools for disconnecting taps like claws and tube spanners that help to disconnect swiftly.
  • Disconnecting tap from the main –You have to disconnect the tap from the main connection and it can be done simply by unscrewing.
  • Remove the debris –Clean off any debris that is stuck to the old tap.

Fitting the new mixer tapkitchen sink plumbing

It is easy to fit a new mixer tap, you need to make sure that you have installed it correctly and the seals are just right so that there are no leaks. It is better to call our experienced plumber if you want the best fitting.

Here are the steps:

Fitting the mixer tap on the upper side of the sink –  Firstly, scrub the sink area well to clear off the debris that had accumulated while the old tap was fitted. It’s not a difficult task as you need to slot the pipes in the sink through the holes and the rest of it you need to fix from under the sink.

Connect the tap right under the sink – Take the plastic nut and the rubber washer, get under the sink with these. Use a tool to tighten the tap and make sure the tap does not wobble as you start using it.

Connect the tap to water pipes – Connect the water pipes once again but do not forget to replace the o-rings and washers. The seal is of utmost importance make sure its water tight seal. You might use a tape as well.

Turn on water flow – Now turn on the new tap and see water flowing well. Please check for leaks beneath under the sink and tidy up the place.

It is relatively easy to fit a new mixer tap by removing an old one. There are clients who wish to take a DIY initiative as they have the experience and the right set of tools. But you can always get in touch with our reputed plumbing network in Chicago for new fittings, repairs and replacement. Most of us don’t have time to do such things and this is why we are there to provide you assistance.

Posted on: July 23, 2018

Helpful Emergency Plumbing Solutions for Every Home

emergency plumbing solutions overland parkThe first step to becoming a responsible homeowner is having a good idea about basic plumbing tips. Plumbing is one thing where you might need emergency service anytime. Imagine if you discover a heavy leakage in your waterline early morning or a flooded bathroom late at night? There are plumbing companies in Overland Park that offer emergency solutions but it’s also good for you to know the basics. One an issue has already manifested, you can get in touch with a plumbing service to handle the situation.


What should you know about emergency plumbing?

An emergency plumbing is a bit different from routine checks and here are their specialities:

  • There are a few things that you cannot mend – Some plumbing problems require instant repairs. Some issues that are minor can be handled very easily but when things get out of control, you need an emergency service.
  • They offer a wide range of service – You must know when to call an emergency plumber in Overland Park. Some of the services they offer instantly at any hour include gas leakage, running toilets, burst pipes and sewage problems. Any problem that might cause harm to your health and damage your property is an emergency.
  • Get them anytime – Routine plumbers are not available at odd hours and you might discover a problem even a 3 am or on weekends. The day and the time of day do not matter; they will come to rescue you. Just give a call and they would arrive as soon as they can.
  • Definitely bit more expensive than routine services – You must not hesitate to pay something extra for premium service. A team of plumbers coming to rescue you at wee hours and mending all complicated issues deserves more payment.

Helpful emergency plumbing tips

  • A broken pipe or water leakage – It’s very important to take a note of all the shut-off valves that are responsible for managing the water supply. Do an inspection of your kitchen sink, water heaters, toilet papers, heating systems, tubs and other all other appliances. Ask the plumber working at your place about the stop valves. If needed, seek information from a professional, this will boost your confidence.
  • Repairing broken pipe yourself – Your pipe is broken and it’s a sheer emergency but before the plumber arrives, try managing yourself. Arrest the water from getting to the broken point of pipe, turn off the valve. If you do not find any shut-off valves just turn off the main valve. Rest the plumber can handle upon arrival.

Why do you need a professional emergency plumber?

Even if you have managed some repairs yourself, it’s important to consult a professional plumbing agency and make use of their tips. They keep on suggesting clients to use strainers to cover the drain openings. What you do is a temporary solution and if those are not mended entirely, it might lead to a further issue in future. Our trained plumbers are experts in finding out the problem and repair it from the root than any patchwork and they have all necessary tools.

clogged kitchen sink drain overland parkYou might know a few basic plumbing methods but you are not an expert; so it’s recommended to call a professional when required. Look for references if you are looking for a plumber in your area. Compare the prices and the quality of service and definitely whether they offer emergency service or not. 

In times of crisis, remember you have our shoulders to fall back on. Our plumbers are ready to offer assistance and ensure the system is back to normal, functioning properly. This saves you from all hassles and worries; you can really consider it as beneficial. If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy plumbing service provider for both routine and emergency, we are here for you. Call (816) 384-1295 today!

Posted on: April 2, 2018

Small Kitchen Remodeling for Joliet Apartments

small kitchen remodeling for JolietKitchen remodeling has always been one of the most common home remodeling projects done yearly. Kitchens nowadays are not only for cooking but for socialization, as well. A small kitchen space can prove to be a challenge and apartment owners aim to make it as functional, yet beautiful, as possible. We have come up with a few tips to consider in small kitchen remodeling for Joliet apartments.

Choose Appliances Wisely

Update your small apartment kitchen with new appliances. Buy stainless steel models for their clean and minimalist look. Choose to have your kitchen appliances built-in closets or counters for less clutter.

Maximize Counter Space

Even a small kitchen space can be made functional with enough counter space. Popular materials are granite, marble, and stainless steel. You can opt to choose one or mix materials for a better cooking environment. For example, a stainless steel counter is well-suited for areas near the kitchen sink while marble or granite are cooler surfaces where you can handle dough.

Consider Storage Spaces Seriously

A small kitchen will survive when it has enough storage spaces. Place storage cabinets and drawers as long as they can fit your space. The placement should be according to the location of your appliances. To cut down on costs, you can have old cabinets refaced instead of being taken down and replaced.

Why Not Have a Roll-Out Pantry?

A roll-out pantry is a pantry cabinet that can be pulled out and rolled back for storage. It only requires a space of about 18 inches wide and 5.5 feet tall. This is becoming a popular option for apartment unit owners because it provides a big storage area for a little space. You may ask a licensed Joliet plumber if you have a space that could be used for a roll-out pantry

Light It Up!

Good lighting is often overlooked in a small kitchen remodeling project. This should not be the cause because it can do wonders to a small kitchen. Install under-counter lights to make your kitchen appear larger.

Big Sink for Small Kitchen

You do not have to restrict your small kitchen with a small sink. In fact, it would be better to have a large sink that could also double as your utility sink, too. Choose a deep, large sink where you can clean large pots and pans.

Some More Ideas for Small Kitchen Remodeling for Joliet Apartments

  • Wire baskets are great for holding frequently used items or trash bags. Place them inside your cabinet or install them on the cabinet’s door so you can find items easily.
  • Consider having an instant water heater installed on your sink. This can be placed in the slot reserved for the sprayer or soap.
  • Make your kitchen counter, stove, and sink area easier to clean with a tile backsplash installed. It would also be fun for you to choose from many different backsplash options.
  • Change how your kitchen looks with minimal expenses by replacing the cabinet and drawer knobs.

Plumbers 911 is the Expert for Small Kitchen Remodeling for Joliet Apartments

Let Plumbers 911 find the most reliable licensed Joliet plumber that can help you in this project. Plumbers 911 has a huge list of local Joliet plumbers that are available 24/7. Contact them today at (855) 484-3911 to schedule an appointment. In the meantime, watch this video to know more about Plumbers 911 Illinois:


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Benefits of Kitchen Remodeling in Coral Gables

kitchen remodeling in Coral Gables benefitsYou may not know it, but one of the most used rooms in the house is the kitchen. Often, families have warm conversations over a freshly-cooked meal in the kitchen. This is precisely the reason why homeowners choose to remodel their kitchens for something functional yet attractive. However, going through this major renovation project can be daunting for a homeowner. A major consideration for this thinking is the cost. If you’re one of the few homeowners who have second thoughts about a kitchen remodeling in Coral Gables, read this article first to learn about its benefits.

Things You Can Enjoy with a Kitchen Remodeling in Coral Gables

Do not be afraid to go ahead with your kitchen remodeling project. Consider these benefits and be inspired:

  • Unlike the other rooms in a house, remodeling the kitchen can be done a section at a time. Budget-conscious individuals will find this beneficial. For example, you can update your plumbing fixtures this month and the lighting fixtures in the next. A task can be as simple and inexpensive as something that can be done over the weekend.
  • There are more ways to update your kitchen without breaking the bank. One tip is to install a new granite counter top over your old one. This will help you save money on hiring people to remove your old countertop. A fresh coat of paint on the walls can also provide your kitchen with a new look that’s surely inexpensive.
  • A kitchen remodeling in Coral Gables makes an old kitchen more functional. If you live in an old house that has an old kitchen design, it may still be something that is not functional to your standards. A kitchen renovation gives you the chance to update it according to your taste. What is functional to the old owners may not be functional for you.
  • Increase the value of your home by updating your kitchen. A pretty and functional kitchen makes a home more inviting and attractive for buyers. It doesn’t mean that you should make your kitchen similar to those you see in cooking shows. Buyers often look for something smart yet user-friendly.
  • Relaxing at home can also mean working in the kitchen. Cooking enthusiasts find preparing meals and cleaning up very satisfying. A cheery and functional kitchen makes cooking more enjoyable. It is also a homeowner’s pride and joy whenever guests compliment the kitchen.

Of course, there are still more things to consider when renovating a kitchen. Still, we hope that these benefits have inspired you enough to pursue your project. Keep in mind though that the success of a kitchen remodeling in Coral Gables also depends on the renovation plan that you have.

Let Plumbers 911 Help You Achieve the Kitchen of Your Dreams

Plumbers 911 has the widest network of licensed Coral Gables plumbers who can help you achieve the new kitchen that you want. A kitchen remodeling project’s major tasks should only be undertaken by professionals since they are the ones who know the standards in a renovation. Call (305) 699-3368 to ask for a free quote and to schedule an appointment.


Posted on: August 19, 2017

List of Tips in Surviving a Kitchen Remodeling in Malden

plumbers for kitchen remodeling in MaldenYou finally have a design in mind and a budget to spare. You have already signed a job contract with your plumbing contractor. This is it! You’re finally getting the new kitchen look that you like! As early as the first day of this project, you will realize how important your kitchen is in your life. More than the mess, it’s the loss of space that you will be more concerned about. How do you prepare a meal for the family without the kitchen while construction is going on? So, read the rest of this article and get to know about a few survival tips while you undergo your kitchen remodeling in Malden.

Set-up a temporary kitchen while having a kitchen remodeling in Malden

Eating out or taking out food from restaurants are typically the quickest solutions for a “kitchenless” homeowner. Yes, it could work… for a few days. For sure, you will get tired of eating restaurant food and would crave for something home-cooked. Besides, if you’re feeding a family of five or more you’ll be spending a big chunk of your hard-earned money. The best thing to do is to set up a temporary kitchen while waiting for your kitchen remodeling project to finish.

Your temporary kitchen need not have all the kitchen appliances you have been used to. You will just need your small kitchen appliances such as the microwave oven, coffee maker, toaster oven, and your refrigerator.  If the weather is good, opt to have a barbecue outdoors.

Now, if you want to avoid washing dishes, buy disposable paper plates and cups for the meantime. Another option is to ask your plumbing contractor to set you up with a makeshift sink.

Lastly, you will need a table as your temporary countertop. A picnic table or a folding plastic table will do for the meantime.

A kitchen remodeling project cannot be done overnight

A kitchen remodeling done over the weekend happens only in TV shows. Cabinets normally get finished within 8 to 10 weeks. The only time that the contractors can measure and install countertops is after the cabinets have been set up. Producing the countertops takes around 10 days.

To avoid stress and misunderstanding between your plumbing contractor, ask them to give you a schedule. In addition, you have to make it clear in the contract that they should follow the schedule. Do not let them demolish your kitchen before the arrival of all needed materials such as the cabinets, faucet, sink, tiles and lighting fixtures. Everything should be ready for installation before your kitchen is torn apart.

Be sure to hire reliable plumbers for the job

Plumbers 911 assures clients that only the best licensed Malden plumbers of Malden are sent to your home. These plumbing experts have at least 10,000 hours of training and experience to their name. Call them today at (855) 550-9911 to ask for a free quote and to schedule an appointment.


Posted on: August 3, 2017