Reasons to Hire a Beaumont Water Heater Installation Expert

Beaumont water heater installation plumberWith the ongoing trend of DIY projects nowadays, almost everyone is jumping on the do-it-yourself bandwagon. Of course, who wouldn’t want to save bucks, right? Water heater installation is not an exception when it comes to DIY enthusiasts and it is understandable. It is not illegal to install your home water heater, anyway. The question is, are you confident enough of your DIY skills in terms of water heater installation? This article will help you think about the advantages of hiring a Beaumont water heater installation expert instead.

Why You Should Let a Beaumont Water Heater Installation Expert Do the Job

An installation of water heating units involves risks.  This is especially true for gas-powered water heaters. Precautionary measures are necessary and only plumbing professionals know these perfectly. Their continuous training in the field makes them adept at this task. On the other hand, homeowners and handymen are often unaware of state code requirements when it comes to water heater installation. Accidents damage property and end lives. Strictly following the rules will prevent this.

To convince you more, read the instances listed below:

  • Many cities require the installation of water heater pans. The water heater pan catches leaks. Thus, electric-related damage or accidents are avoided in the process. Water heater pans are most important for water heating unit installed in an attic or a garage. A plumbing professional would be able to identify if you need one or not.
  • A professional plumber knows how to install a pressure relief valve properly. Most often than not, non-licensed plumbers take the shortcut and just put the pressure relief valve on top of the heater and not plumbed outside. This causes an electric water heater to short out. 
  • Gas-powered water heaters are most dangerous if not installed by a Beaumont water heater installation expert. It should be vented correctly to prevent hot gases from causing an explosion and fire in the house. There is also the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning of household members
  • Some cities require tanks of water heaters to be installed at least 18-inches away from the garage floor. This is to prevent it from ignited other gaseous and chemical materials that are stored there.

Plumbing codes change to newer and safer methods. A licensed Beaumont plumber will definitely know about these. Professional plumbers should also do routine maintenance checks and not only installations. Continuous training of licensed plumbers assures clients that they get the most up-to-date service. 

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Posted on: August 2, 2017