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How to change a kitchen sink

Drain Cleaner syracuseA kitchen is a place where you and your family spend most of the time cooking, and preparing food is time consuming. Kitchen fittings are installed inside so that your space looks complete and useful. Sink is one such very essential fitting of the kitchen and it comes in different sizes and shapes. If you are planning to throw away your kitchen sink, installing a new one is a very tricky procedure. First of all consider whether the proportions of the new sink matches with the old one. If the new one is larger in size, you must ensure that your worktop is again recut to proper size so that it fits in seamlessly.

Taking off an old sink

The material used in constructing also determines the amount of labor or work involved. A stainless steel is lighter than a ceramic sink and you will need more helping hands while installing a heavy sink. It’s not recommended to settle for a low quality material because if you save money now, you might have to spend a lot of money in the long run. Read reviews before you purchase a new unit.


The difficulty in the level of installation also depends on the position of your cold and hot feed. If you are an expert, you might need specialist tools like a tube spanner. Incase you are not confident,it’s best to hire a specialist installation expert. There are web of pipes under kitchen sinks and you will also find valves that help to navigate. And most of the time the nuts are hidden by the sink basin and this makes it tricky for you to reach to the nuts. This is when you would need an expert.

Taking off old kitchen sink:

A new unit in your kitchen could render more efficiency and also improve the layout. There are two very essential procedures you need to perform before you take off the old sink:

  1. Turn off the cold and hot water supply
  2. Disconnect the waste pipe.

Once these steps are done, it’s easy to remove the sink.

 Fitting a new sink

The first thing you need to do is cleaning the worktop sides and removing any old silicon or scum. It is primarily important to determine whether the hole is big for your new sink or not. kitchen sinkIf you find the hole smaller, turn the new sink in up-side down position and start drawing round the perimeter. This makes it easy for you to cut a new hole precisely. Once the hole is cut, mock up the sink that you are planning to fit prior to sealing, and this would ensure everything remains fine. There are different types of kitchen taps so you can fit the one you like. Sinks don’t come preconfigured with tap holes so you need to call a plumber to do that. It is always wise to call a professional plumber if you desire to fit a new ceramic sink in your kitchen. If you or any inexperienced person does it, there could be chances of the ceramic cracking and your sink would be ruined. After all these procedures are done, you can fit the sink in place.

The right fit

It is very important to get the fit of the sink very properly because you should not force the sink in the slot, neither it should be loose. It should fit just rightly and comfortably so that there won’t be any leaking issues. Incase of forcing a sink inside, the materials could get damaged and you would have to re-install. Measure the space available for the sink to fit so that there are no mistakes.


Buy an item that comes with warranty so that you can be confident about the quality and the after-sales service. Kitchen sinks are something you use everyday so durability is a top factor.

Posted on: May 23, 2018

How to check for bathroom leaks

Raymondville Plumber for Backflow PreventionBathroom is a very important part of a property and every household uses it everyday. Any problems with the bathroom, you need to check and get it mended soon. As a homeowner you need to know some basic repairs and check for leaks. Take a look at the signs of bathroom leaks :

  • Tiles getting loose or vinyl floors getting curled
  • Water stains on ceilings
  • Water standing in the bathroom floor
  • Molds on the floor and walls
  • Flaking and peeling paint

Generally the first sign of a bathroom leak would be water stains on the room ceiling of the person residing directly below you. It means that the leakage has caused extensive damage to areas that are hidden and you need to call a plumber. Majority plumbing leaks occur near the fixtures like shower enclosures, bath tubs, toilets and sinks. Getting the leaks mended at an initial stage could save you from the hands of expensive repairs in future.

Here is a detailed list of different types of leaks:

Leaking bathroom floor – Vinyl floors generally get rotten very fast, with exposure to water it tends to curl at the edges. Tiled floors can have leakage through cracked tiles or there maybe issues with grouting. Call a plumber who is an expert in tiling jibs and bathroom renovation.

Shower leaks – Do check the shower seals because if the leakage remains undetected, it could lead to serious plumbing issues. Sometimes water leaks constantly and flows to the nearby floor and wall. If this problem is ignored, it could leads to a serious damage and very expensive plumbing. Joists and wooden floorboards can swell up and rot very easily and this could result in very costly replacement. So look for rotting floors, peeling paintwork as the major results of leaks.

Leaks in the toilet – Toilet leaks are very common and this is mainly caused due to leakage between the waste pipe and the toilet. Each time you flush the toilet, it would leak. If you leave it the way it is without repairs, bathroom leaksit could be a severe damage. Checking the seals in the bottom and looking for gaps in the toilet are very important. Water disperses very slowly, thus difficult to detect leaks. It’s quite difficult to detect leaking pipes because it’s usually hidden behind the bathroom walls and paneling.

Leaking taps – Leaks around the tap could be a cause of hiding leak; the main reason is the seals getting old, spoilt silicon areas around the faucet and taps. Leaks can allow water seep and cause damage in specific areas. Whenever you see a tap leaking, call a plumber.

Leaking sink and sink drain – Sink leaks can occur at pipe joints and sometimes the pipe itself gets leak. Check the joints at regular intervals because if water runs through the floor boards, it can rot and swell overtime. Now, talking about sink drains, it can leak like the bath drains so check for excess water at the basin base right on the floor and it’s the sign of leakage.


If there are hidden leaks in your bathroom, you might get the smell of old accumulated water. When water it hidden and the surface does not get a chance to dry, it smells. If you find leak in any of these bathroom fixtures, it is best to call a reputed plumber. Leak once detected should be mended instantly to avoid expensive and complex repairs. Call a high rated plumbing agency that also offers emergency plumbing services.

Posted on: May 18, 2018

Helpful Guide for buying Plumbing Fixture/Appliance

Loo Wc Hygienic Sanitaryblock Toilet Toilet CabinPlumbing is an essential task related to your property and not everyone knows about buying the right plumbing fixture. It is very crucial to buy the right appliance so that it’s of utility. Plumbing is not very cheap and once done it’s for a long time and you only require maintenance at regular intervals. Be it online or offline, there are different types of plumbing fixtures you can select from and that needs to fit the overall design, style, and taste of your home.

Plumbing fixtures

When you intend to buy plumbing fixtures, make sure it’s a practical and a durable solution. You have your own taste and choice and therefore would definitely not want the faucets to get moldy and rusty in a few years.

Here is a guide for you:

Boilers – A boiler is an essential plumbing fixture and make sure you are buying it from a very reliable company. Buy the one that is apt for your property; therefore consult a Kansas City plumber before you make the final purchase.

Shower stalls – All shower stalls are pre-fabricated and enclosed in fiberglass but the size and style speak about the brand.

Bathtubs – Install bathtubs that are molded with plastic and are very lightweight. Buy tubs that come in different styles and colors. In case you wish to install the tub on a platform, buy the fiberglass ones which are pretty expensive.

Sinks – There are various types of kitchen sinks made of steel, copper or even glass. Choose according to your convenience and requirements between pedestal sinks, above-counter or under-counter. Now, talking about bathroom sinks, you get bath vanities that have sinks in-built.

Taps – Taps are for everyday use, therefore buy nothing but the best. It’s best to buy taps depending on the kind of water in your area because if the water has much iron then its best to not buy expensive taps but change your taps after every 3-4 years.

Toilets – Instead of investing in a fancy one, comfort is all you need. Buy the standard flush so that you can save on your water bills. There are models having a dual flush, one for solid and one for liquid waste material.

Faucets and other fixtures– It’s good to buy items which would be free from rust even after installing in the bathroom. The faucets should have inbuilt temperature settings and must also give even flow of water. You can buy finishes including oil bronze, chrome plate, brass and brushed nickel.

Pipes – Buy pipes of premium quality because the pipes endure a lot.

Do you wish to invest in plumbing tools?

There are plenty of plumbing appliances available in the market, some for regular use and some for special cases. It’s a serious matter to decide on the right plumbing equipment.

Hot Water System in Russell

Here are a few things you need to consider while shopping for plumbing appliance:

Functionality – Functionality should be your first priority, therefore you need to know what type of supply you are buying. For instance, there are specific appliances for unclogging drains while some for repairing leaky pipes. First, consider the plumbing objectives and then buy the tools. You will definitely not like to spend money on a tool that you would not require at the moment.

Quality – Buying quality plumbing equipment does not have to be very expensive. There are companies selling high-quality plumbing tools at decent rates. Quality plays an essential role when it comes to buying tools.

Buy fixtures and appliances online

These days most homeowners do not have the time to visit the store, therefore its best to buy fixtures, tools or appliances online. Buying online has advantages like you can get discounts, you can sit at home and read the reviews and compare prices before you order. It’s great when you see products from various brands under one roof.


Since it’s a big investment, make sure you consider everything including durability, design, décor, and expenses. You can even consult professional plumber in your area for guidance.

Posted on: May 4, 2018

Frequently asked Questions on Plumbing

Plumbing is a very common task and almost every home has a plumber that they rely on. Homeowners mostly have lot of queries related to plumbing and this article shall actually help you to get the answers. So here is a few FAQ’s on plumbing for you:

  1. What causes pipe corrosion? :

There are a number of things that can lead to pipe corrosion and all are related to the water quality. The causes are:

  • The PH of the water
  • Chemicals found in water
  • The temperature of water
  • Oxygen found in water
  • The water pressure
  1. How do I check leaks?

There is a very simple way to check for a leak. Note the water meter and record the water level. Do not use water for few hours and now check once again. This can be done best late at night or very early in the morning. If the water level changes, there is a leak maybe. Call a plumber in Chicago mmediately.

  1. Are hidden leaks anything to worry about?

Yes, definitely because leaks get bigger with time but they don’t cause heavy damage to your home. Know the benefits of leak detection and repair:

  • Elimination and reduction of water loss
  • Less risk of damage
  • Won’t need sudden emergency repairs
  • Less need for pressurization and water treatment
  1. Why is there so much noise in my toilet when I flush?

If there more noise while flushing, it means that water flowing to the tank is somehow getting restricted while refilling due to faulty or broken parts.

  1. How can I prevent my pipes from freezing?

When the temperature dips down to -32 degrees and less, there are chances that Frozen Pipe Repairyour pipeline water is freezing. Frozen water turns into ice which can lead to bursting of the pipelines. Before cold water sets in, drain the valves outside and shut off the interior valve. You can also install a faucet insulator.

  1. What all can and what can’t go down garbage disposal?

A garbage disposal can endure a lot but don’t let them it to be invincible. Always run cold water down the disposal to clear residue and oils seated in the system. Don’t throw anything big, chop into small pieces before disposal. Avoid disposing coffee grinds to prevent build ups.

  1. Why is my toilet running constantly?

While flushing your toilet, a lever function causing a flap to open in the tank and the water level pushes back when it comes back to position. There is a chain attached to the flapper and if that is either too short or long then it might cause a running toilet or flushing dysfunction.

  1. What is the cause of my heater’s relief valve leaking?

The relief valve can leak due to the high pressure that comes from your water heater. Here are the reasons:

  • The water pressure of the incoming water from the main line is very high
  • The pressure is building up due to thermal expansion.

The best way is to call a plumber!!

  1. What would I do with an overflowing toilet?

If there is a leak in the fill valve of your tank there can be a leak and for any other reason, call a professional plumber.


Now that you have the answers to most of your FAQ’s on plumbing, get in touch with a professional plumber. Call the agency for a scheduled maintenance because your plumbing needs to be looked after.

Posted on: April 25, 2018

Remember the Dos’ and Don’ts in Plumbing

natural gas submeter servicePlumbing plays an important role in every residential and commercial property. Do homeowners and business owners really care about plumbing? There is no reason to ignore plumbing because it’s very important to maintain your plumbing system on a regular basis so that there is no sudden inconvenience caused and you can avoid sudden repairs. Do you find plumbing repairs tempting? Yes, you can do the minor ones yourself but you definitely need a plumbing agency to manage the serious tasks and if the agency is trustworthy, you feel like handing over the regular maintenance tasks to them. So here are certain do’s and don’ts in plumbing that will actually help you.

The Do’s:

  • Do an annual checkup for leaks in the toilets: remove the lid of the tank and you can add food color to the water in the tank. After 10-15 minutes check the bowl and if color is visible, there is a leak in the flapper valve. Make an appointment with your plumber immediately.
  • After you dispose garbage in the drain, run lots of cold water down and this will help a lot to prevent the buildups. Your drains won’t be clogged easily so this is a maintenance tip.
  • When it comes to shower and tub drains, it’s ideal to pour down hot water because hot water cleanses build ups formed due to soap and hair. It’s generally advised to pour 2-3 gallons of water once every month.
  • Are you focusing on your research? Do not jump into any project suddenly, it might sound tempting but plumbing projects are very risky. If you try doing it on your own, a small mistake might cause flooding or give rise to any unwanted situation. If it’s a minor thing you wish to do, first of all understand the procedure before you start. Watch videos and try learning from others mistakes. Please ensure you have all the right tools before you start.
  • It’s very important to be safe when working on projects because you can no way put yourself in any harm.
  • Using quality materials is very important whether you are doing it on your own or hiring a plumber. When it is plumbing for your property, use everything that is best. While shopping for plumbing fixtures, make sure the products have a seal of Water Regulations Advisory Scheme. This ensures the products you are using are of top notch quality and complies with the regulations.
  • Ask for assistance whenever required and do not hesitate even once. There are plumbers in Chicago that offer 24×7 emergency services. It’s a backup you have and might need anytime.

The Don’ts

  • Always have a trash box under your sink and don’t place anything that have the chances of blocking the drainpipes and finally cause leaks.Miami drain cleaning service contact It’s gross to pour cooking oils and fats down the sink because this waste material could cause a build up in the pipes, cause blockages and overflows.
  • Throw high and thick fiber materials at the garbage disposal like corn husks, onion skins, meat bones, celery and pieces of anything. Anything clogged can be a plumbing headache.
  • Do not pour hot water down the toilets, those are not meant for hot water and can cause heavy cracks.
  • It’s not good to ignore warning signs and do not take any shortcuts, call a reliable plumber immediately.


Whenever you need an expert plumbing professional, we are always here for you offering regular and emergency plumbing services in Chicago. Get in touch with us for a quote or book an appointment.

Posted on: April 18, 2018