The Homeowner’s Guide On DIY Bathtub Fixture Replacement

bathtub fixture repairIt really doesn’t matter whether you want your tub fixture replaced because it’s rusty, leaking or simply because of aesthetic purposes. After all, you don’t only repair or replace things at home because they’re giving you inconvenience but also because you want the house to look better. So if your tub spout and its handles need to go, read on and learn from our step-by-step guide!

Replacing A Bathtub Faucet

1. If you have a spout that’s screwed on and features threads located just at the backside of the faucet, you’ll first need a pipe wrench. Get a rag and position it on top of the tap. Adjust the mouth of the pipe wrench so that it will fit on the spout. Once you arrived at the correct mouth size, position it on the spout and move the wrench handle in a counterclockwise manner. This will loosen the fixture. Remove the spout carefully and set it aside.

2. Get the new tub spout. Carefully screw it on and guarantee that you won’t cross-thread with those that are inside the pipes. If you feel as if there’s something blocking you, remove the spout and simply re-thread it before installing it again. Tighten it with your hands as much as you can.

3. Place the rag over the faucet again and use your pipe wrench to tighten it. Make sure that it will be installed flat and aligned on the wall.

Replacing Tub Handles

1. If you have a threaded screw-on faucet, you should also see a faceplate located at the center of the fixture’s handle. Gently pry it up by using your reliable flat-head screwdriver.

2. Get rid of the screw by moving it in a counterclockwise direction.

3. Once loose, tug on the handle and try to remove it. You’ll probably need to wiggle it a little, tugging it back and pushing it forward to totally detach it from your plumbing. If it’s stuck, use a hammer and tap the handle with it. That should break the minerals that have accumulated and solidified in the fixture.

4. Position the new tub faucet handle and guarantee that it is seated properly. Once the female part of the handle matches the teeth of your plumbing, screw it in and snap the faceplate back. Turn on the water supply valve and test if the fixture is working. Remember though that you should never over tighten the connection. You also have to replace the faucet with the same fixture type. You can remove the old unit and bring it to the plumbing supply shop to be sure.

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Posted on: June 10, 2015