A 101 On Camera Sewer Inspection

camera sewerThink about all your daily activities that require the use of your plumbing fixtures: taking a bath; watering the plants; cleaning your car or your house; washing dirty dishes, pots and pans; brushing your teeth; cooking and the list just goes on and on. Think about all the soiled water that you produce or all the waste materials that go down the drains. Where do all these go? Houses either have their own septic tanks or are connected to a public sewer. But before they get treated in the tank or flow straight to the municipal or city wastewater facility, they will first pass through the drain pipes. These drainage pipes are vital components of your plumbing system and for that very reason, camera sewer inspections are essential.

What is a camera sewer inspection?


A camera sewer inspection is a vital plumbing service provided only by trained and licensed plumbing professionals. Several pieces of equipment are used to deliver this service such as the plumbing camera and a monitor. The camera will be inserted into the drain pipe or the sewer pipe to monitor the current condition of the tube. It will capture the interior of the pipes so that cracks, holes, clogs and tree root intrusions are located and then repaired.

What are the equipments used for this service?


The plumbing contractor will drive their service truck to the customer’s home or business establishment. The truck is equipped with its own power supply that makes the inspection equipments work. The power supply usually comes in the form of a small generator. Now a professional camera is connected to a long cable and winch. The camera will be inserted as far into the drain pipe as needed. It is maneuvered by a cable with reel. To be able to capture images inside tube despite the darkness, the camera is equipped with an illumination. The other end of the cable is attached to a TV or monitor that displays whatever’s being captured by the camera.

How often should the sewer pipes be inspected?


Homeowners often ask plumbers to inspect their drain pipes because they are already experiencing issues such as blockages, backflows, leaks and foul odors. This should never be the case. In fact, inspections should be done regularly in order to ensure that the drain pipes are all in good condition. You’ll never know when cracks or holes are already present in the system because most of your drain pipes are hidden underground. To prevent worse problems from arising, have your pipes checked at least twice a year. This way, repairs will be done right away.

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While professional plumbers can inspect and clean your sewer pipes for you, you can clean your indoor drains, too. Watch this video to learn tips!

Posted on: April 16, 2015