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Stop Wasting Water This Year and Do These Top 3 Plumbing Upgrades

The start of the year is always a perfect time to assess your home’s current plumbing system and think about upgrades.  For one, you can replace your current plumbing fixtures to ones that can help you save money in terms of water expenses.

All you have to do is find a local plumber in Chicago who can efficiently deliver this task (that’s what we’re here for!)

Consider these upgrades if you want to save water this year

Water Saving Shower Heads

ultra low flow shower headDid you know that showering accounts for almost 17% of an American home’s total water consumption?

A typical shower can dispense as much as 2.5 gallons of water per minute, and that’s a lot! Licensed plumbers in Chicago can attest to this. Replacing shower heads is the easiest solution.

Luckily, there are lots of ultra-low flowing shower heads available in home improvement store and plumbing supply shops.  Once you find a local plumber in Chicago, you can mention about this and ask for his suggested best brands.

Low Flow Faucet Aerator for the Kitchen and Bathroom

low flow faucet aeratorLow flowing bathroom and kitchen faucets have aerators that work to lessen the flow of water while keeping the water pressure constant. Be concerned if your kitchen or bathroom faucet dispenses more than two gallons of water per minute. Ideally, it should only be 1.5 gallons per minutes. If budget is your concern because of the number of faucets to be replaced in your home, you can opt to replace two faucets first and then go on with the rest in the coming months. Or, find plumbing services in Chicago that offer promos or discounted offers for projects like this one.

This could also be a cause of concern for commercial establishments. Just imagine the number of low flow faucet aerators they will need! Then again, the key here is to find local contractors in Chicago that will charge affordably.

Dual-Flush Toilets

dual flush toilet buttonMore and more bathrooms are being replaced with dual-flush toilets that only use up to 1.28 gallons of water per flush. These toilets have two buttons for flushing – one for flushing liquid wastes and the other for flushing solid wastes. This way, you will only flush water that you need.

The dual-flush toilet is revolutionary and highly-effective in saving water. In fact, new buildings in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Israel are required to install dual-flush toilets. You must remember though that it is more expensive than the regular toiles. Then again, think about the amount of money and water you will save in the long run.

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The Basics of Commercial Plumbing in Concordia, MO

commercial plumbing in Concordia MOCommercial plumbing systems are pretty much like residential plumbing systems except for some more considerations. When hiring a commercial plumber, an establishment owner should think long-term. Cost-cutting does not necessarily mean scrimping on the best plumbing services. Read on and discover the basics of commercial plumbing in Concordia, Missouri.

Reasons to Hire Professional Commercial Plumbing in Concordia

Whether it be for home or commercial plumbing systems, there are always more benefits when you are hiring professional plumbers. Choose only licensed, insured, and highly-skilled commercial plumbers. Only professional plumbers assure you of utmost quality service. Moreover, these are the other advantages that you can enjoy when availing professional commercial plumbing in Concordia:

  • You leave the paperwork to your commercial plumbing contractor. Your professional Concordia plumber is adept in filling out and submitting all the required documents to secure a permit for your establishment. You can, therefore, concentrate on other errands for your business.
  • Businesses, especially those that deal with food and hygiene, will be in good hands. Your professional commercial plumber knows the standards when it comes to commercial plumbing. Installation, maintenance, and repairs will always be according to the State’s commercial plumbing regulations.
  • Commercial plumbing is more complicated than residential plumbing. While most plumbing tasks can be done DIY in home plumbing systems, this is not the same in establishments. Commercial plumbing contractors often have the latest high-tech plumbing equipment needed for large scale plumbing tasks.

Common Services Offered by Commercial Plumbers

Here are some of the common services offered for apartment buildings, food service establishments, hotels, and other commercial buildings:

  • Water Source Heat Pumps – Commercial building owners can save lots in terms of money and energy by using water’s heat to warm up their establishment.
  • 4-Pipe Cold and Hot Water Systems – This is a type of climate-control system that keeps temperature and humidity levels at constant. Preserve wall paint, art works, and other decorations in your establishment.
  • Underground piping system – Professional commercial plumbers know how to install underground piping correctly. Most importantly, they adhere strictly to the State’s plumbing codes when it comes to installation.
  • Sewage and septic pipe system – Large establishments, such as hotels, deal with a huge amount of solid and liquid wastes every single day. As always, certified commercial plumbers ensure that the establishment’s septic system functions at 100% capacity all the time. A problem in the sewage can create a domino effect and back-up the entire sewer system of the establishment. Failing to regularly perform maintenance checks is a no-no.

These are just a few of the commercial plumbing services that you can avail from professional plumbing contractors. This being said, it is your responsibility to choose one that has the right certification and a proven track record. Protect yourself from possible back jobs and errors by insisting on a commercial plumber that has insurance. You may ask other establishments in your locality for recommendations.

Let Plumbers 911 Missouri Find the Perfect Commercial Plumber for Your Business in Concordia

Plumbers 911 is a nationwide referral system of certified plumbing contractors. At any given day, Plumbers 911 Missouri can connect you to a licensed Concordia plumber who can provide commercial plumbing services. Call (816) 656-2524 today to ask for a free quote and to schedule an appointment.


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Reasons Why You May Need a Complete Repiping in Cleveland

complete repiping in ClevelandOld homes commonly have old galvanized pipes. Sediments and debris usually collect inside galvanized pipes. This is why galvanized pipes are prone to clogging. Eventually, the homeowner will experience loss of water from the pipes. Modern homes do not use galvanized pipes anymore because of this. A complete repiping is advised by professional plumbers to resolve this problem. Read the rest of this article to know the reasons why you may need to have a complete repiping in Cleveland.

Consider a Complete Repiping in Cleveland If You Experience Any of These

  •  Low water pressure. As mentioned above, old pipes tend to disintegrate from the inside due to wear and tear. The pipes get clogged as debris are collected over time.  Other than clogs, low water pressure may also be caused by a crack in the pipes. Worst case scenario is burst pipes. This is an obvious reason to have the pipes removed and replaced.
  • Discolored water coming out of the pipes. Pipe corrosion causes water to be reddish or brownish in color. Corrosion can happen in the insides of the pipes. You will know if it gets really rusty when the pipes begin to have holes or cracks. Rusty water is a health hazard. Moreover, you will not be able to take a shower, wash the dishes, and do the laundry with rusty water.
  • Water damage to parts of the house. Homeowners do not notice leaking pipes under walls, floors, or sinks easily. It only becomes obvious when the walls begin to have water stains or when the floors start to get flooded. This is the worst that could happen to your home. Not only will you spend for a complete repiping in Cleveland but also pay for the repair of the affected home fixtures.

Your Repiping Options

Your plumbing contractor may recommend any of these pipes for your complete repiping in Cleveland:

  1. Copper repiping – Repiping with new copper pipes will require cutting and soldering using a nap torch kit, solder, and flux. 
  2. Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) repiping – Repiping with PVC pipes are relatively easier because fittings are glued together only with water resistant adhesive. 
  3. Crosslinked Polyethylene (PEX) repiping – PEX is a strong and durable kind of pipe. It is the easiest to assemble because it uses compression fittings to make pipes fit.

Let Licensed Cleveland Plumbers Do Your Repiping 

A repiping in Cleveland is not meant to be a DIY job or something that is done by a mere handyman. This is a major project that will need a lot of manpower and special equipment. Professional plumbing companies such as Plumbers 911 have licensed Cleveland plumbers who can do leak detection to know exactly where the cracks are. Leak detection helps determine whether your home will need a complete repiping or not. Call Plumbers 911 Texas today at (409) 237-3137 to schedule an appointment. 


Posted on: August 4, 2017

Difference of Commercial and Residential Plumbing

commercial plumbing bostonCommercial plumbing is different from residential plumbing services thus it is a must to know their differences to ensure that you get the right kind of service for your plumbing need.

Residential Plumbing services are plumbing services mostly done on homes. Drain unclogging, toilet repair, gas systems installation and repair, plumbing appliances installation and repair, leak detection, home remodeling in Allston, and hydrojetting in Allston to name a few, are just some of the services done under residential plumbing.

Commercial Plumbing is more complex than residential plumbing. This is because it handles features not present in most residences such as boilers, grease traps, and backflow prevention devices to name a few. Commercial plumbers know that preventive maintenance is necessary to prevent business losses and avoid health concerns from the employees.

While residential plumbers handle simpler machines, commercial plumbers focus more on intricate systems, more often than not, has large fixtures and appliances requiring more vigilant care and extensive knowledge to install, maintain and repair.

These plumbing fixtures and appliances are found in restaurants, business parks, office buildings, gas stations, movie theaters, shopping malls, commercial centers and the likes. Each one of them its own needs and demands and thus require special skills to maintain, install or repair.

When you need a plumber for a commercial area, you must pick one who thoroughly understands all plumbing types and subtypes, the features of each and challenges one would encounter during the installation, maintenance or repair of each.

Plumbers 911 is your best option for a commercial plumber in Allston. Their network of service technicians are all licensed, certified and bonded and can give you long term solutions and perform accurate troubleshooting on all your commercial plumbing needs. Each commercial plumber undergo rigorous training and actual commercial plumbing experience to ensure that they can handle each problem in the field, immediately and efficiently.

Plumbers 911 Boston has the right plumbers for you, may it be residential or commercial. Call any time of the day and they can send over the right man for the job. Our plumbers are available 24/7, even during holidays to address every plumbing need of our clients.

Call Plumbers 911 today to schedule a plumbing evaluation for your business or residence and see what they can do to improve the efficiency of your plumbing system to reduce costs and improve overall performance.

Posted on: July 26, 2016

What Is A Sewer Camera Inspection And Why Do You Need One?

sewer-camera-inspectionRegardless if you’re a home or business owner, your property’s sewer lines should be inspected regularly to avoid all sorts of issues that are, in the end, more expensive and more inconvenient. If you have never hired a contractor for a professional sewer camera inspection, it is time that you do so! As medical experts say, “Prevention is better than cure.” Why should you wait for problems to arise when there’s a way for you to prevent them? Learn more about

What is a sewer camera?

Before anything else, let us talk about the sewer camera first. It’s a professional plumbing equipment that’s specially designed to explore and inspect pipe interiors. And for it to serve its purpose, it’s used in conjunction with other gadgets such as the monitor and the probe. The camera has an illumination feature that enables it to see inside the pipes regardless if it’s pitch-black. It is hooked to a probe that is maneuvered inside the system with the use of a reel and a crank. This reel allows the plumbers to push control the direction of the camera without breaking a sweat. Now aside from the probe, the monitor also plays an important role. It displays whatever the camera captures for plumbers to spot any crack, hole or clog inside the sewer lines.

What is a sewer drain camera inspection?

Moving on, let us tell you a bit more about a sewer camera inspection. This is a plumbing service that should only be provided by licensed plumbing professionals. The sewer lines are dirty so that plumbers must be geared properly to avoid health issues. Aside from this, it is also important that the person who will perform the inspection is adequately trained and is licensed. This way, there will be an assurance that the job will be done right and that no other problems will arise.

The sewer cleanout will be used to access the sewer line. This is where the camera will be inserted. So before the plumber arrives, make sure that you know where your sewer cleanout is located. From there, the plumber will check your sewer line for cracks, holes, tree intrusions and clogs. When a problem is discovered, the necessary repair will be recommended (and performed) by the plumber.

How much does a sewer line camera inspection cost?

According to market research, a residential sewer line camera inspection costs around $100 to $800. On average, a homeowner pays about $250 to $500. These figures vary in terms of other factors such as the length of the sewer pipes inspected, the local rates in the area, whether the project is by the hour or by a fixed price contract and other jobs done in conjunction with the inspection. Usually, inspections are offered with cleaning services. If you want to get a ballpark figure, you’ll have to consult your trusted neighborhood plumber.

We hope that you learned a lot about sewer inspections from our blog today. If you are in need of this service, just call the best emergency plumber in Grandview MO. Plumbers 911 Missouri has a network of licensed and trained plumbing professionals that provide exceptional 24 hour plumbing service in Grandview including sewer line inspection in Grandview. Call us now at (816) 326-8643 or fill out the form on our website to schedule a service!

Meanwhile, watch our video below to learn more about our contractors’ plumbing services in Missouri!

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