How To Choose The Best Drain Unclogger For Your Home

best drain uncloggerWe have always encouraged the use of natural home remedies when you’re dealing with drain clogs. Now if you have tried all the solutions we have suggested on our previous posts and the clog is still persistent, don’t rush to the plumbing supply shop or grocery store right then and there to buy chemical cleaners. Let us give you some tips and insights first on how to choose the right drain unblocker for your home. And if it’s possible, only use the product when the clog is already too stubborn to be removed by natural ingredients or plumbing tools such as the plunger and plumbing snake. Anyway, here are some of our buying tips!

1. Where are you going to use the product?

It is really essential that you identify the purpose of the cleaner you’re aiming to purchase. Will you use it in your kitchen sink drain, your shower drain, your tub drain or your toilet? There are specific cleaners that are specially designed to effectively remove clogs based on the affected drain. There are also varieties of cleansers that are meant specifically for clog removal or for daily maintenance. Remember, clog removers often contain stronger ingredients than those are used for day-to-day cleaning.

2. What’s the cause of the clog?

If you know what caused that clog in your drain, then good for you! It will help you figure out the type of cleanser that you have to buy. For instance, there are cleansers that are specially designed to wash away greasy particles in your pipes. If you’re dealing with hair balls or hair strands in your shower drain, then you should think about buying a screen trap or strainer along to prevent clogs in the future. If you’re having issues with your kitchen sink drain, choose a cleanser that can break down food particles into smaller pieces.

3. What does the product contain?

When shopping for chemical cleaners, make sure that you’ll check their content before paying for them. Do not choose a cleaner that contains toxic chemicals (even if you think that it will effectively get rid of your drain clogs) because it’s not only going be a danger to your pipes but it will also compromise the health and safety of your loved ones. If you live with kids, never ever store harsh chemicals in your kitchen cabinet. You’ll never know when they’ll get a hold of and accidentally ingest these products. Examples of these include muriatic acid and the like.

4. How much is your budget?

Of course, budget is everyone’s concern! Remember, an expensive cleaner doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the most effective and a cheap cleaner doesn’t necessarily mean that it won’t work. Choose a product that fits your budget and don’t choose based solely on brands. Sometimes, people get persuaded by the brand name because of the marketing efforts of companies and manufacturers. Our tip is to do your own research. Ask your friends and loved ones for opinions or referrals. Check the internet for product reviews. This way, you’ll know if the product you’re eyeing is indeed worthy of your every penny!

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Posted on: July 22, 2014