Why You Need Burst Pipe Repair in Independence

A burst pipe may don’t seem like a major problem until it starts causing visible damages. Nonetheless, it is a serious issue that homeowners should not ignore. If not addressed promptly, a burst pipe can lead to costly damages and health problems.

Common Causes of Burst Pipe

  • Burst Pipe Repair in Independence - 911 MissouriWater Pressure. Clogged toilet or drains can put too much pressure on your plumbing pipes, causing it to expand and burst.
  • Tree roots. This is a common, yet often unknown cause of a burst pipe. Naturally, tree roots look for moisture and grow towards any source of water. Your pipes can be an easy target. They wrap around the water pipes and cause it to burst.
  • Freezing. Cold weather can also cause old pipes to rupture. This happens when the water inside the pipe freezes, causing the pipes to expand. Incessant freezing and expansion of water inside the pipe can cause pressure to build up, leading to a burst pipe.

These are the common reasons for broken pipes. Now let’s talk about the signs that will tell you if you have a leaky or burst pipe in your home in Missouri.

Signs That You May Have a Burst Pipe:

  1. Pooling water. Water under the sink or on a floor could be a sign of a problem. You could have a leaky pipe or a burst water main. No matter the cause, finding unexplained water anywhere in your home may be a sign that it’s time to hire a professional.
  1. Sudden spike in water bill. A rise in your water bill that you can’t explain can be due to a leak caused by a damaged water pipe.
  1. Visible mold or moldy smell. This is a lesser known sign of a leaky or burst pipe. A moldy smell around your property could mean that there is mold somewhere, which could be due to a water leak. This pesky fungus grows on walls or ceilings where there is damp. Some molds grow in hidden places which could make them difficult, if not impossible to be detected and removed.

What to Do If You Have a Problem with a Pipe That Burst

The signs listed above are a good indication that you need burst pipe repair in Independence. Don’t wait until the damages get out of control before calling the experts. At the first sign of a leak, call your trusted local plumber and let them do all the work.

Burst water pipe is a serious problem that needs an immediate solution. You can try to locate leaks on your own, but some broken pipes are well hidden and can be a challenge to detect without the help of a skilled technician, so your best bet is just to let the trained experts solve all your plumbing problems.

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Posted on: February 12, 2017