The Plumber’s Guide On Repairing A Blocked Sink

blocked sinkHave you ever experienced washing your pots in the sink then finding out all of a sudden that it has already turned into a mini pool? Have you ever used your garbage disposer then sooner learn that the drain is already blocked? Your kitchen sink is prone to blockage simply because it’s exposed to a lot of culprits every day: food scraps, grease, vegetable and fruit peelings, soap scum and even non-biodegradable objects. Don’t worry though because with the right tools, patience and basic plumbing skills, you can easily clear a blocked sink in no time! Here’s the plumbing expert’s guide for your info!

1. Determine the cause of the blockage. Ask your family members if they have thrown something into the drain. This way, you’ll get a better idea on what’s lying inside the pipes and figure out the best way to get rid of it. Now if no one knows what caused the stoppage, it’s time to evaluate the sink yourself. Check if there’s just an object sitting right outside the drain hole. If there’s something there, clear it and wait if the water will disappear. Otherwise, get your plumbing skills ready.

2. Pour boiling water down the drain. Usually, this alone will already melt organic substances that have accumulated inside the pipes. If this doesn’t work, move on to the next step.

3. Get your plunger. Make sure that there’s enough water in the washbasin because it is supposed to cover the rubber part of your plunger. Once it is ready, position your plunger right at the hole and begin plunging. Your pace should not be slow and should not be fast either. Keep at it consistently and repeat the push and pull motion for about 15 times. After plunging, pour water into the drain and check if the problem is resolved. Still not draining properly? Read on and learn what you should do next.

4. It is possible that there’s something stuck in the trap. Before doing this, you should have shut off the water supply, okay? Now check under the sink and remove the traps. Get your plumbing snake and start hooking the clog out of the pipes. When you feel that there’s nothing left, re-assemble the pipes and test again if the drain has been cleared.

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Posted on: June 23, 2014