Do-It-Yourself Burst Pipes Repair Guide

burst pipesBurst pipes are common plumbing issues that homeowners encounter when least expected. You just can’t tell when plumbing pipes are fated to break, crack or burst but you can surely defend your property when such problems arise. There are several ways on how you can avoid severe damage on your property or prevent your utility bill from skyrocketing. Here are some suggestions you can try!

I. C-Clamp Method

For major pipe leaks, you can immediately stop the dripping with the use of a c-clamp. You will also need a block of wood and a piece of rubber.

1. Shut the main water supply valve off.

2. Position the wood or the rubber over the affected area or the part where the dripping comes from.

3. Now place the block of wood over the rubber.

4. Using a c-clamp, secure the rubber and the wood in place. Take note that the open part of the clamp should be positioned opposite the hole or the crack in the pipe.

5. Screw the c-clamp and tighten until it’s no longer moving.

II. Sleeve Clamp Method

If you don’t have a c-clamp at home, you may also use a sleeve clamp. This time, you won’t need to use a block of wood. Here’s the DIY guide for your reference.

1. Wrap the pipe with the gasket material, focusing on the area where the leak is coming from.

2. Enclose the gasket with the sleeve clamp. You’ll probably need two pieces to ensure that the leak will be temporarily stopped.

3. Tighten the screws to secure the clamps in place.

III. For Minor Leaks

For minor leaks that are only as small as pinholes, there’s no need to use clamps. You can simply wrap duct tape around the pipe’s affected area. You can also add pressure to the leak by wrapping a block of wood with the duct tape.

IV. A Few Notes

1. Before doing any type of repair on your plumbing system, never forget to shut off the main water valve. Doing so will prevent water from shooting out of fixtures and pipes. You’ll also avoid paying for expensive repairs that result from flooding.

2. Putting a temporary stop to the leak will buy you time while waiting for your plumber. But remember, the best course to take is the replacement of the damaged pipe.

3. If you’re not into plumbing, don’t try to repair the pipes on your own. Otherwise, you just might worsen the problem. Call a professional to handle the repair for you.

We hope that you learned how to fix burst pipes through our blog today. If you’re experiencing this issue right now, just call a reputable Lenexa plumber to repair the leaking pipes for you. Plumbers 911 Kansas provides top-notch local plumbing services in Lenexa KS including leak detection, backflow prevention, drain cleaning, plumbing fixture repair, plumbing appliance installation and many more! Call us at 816-326-8643 to schedule a service!

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Posted on: April 29, 2015