Unclogging Bathtub Drains in Your Boston Home

Plumbing Fixtures fort lauderdaleThere are many homeowners who call upon plumbers every month for clog bathtub drains and it’s mainly caused by deposition of excessive hair strands. It’s a genuine issue as it leads to pooling of water. You can never ignore standing water because you need to use the bathtub everyday or maybe twice a day. We all know that standing water can give rise to health issues; mainly there is the fear of mosquitoes breeding and growth of bacteria. Along with the water, there would be residue of soap and shampoo. First of all, use a pin or a pair of tweezers to take out the bunch of hair you can see stuck in the strainer and then you move on to other measures.

Say – No to chemical cleaners

Most people use chemical drain cleaners but its not good to pour random cleaners in their drains. Sometimes chemical drain cleaners are not effective in cleaning your drains. It might pose a risk to your plumbing pipes due to the chemicals. It is not good to use bleach as it will kill the good as well as bad bacteria, again it would harm the pipelines as well. Instead you can always use enzyme-based cleaners.

Preparing a DIY drain cleaner

  • 3 cups boiling water
  • One cup vinegar
  • Half cup baking soda
  • Timer

So here are the steps:

First of all drain your bath tub, and you can use a bucket for that and then continue with the unclogging process. The steps for you:

  • Pour 1 cup warm water down the drainPlumbers in Cicero
  • Pour half cup baking soda down the tub drain
  • Now prepare the second cup of water pouring water and as you pour it on the sprinkled baking soda, there will be a fizz.
  • Cover the drain for sometime giving time for the reaction to happen.
  • Set the timer upto 10 minutes
  • Now finally pour a cup of boiling water down the drain to wash the residue out. Open the tap to see whether water is still pooling or not. Basically there won’t be any further clogging.


If clog persists, its best to call to a professional Boston plumber or else it would cause permanent damage to your residential pipelines. A plumber has an idea about the drain anatomy. He also knows the technique of using a plunger, also knows snaking a drain in a proper way. If one method fails, they are aware of the next and can ensure a solution. You must also be careful with the drains of your bathtub, try keeping it clean and don’t wait for more and more hair and residue to accumulate. Do some cleaning every week to ensure your drain works well. Apart from this, call a plumber for servicing every six months and this would ensure healthy bathtub drains. Start taking care of the bathtub drain as soon as you notice water slowly draining out. Any larger problem needs expert hands, get in touch with a reputed plumbing agency in Boston.

Posted on: May 28, 2018