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Read This To Never Worry About A Broken Washing Machine Ever Again

Washing machines have undoubtedly made washing clothes convenient. Housewives no longer have to waste time and effort in washing clothes by hand just like the old days. Moreover, even young kids can wash dirty clothes because of the features made available by modern washing machines. But calling a plumbing contractor in Boston, MA can’t be avoided when your washing machine malfunctions. So as a treat, we have listed a few common washing machine problems that you can expect. We also included the solutions that you can do to fix them before you call a plumber in Boston.


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Common Washing Machine Problems and Fixes

Vibrating washing machine

Oftentimes, a washing machine vibrates when it is standing on an unstable floor or when the laundry loaded inside it is unbalanced.

First thing to do is to open the washer bin to rearrange the load of laundry. Make sure not overload the washing machine and to follow only the recommended load stated in its manual. Clothes need room to move freely for efficient washing.

Then, check underneath the unit to see if the floor is unleveled. Having a residential plumbing expert come over annually for your plumbing maintenance check will also reveal these kinds of problems.

residential plumbing expert for washing machine

Leaking Washing Machine

A washing machine can leak because of the following scenarios:

  • Laundry not loaded properly
  • Water hoses not attached or inserted properly
  • Old water hoses
  • Clogged drains

You can do most of the fixes for this problem on your own. If the problem is uncomplicated, you might not need help from a plumbing contractor in Boston, MA anymore. But, for example, you have tried all means to unclog the drain in your laundry area and nothing works, you will have to call an emergency plumber in Boston. He will have the complete tools to check the insides of the drain and even up to the sewers to see what the real cause of the problem is.

Making strange noises

One common cause of this is when something gets caught in the washer drain or in between the gaps like buttons or coins. Check the insides of your washing machine to remove this.

Gurgling sounds indicate clogging in the washing machine’s drain. Remove the drain line to check what causes the clog and remove it if you can.

Lastly, buzzing or humming noises are most likely caused by a jammed pump. If the pump is thoroughly damaged, call a licensed Boston plumber to replace it.

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Posted on: January 18, 2018

Stop Wasting Water This Year and Do This Top 3 Plumbing Upgrades

The start of the year is always a perfect time to assess your home’s current plumbing system and think about upgrades. For one, you can replace your current plumbing fixtures to ones that can help you save money in terms of water expenses. This feat is quite easy. All you have to do is find a local plumber in Chicago who can efficiently deliver this task. Well, that’s what we’re here for! But we’ll talk more about that later in this article.

find a local plumber in Chicago to save water

Consider these upgrades if you want to save water this year

Water Saving Shower Heads

ultra low flow shower headDid you know that showering accounts for almost 17% of an American home’s total water consumption? A typical shower can dispense as much as 2.5 gallons of water per minute, and that’s a lot! Licensed plumbers in Chicago can attest to this. Replacing shower heads is the easiest solution. Luckily, there are lots of ultra-low flowing shower heads available in home improvement store and plumbing supply shops.  Once you find a local plumber in Chicago, you can mention about this and ask for his suggested best brands.

Low Flow Faucet Aerator for the Kitchen and Bathroom

low flow faucet aeratorLow flowing bathroom and kitchen faucets have aerators that work to lessen the flow of water while keeping the water pressure constant. Be concerned if your kitchen or bathroom faucet dispenses more than two gallons of water per minute. Ideally, it should only be 1.5 gallons per minutes. If budget is your concern because of the number of faucets to be replaced in your home, you can opt to replace two faucets first and then go on with the rest in the coming months. Or, find plumbing services in Chicago that offer promos or discounted offers for projects like this one.

This could also be a cause of concern for commercial establishments. Just imagine the number of low flow faucet aerators they will need! Then again, the key here is to find local commercial plumbers in Chicago that will charge affordably.

Dual-Flush Toilets

dual flush toilet buttonMore and more bathrooms are being replaced with dual-flush toilets that only use up to 1.28 gallons of water per flush. These toilets have two buttons for flushing – one for flushing liquid wastes and the other for flushing solid wastes. This way, you will only flush water that you need.

The dual-flush toilet is revolutionary and highly-effective in saving water. In fact, new buildings in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Israel are required to install dual-flush toilets. You must remember though that it is more expensive than the regular toiles. Then again, think about the amount of money and water you will save in the long run.

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Posted on: January 15, 2018

The Wise Homeowner’s Plumbing Cost Guide This New Year

New year, new goals! Then again, we seldom get calls from homeowners wanting to upgrade their plumbing system just because it’s a new year. For instance, residents would call for 24/7 Jacksonville plumbers only when a plumbing fixture needs repairing right away.


We strongly recommend preventive plumbing maintenance to avoid plumbing mishaps. But we also thought that the cost might keep you from having this done. Thus, we listed down in this article the typical average cost of plumbing projects. Hopefully, this will help you decide whether you can save more on maintenance checks or on actual repairs.


Average National Cost of Plumbing Projects

This list is based on Home Advisor’s True Cost Guide for plumbing projects. Their lists have helped countless of homeowners and contractors in terms of estimating budgets.

24/7 licensed Jacksonville plumber

  • Bathtub installation – $2,999
  • Clogged drain repairs – $207
  • Faucet installation – $240
  • Gas pipe installation or repair – $495
  • Hiring a family plumber – $303
  • Plumbing pipe installation (new) – $1,406
  • Septic tank cleaning – $379
  • Septic tank installation – $5,318
  • Septic tank repair – $1,485
  • Sewer line cleaning – $293
  • Sewer main installation – $2,885
  • Sewer main repair – $2,425
  • Shower installation – $3,258
  • Sink installation – $385
  • Solar water heater installation – $3,614
  • Sump pump installation and replacement – $1,138
  • Sump pump repair – $482
  • Tankless water heater installation – $1,764
  • Toilet installation – $370
  • Toilet repair – $207
  • Water heater installation – $955
  • Water heater repair – $525
  • Water main installation – $1,467
  • Water main repair – $792
  • Water treatment and purification system installation – $1,665
  • Water treatment and purification system repair – $440
  • Drain line repair – $577


Why Annual Plumbing Maintenance Is a Must

easy boiler replacementJanuary is the best time to have a plumbing maintenance check. Having your plumbing system checked annually will save you from future plumbing headaches. A 24-hour licensed Jacksonville plumber isn’t only needed when you have plumbing problems. During a plumbing maintenance check, your plumbing contractor can inspect every nook and cranny and give you an idea of the exact state of your plumbing system. He can also give his recommendations on fixtures that need replacing or repairing.

Alternatively, you can also perform plumbing maintenance checks on your own. Here are some of the things that you should go over when you do your check-up:


  • Gutters should be clean and free from leaves and other debris.
  • P-traps of sinks should be cleaned to prevent future clogs.
  • Check the faucets and showerhead for leaks and rust.
  • Inspect the connections of your dishwasher and washing machine.
  • Look out for corroded pipes. These should be replaced ASAP.
  • Make sure that your water heater is working well. Temperature should be 120 degrees Farenheit. Flush you water heater tank, as well. This will remove sediments that have collected at the bottom of the tank.
  • Check your toilet flush. See if the water leaks from the water closet.
  • Observe if there are molds or musty smells. This is a clear sign of leaking in the area.


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Posted on: January 11, 2018

Debunk These Plumbing Myths Right Now Or Hate Yourself Later

Some people know plumbing repair hacks – or at least they think so. Then again, if this is the case, then why do we often hear callers from Kansas City and other cities we service say, “What do you think did I do wrong?” You know, it is an advantage to know plumbing skills but it is an even greater advantage once you know what plumbing tip is a myth or a fact.  So we listed down these biggest plumbing myths debunked by a reliable local Kansas plumber. We hope that after reading this, you would, too!


Stop Believing These Infamous Plumbing Myths!


Anything You Flush Is Gone Forever

Just because it went down the drain doesn’t mean that it’s out of your life forever! Anything liquid can be flushed down easily. Solid wastes, most probably if biodegradable. Toilet paper and wipes? Yes, if flushable but not recommended. Plastics (like your kid’s toy) are a definite no-no!


Understand that what you flush goes through the drain pipes in your plumbing system. Then it either goes to the city sewers or your home’s septic tank if you have one. What you flush should not be something that will possibly cause clogging or, worse, flooding in your bathroom. If you’ve been doing this for some time now, maybe it’s best to have your plumbing system checked by a licensed Kansas City plumber near you.


You Can Shoot Whatever You Want In the Garbage Disposal

need garbage disposal repair expertHere’s the deal… your garbage disposal is not a garbage shoot. Not all food wastes can be shredded into pieces by a garbage disposal unless you want to meet our every-ready local Kansas plumber soon. Hard food wastes such as bones and shells must be avoided in all instances. Also, and this is the fact that surprises people the most, fibrous food wastes like onion skins can wrap around the teeth of the disposal and cause it to jam. Grease, meat fat, and oils coat the garbage disposal blades and dull it.


Close a Tap Ever So Tightly To Prevent Leaks

tighten faucet handleWrong. The tighter the faucet handle, the greater chances it is to be damaged. In fact, it is one of the most common causes of leaks according to local plumbers in Kansas. In fact, it can even cause broken pipes. Tighten it just right and you’ll avoid future plumbing problems.



Call Plumbers 911 and We’ll Send an Expert Local Kansas Plumber Right Away

Your home is one of your biggest assets so do not take your plumbing system for granted. Call us and we can send a licensed Kansas City Plumber right away to check if you have a problem brewing inside your pipes. Call us at (816) 429-1638 to be connected to our operator ASAP.


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Posted on: January 8, 2018

How Natural Gas Submeter Service Can Help You Save Money

gas sub meter in apartment complexNatural gas is a utility that is much needed in every home. It is used not only for cooking appliances but for the home’s heating system as well. However, as with any heat energy source, gas bills tend to increase come winter time. Normally, residents are billed according to the portion of natural gas they consume. But what happens in multi-tenant residences? How can you make sure that you’re being billed correctly? Gas submeter service is the answer.


Why Natural Gas Submeters are Important


gas meterHaving a natural gas submeter installed is the fairest method of billing tenants in apartments, office buildings, or any multi-tenant complex. As a tenant, you will only be billed exactly what you used. If you’re using your heating system wisely, you will get to save a lot on your gas utility bill.

Ask your property owner to contact a licensed Boston plumber for gas submeter service. If will not only be for your own good but for his business as well. This is because the gas rate becomes relatively lower for master-metered properties which will now be charged at a commercial rate.

Lastly, gas submeter installation support energy conservation. By being conscious of your personal natural gas use, you can take further measures in conserving heat energy.


Natural Gas Conservation Tips

You will be more encouraged to be more conscious of your natural gas consumption once gas submeter service is done on your property.

Heating and Furnace

Have a licensed Boston inspect your furnace for leaky duct-work. Once confirmed, it should be sealed immediately. While you’re at it, have your filters cleaned as well.

Water Heating Systems

Above everything else, the most important thing that you can do to conserve water heat energy is to have your water heater regularly serviced by a certified plumber. Your licensed Boston plumber will the things that should be done such as insulating the water pipes and fixing leaking faucets.

Things That You Can Do On Your Own

Invest in window insulation kits to help keep your home warm during the cold months. Also, opt for thicker blinds or thicker curtains to help lessen heat loss.


Call Plumbers 911 for Gas Submeter Service in Boston

Call Plumbers 911 anytime for gas submeter service in Boston, MA. With the company’s huge database of professional plumbers in your location, you can be sure that a licensed Boston plumber will be at your front doorstep in no time. Dial (855) 550-9911 today or CLICK THIS to set an appointment.

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