Biggest Plumbing Myths One Should Be Aware Of

There are few plumbing myths that most homeowners believe and most of them are aware of the various plumbing issues. Usually homeowners consider plumbing as an emergency service and when not required its ‘out of sight and out of mind’. So here is taking a look at some of the expensive plumbing myths:

If the drains are all working, all are in good condition – Its good to know that just because the drains are working, it does not mean that everything is working fine. Sometimes there are food particles gathering right inside the discharge pipe and homeowners might not be aware. It’s best to look out for early signs, whether there is slow drainage or improper disposal unit.

A faucet leaking is not a big deal – Leaky faucets can not only cause hiking water bills but also lot of corrosion to the faucets and plumbing fixtures. If the leakage is continuous, it could lead to mold, rust and rotting. Nip the issue in the bud and don’t sit over a leaky faucet thinking everything is fine. If you don’t have experience, don’t try your hands on DIY but call a plumber for maintenance. Plumber putty is not a permanent solution at all that most people think.

A little water stain is a normal thing – A little water stain can be an indication of a huge problem. Its better not to ignore plumbing maintenance works because you never know when this small thing is going to turn out to be a big leak. Water has the ability to travel at length along horizontal surfaces and there might be a bigger leak hiding behind the stain. Anytime you see even a little stain, call a professional plumber.

Hard water does not harmHard water is a complete nuisance because it can result in mineral deposits on all plumbing fixtures and cause a scale to form over the pipes. Hard water contains magnesium and calcium carbonates that causes so much deposition.

Low water pressure is not much inconvenience – Do you know that water pressure problems cause leakage in pipes? Leaks are a real mess as it can travel below homes and cause damage to the foundation and infrastructure. Call a plumber if water starts trickling.

Toilets are a great place for garbage disposal – Please keep in mind that you should not flush anything down the toilet. Due to garbage disposal, your bathroom can be overflowing, you might have to call emergency plumbing and indulge in a lot of cleanups. Don’t dispose of items like thick skins, shells, tough pieces of meat or else you might need a plumber in Kansas anytime. Do not try using in-tank toilet cleaners as they have lots of bleach that actually damage the inner walls of the toilet, instead use in-bowl cleaners.

CONCLUSION :Brasher Falls plumbing fixing sink

Now that you know the myths, you might be thinking that you do not know about plumbing. Yes, exactly and this is why there are professionals to perform such specialized services. Each and every home cannot escape from plumbing in Kansas and when the issue is serious, the investment is a huge one and as such it’s best to call a plumber for maintenance. Believing in myths is a complete myth, live the reality and have a well-maintained property. All plumbers are not the same therefore get in touch with a reputed and experienced company that has a good record of client servicing and support. Call us for 24/7 emergency plumbing Kansas City : (816) 384-1295 today !

Posted on: April 13, 2018