What to Do When You Need Burst Pipe Repair in West Roxbury

plumber for burst pipe repair in West Roxbury

Nobody wants to experience a burst pipe emergency. You can just imagine what a mess the flooding will cause!  Burst pipes are caused by wear and tear, being frozen, and corrosion. Sadly, burst pipes are one of the common plumbing problems there is. And at one point in your life, you most probably will need to know about burst pipe repair in West Roxbury. Read this article for some handy tips.

  1. Turn off the water supply. You will need to prevent as much flooding as possible. Moreover, you have to conserve water unless you want your water bill to rise. Find the main water valve in your basement and shut it down. Another option is to switch off the valve of the water meter.
  2. Drain your home’s water system to eliminate the flooding that was caused by the burst pipe. Turn off all faucets and flush the toilets. The pressure caused by flushing will help drain the flood faster. If the burst pipe is in your home’s second floor and water is collected at the ceiling, you can create a small hole to drain the water. Just be sure to have a bucket ready to catch the falling water.
  3. Observe the area where flooding occurred. Are there electrical appliances near it? If there are electrical appliances or lighting fixtures affected by the burst pipe, shut down the power supply to prevent possible electrocution. 
  4. Turn off your home’s water heater. Then, let hot water flow from your hot water faucet. This will reduce pressure from the water pipes and will also help drain water faster.
  5. Find the exact location of the leaking or burst pipe. You can mark it with a permanent marker or tie a tape on it. While you’re at it and while the sources of water and electricity is shut off, go ahead and inspect the rest of the pipes. Look for possible sources of future plumbing problems such as corrosion and leaks.
  6. Lastly, call your trusted West Roxbury licensed plumber to perform burst pipe repair in West Roxbury. The fact that your pipe had burst indicates major plumbing work. Only plumbing professionals are equipped with the right tools and knowledge for the job. 

Teflon tape cannot be used for burst pipe repair in Roxbury. It is only used as a sealant when connecting pipes or bolts. Moreover, be careful in touching pipes near electrical appliances because you will never know when it’s grounded until you are electrocuted. Same thing goes for stepping on flooded areas. Better to wear rubber boots first.

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Posted on: July 28, 2017