What You Need to Know About Boiler Replacement in Merriam, KS

easy boiler replacement in MerriamBoilers are a type of special-purpose water heaters that distribute heat in hot water. This heated water passes through radiators in the rooms of the house. Older residences have boilers installed as their heating system. Nowadays, boilers are used in multi-residence and large buildings.

As with other heating appliance, the boiler should undergo routine maintenance checks to see if it efficiently uses energy. A malfunctioning boiler should be replaced immediately. Here are some things you should know about boiler replacement in Merriam, KS.

Boilers 101

Boiler systems are graded from A to G based on their efficiency. Grade A means most efficient. Obviously, older boilers tend to be less efficient and wastes more energy.

Non-condensing boilers are older types that are up to 30% less energy efficient. And aside from not being able to regulate heat output efficiently, they also tend to emit more carbon dioxide than the newer condenser-type boilers.  These more modern boilers produce and retain heat more efficiently. They also have better heating controls and produce less carbon dioxide emissions.

Whether your home has the non-condensing or the condensing boiler, one thing is for sure – boiler replacement in Merriam is inevitable. It will always be wise to replace your boiler if it starts to malfunction. You’ll be saving more money as you conserve more energy.

Boiler Installation Process

Take these factors into consideration for boiler replacement in Merriam, KS:

Fuel Type

Your source of fuel will dictate the price of your boiler. A gas boiler system is the cheapest option. You may have to invest a bit on getting hooked to the main gas line if your home has the oil, LPG, or coal types. Boiler systems powered by renewable energy such as wood or biomass will have you spending more on installation. However, you’ll get to save more money in terms of energy costs in the long run.

Type of Boiler

A regular boiler has a separate cylinder where hot water is stored. There is also the “combi boiler” that does not have a cylinder to store hot water in. Both types have advantages and disadvantages. A large household will benefit more from a regular boiler because it produces more hot water efficiently. Meanwhile, smaller household can utilize a combi boiler that retains more hot water and only requires a smaller space.

Whichever type of boiler you choose, do not forget to check the energy efficiency rating. Otherwise, you may be getting a boiler system that will have you spending tons of money on energy costs.

Safe Installation

Never attempt DIY boiler replacement in Merriam as it is risky. A licensed Merriam plumber can guarantee correct installation of your boiler replacement. A certified installer will also assure you that the installation is within Building Regulations and you will receive the appropriate documentation. In choosing your contractor, it will be best to ask your neighbors, friends, and relations for recommendations.

Call Plumbers 911 KS for Boiler Replacement in Merriam

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Posted on: July 9, 2019