Your Trusted Belle Glade Plumber Shares Tips On Preventing Drain Clogs

Belle Glade plumberUnclogging your drains may seem easy compared to resolving other plumbing issues at home. But admit it. Nobody wants to find himself with the plumbing snake or auger right in the middle of preparing for work. Time is precious and we all want to get through our daily lives without ever encountering inconvenient plumbing emergencies. And you know what? It is possible. As the cliché goes, “Prevention is better than cure.” And that’s about the same thing with clogs! All you have to do is take care of your drains to prevent getting blockages in the system. Let us give you some tips on how you’re going to do that!

1. Never ever pour grease down the drain. Yes, you need to dispose of it but don’t use your drain pipes as the way out. Since the temperature inside your pipes and septic tanks is fairly cooler, the oil will actually solidify over time and may cause the blockage. Let the grease or used cooking oil solidify. Scrape it off and transfer it to a container. Seal it tight and dump it in the garbage. Some people even use grease in the compost or utilize it to loosen stuck up wheels, door hinges and what-nots.

2. Use a filter screen or drain grate. It will cover the drain thus preventing hair, soap scum and other small particles from entering the pipes.

3. If you have a garbage disposal at home, throw some ice cubes in and grind them to keep the blades sharp. This will ensure that everything that you throw in there will be broken down into small pieces and won’t block your pipes. You can also pour vinegar in it for cleaning.

4. Even your toilets rely on your drains. Never ever flush anything that’s not supposed to be flushed down including paper towels, diapers and sanitary napkins. In fact, if you can prevent flushing down toilet paper, the better.

5. Always clean your bathroom. We know you love taking long showers but what about the hair strands that fall from your head? Make sure that they won’t get into the drains because seriously, these things can cause great problems. Also get rid of soap and shampoo scum — but not through the tub or sink drains.

6. Pouring hot water or vinegar with baking soda in your drain pipes is a great idea. Do this every week and it will keep your pipes clog-free!

Follow these tips religiously and you’ll surely prevent clogs! And if you need help to unclog your drains now, remember to call the most reliable Belle Glade plumber! Plumbers 911 Florida delivers top-notch Belle Glade plumbing services in Palm Beach such as plumbing fixture installation and repair, leak detection, drain pipe cleaning, septic tank care and many more! Reach us by calling 305-662-0668 (Miami-Dade), 954-468-0512 (Broward) or 561-327-6287 (Palm Beach)!

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Posted on: April 29, 2014