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Tips for Central Heating System in your Kansas Home

There has been an age long debate about whether to keep the central heating on for all the time or just when you require. Follow our article to clear your doubts. Our aim is to guide you so that your central heating system for your Kansas home consumes less energy.

What you need to do

  • You can leave the heating on for the entire day if the thermostat is controlling the temperature.
  • You can also set the heating in such a way so that it is switched on at certain times during the day via a timer.

Thousand Island Park Heating System Services

If you leave the heating on for all day, your boiler is continuously burning the gas to maintain the temperature of the property at the level you have set. When you set the timer to let the heating reach a specific temperature at a certain time, it takes longer for the device to heat the environment and more energy is drained.

When should you keep the heating on

The idea must be clear that if you are spending money in heating your home, why do you again need to cool it down? It would require re-heating, that’s all. But if you are leaving the heating on for always, more fuel would be used and there would be always some loss of heat due to difference in temperature inside and outside the house. The cost of keeping the system on would definitely be a matter of a little higher expense. So, you must ensure that your home is not inefficiently insulated or else there would be loss of heat.

The factors you need to keep in mind

Is your home well-insulated?

You can claim your home to be well insulated only when you Pryor heating system plumberwould have double glazing because heat is lost through windows, wall insulation, carpeted floors and loft insulation. Only then you can enjoy energy efficiency even if you keep the central heating on all the time. Loft insulation is not very expensive but if you have an old one, its time to upgrade to modern loft insulation.You can think about keeping the property heated all day only if the heat can be retained.

 What is the age of the boiler?

An older boiler consumes more energy because modern boilers are far more efficient which is about 90% more than the old ones. In case you want to replace your boiler, get in touch with our certified plumbing technicians in your Kansas City. You can purchase according to your requirements. Make sure you are calling our Gas Safe certified engineers to analyze, take a look at the requirements and then ask us for a quote.

Energy consumption testing

It is best to take reading from the gas meter on a regular basis. Many homes are also equipped with smart meters which make it easy to take a look at the energy consumption. You can keep the heating on for a month and then set timer for the following month, compare the two and note the differences. Typically setting the timer is known to be the most energy-efficient approach but it all depends on some factors as discussed above. Get in touch with our plumbing contractors and seek their expert advice!

Posted on: July 27, 2018

Do I Really Need a Powerflush in My Kansas City Home?

boiler installation syracuseFirst it is important to know what a powerflush is because a lot of people do not know what it is.  It is a cleaning process that is carried out on a central heating system with the help of a Powerflush pump. The main task of Powerflush is to remove all debris, dirt, rust and sludge from the water running within the heating system pipes.

The point is that: “do I really need a Powerflush in my home?” The answer is: Yes, it is very necessary to make the system efficient after prolonged use. If you don’t powerflush, your boiler could be damaged by the dirty waters. Powerflush is not only about clearing the debris that has already built up in the system, but there are also certain chemicals used in power flushing which slows down further breakdowns in the future within the radiators and pipes.

When Do I actually need a powerflush?

The answer depends on the level of dirt and rust that has built-up in your system for days. Incase you have a system that is few years in age and you never got a powerflush done anytime; you would definitely need one soon. The best way to decide is to take a sample of water from the system and test it from a heating engineer. If you experience the below mentioned symptoms you need powerflush:

  • Unclean bleed water or cold radiators?
  • Boiler cut outs and noises?
  • Fluctuations in temperature or lukewarm water?
  • Blocked pipes and a cold home?
  • Very slow heating

What could happen if you don’t powerflush?

There could be severe damage that would be extremely expensive to repair. Take a look at mainly what happens if you don’t:

  • The system would lose its performance and you would have to pay high fuel and repair bills
  • The heat exchangers and radiators would be filled with pin holes and that would need repair or replacement. A black oil come out known as the oxide sludge and it can damage anything like floors, carpets etc.
  • There could be mechanical failures like in the pumps, hydraulic systems, valves and heat exchangers.

Advantages of power flush

  • The system is more energy efficient
  • The reliability is enhanced
  • Radiators are hotter
  • Less chances of breakdown
  • The lifespan of your system is increased
  • Least noises
  • The heating of radiators will be quicker
  • More hot water supply

Is powerflush a DIY initiative?

It is not recommended to do the power flush yourself because it’s a risky and complex process; there are a lot of equipment and chemicals used. It is best to get in touch with our Gas Safe registered technicians  in your Kansas City.

Do you take care of your boiler?

If you perform an annual servicing of the boiler thenPlumbers in Summer a power flushing after every 5-6 years is sufficient. A power flush prior to installing a new boiler is highly recommended.

One question rings the mind that why is power flush necessary for a new boiler? It is very essential to maintain the warranty because if a new boiler is installed on an unclean water system, there are chances of the heating system getting damaged.

How much does Power flush cost?

Now if you are keen about knowing how much a power flush would cost, it depends on the size of your heating system and how complex the task would be. The service is a bit on the expensive side but its worth as it could save a huge amount of future expenses. Power flushing takes just a day to be done and for smaller systems it takes only a few hours. Contact our plumbing contractors in your Kansas City that offers power flush service at a competitive pricing.


Power flushing improves the efficiency because water flows without any hindrance through the pipes when the system water is cleaned. If you imagine the boiler to be a human hear and the pipes as the arteries, you could understand the functionality.

Posted on: June 26, 2018

How to Fix a Leaky Boiler in Your Boston Home

boiler repairIs your boiler leaking but it’s not visible? Initially it’s important to know what type of boiler it is like, combination, heat only or system boiler.  A leaky boiler is very common but you need to implement the right solution. System or combination boilers undergo very high pressure but the heat only boilers do not work under any sort of high pressure. Boilers that endure elevate pressure are fitted with pressure gauge on the front side of the boiler or near the pipe work. Do you even know this that a leaking boiler might not be always leaking? Sounds strange!! Boilers that work under high pressure must have an expansion vessel attached externally or internally and this is what causes a leaking boiler.

Why do boilers leak?

A leak is initially a minor issue but it might turn serious if not addressed soon.  Majority boilers develop leakages because of bad water pipeline connections, corrosion, damaged valve or a broken seal. If you have enough knowledge, you can start detecting the cause but once detected, hire a professional Boston plumber. If you feel your boiler has serious issues, just shut off till you get it serviced. Here are a few steps for repairing a leaking boiler:

  • First indentify the source of gas leakage
  • Managing a faulty circulator
  • Checking and mending the pressure release valve
  • Checking whether the valve is leaking due to trapping of sediments
  • Cleaning the sediments
  • Changing the pressure relieve valve
  • If needed , a plumber might need to replace the valve
  • Pipe repairing

DIY hacks to repair a boiler leak

A sealant can be used to repair a boiler leak; it’s a liquid gummy seal that is used to repair minor leaks. Liquid sealant is harmful and you should not breathe in so work in a properly ventilated zone. Take precautions for your eyes and wear gloves and start applying it. Remember, this is not recommended for huge leaks or don’t try it if you are not a pro.

Sometimes it’s the expansion vessel

The expansion vessel is a crucial part of a boiler and the system would have problems if it’s not working perfectly. Loss of system pressure is a very common problem and a lot of people feel that it’s a leak in the boiler. The expansion vessel is like the car tire, it gets flat with time. When the vessel gives up on its pressure capability, water starts filling internally and it feels like a leak. Basically it’s just an issue with the expansion vessel so its better to get the vessel checked each year and reset the boiler for best performance.

Boiler servicing is a must

When your boiler is leaking, it’s futile to try out DIY methods, only a professional Boston plumbing agency can be the best solution.Female Trainee Plumber Working On Central Heating Boiler When you install a boiler, you need to develop a mindset for strict yearly servicing. You might have to pay heavy repair bills in case you feel there is no need for yearly servicing and that would definitely make a hole in your pocket. It is best to get in touch with a reputed local plumbing agency that works with Gas safe registered professionals who are adequately trained. There are many plumbers who leave out the expansion vessel while boiler servicing or mending leaks. Check and reset if required because you would want your system to run flawlessly during the cold months.


Are you looking for the most reputed plumbing agency in your Boston area that can handle boiler repairs and maintenance? We are here to offer residential, commercial and industrial services to our clients. Please visit our office, email us, and get in touch with us.

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What You Need to Know About Boiler Replacement in Merriam, KS

easy boiler replacement in MerriamBoilers are a type of special-purpose water heaters that distribute heat in hot water. This heated water passes through radiators in the rooms of the house. Older residences have boilers installed as their heating system. Nowadays, boilers are used in multi-residence and large buildings.

As with other heating appliance, the boiler should undergo routine maintenance checks to see if it efficiently uses energy. A malfunctioning boiler should be replaced immediately. Here are some things you should know about boiler replacement in Merriam, KS.

Boilers 101

Boiler systems are graded from A to G based on their efficiency. Grade A means most efficient. Obviously, older boilers tend to be less efficient and wastes more energy.

Non-condensing boilers are older types that are up to 30% less energy efficient. And aside from not being able to regulate heat output efficiently, they also tend to emit more carbon dioxide than the newer condenser-type boilers.  These more modern boilers produce and retain heat more efficiently. They also have better heating controls and produce less carbon dioxide emissions.

Whether your home has the non-condensing or the condensing boiler, one thing is for sure – boiler replacement in Merriam is inevitable. It will always be wise to replace your boiler if it starts to malfunction. You’ll be saving more money as you conserve more energy.

Boiler Installation Process

Take these factors into consideration for boiler replacement in Merriam, KS:

Fuel Type

Your source of fuel will dictate the price of your boiler. A gas boiler system is the cheapest option. You may have to invest a bit on getting hooked to the main gas line if your home has the oil, LPG, or coal types. Boiler systems powered by renewable energy such as wood or biomass will have you spending more on installation. However, you’ll get to save more money in terms of energy costs in the long run.

Type of Boiler

A regular boiler has a separate cylinder where hot water is stored. There is also the “combi boiler” that does not have a cylinder to store hot water in. Both types have advantages and disadvantages. A large household will benefit more from a regular boiler because it produces more hot water efficiently. Meanwhile, smaller household can utilize a combi boiler that retains more hot water and only requires a smaller space.

Whichever type of boiler you choose, do not forget to check the energy efficiency rating. Otherwise, you may be getting a boiler system that will have you spending tons of money on energy costs.

Safe Installation

Never attempt DIY boiler replacement in Merriam as it is risky. A licensed Merriam plumber can guarantee correct installation of your boiler replacement. A certified installer will also assure you that the installation is within Building Regulations and you will receive the appropriate documentation. In choosing your contractor, it will be best to ask your neighbors, friends, and relations for recommendations.

Call Plumbers 911 KS for Boiler Replacement in Merriam

Plumbers 911 can refer a licensed Merriam plumber that can replace your boiler. You can also ask them for advice regarding the best boiler replacement options. All you have to do is call (816) 429-1638.

Meanwhile, watch this video to know more about Plumbers 911 Kansas:


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Boiler Repair Tips For The Homeowner

boiler-repairWe have always mentioned that it is best to call your trusted plumber when plumbing issues and emergencies arise. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your water heater, your septic tank, your drain lines, your plumbing fixtures or your boiler that’s affected. You’ll need professionals to take care of your home. However, we cannot deny that knowledge of common issues and how they are solved may actually be advantageous for homeowners like you. So today, let us share some common problems that you have to watch out for when it comes to boilers.

1. Radiator Not Heating Up

If the boiler’s radiator is hot at the bottom part and cold at the top, it’s an indication of air buildup, pump issues or corrosion in the pipes. Sometimes, hot water is not being circulated properly which is why the radiator is not fully warm. To solve this problem, the radiator must be bled to get rid of air that’s trapped in its system. If this won’t work, a power flush must be done by a professional.

2. Pilot Light Keeps Turning Off

When the pilot light keeps on turning off, it’s probably due to a faulty thermocouple or damaged seals. For this kind of problem, only a licensed professional should take care of it.

3. Faulty Thermostat

A faulty thermostat is caused by deterioration. Over time, your thermostat will wear out and this deterioration will cause its inefficiency. Before calling a professional, make sure that the power supply is turned on. Adjust the settings of the thermostat when the clock moves forward or backward and check the clock and its timer settings, too. Make sure everything’s set up correctly.

4. Boiler Turns Off

When a boiler turns off on its own, it’s possible that the system is experiencing thermostat issues, low water pressure, a faulty pump, air trapped in the system or a frozen condensate pipe. If the weather is cold, thaw the condensate pipe. You can try to bleed your radiators to get rid of air in the system. Call your utility provider if there’s low water pressure in your home.

5. Noisy Boiler System

A noisy boiler is an indication of limescale accumulation in the system’s heat exchanger. The gurgling, banging, whistling or gurgling sounds may also be caused by air in the system. Simply flush your pipes and bleed the radiator to fix the problem. If this won’t work, call a trusted professional.

6. Leaking Boiler

A leaking boiler results from loose connections or broken components. For this kind of issue, call a licensed plumber.

7. Boiler Loosing Pressure

If you ever notice that your boiler keeps on losing pressure, it could be an indication of an expansion vessel issue or a water leak. Call a licensed plumber to handle this problem, too.

We hope that you learned a lot about boiler repair from our blog today. If you need help, just call the best local plumbers in the US. Plumbers 911 provides reliable local plumbing services in the US including faucet repair, water heater repair, leak detection, plumbing fixture installation, kitchen remodeling and many more! Call us at Miami (305) 662-0668, Fort Lauderdale (954) 468-0512, West Palm Beach (561) 327-6287, Washington DC (877) 932-5325, Boston (855) 550-9911, Missouri (816) 326-8643 or Kansas (913) 948-9200 to schedule a service now!

Learn valuable plumbing maintenance tips! Watch our video below.

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