Bathtub Drain Repair: How To Fix The Stopper

bathtub-drain-repair Did you know that your bathtub drain is also prone to leaking? Yes, it is. And when that happens, you’ll surely be in for trouble. With that being said, it is important that the problem is fixed by replacing the stopper. Now drain stoppers either lack a lever or mounted to one. If you want to know how it’s replaced, read on and check out our DIY guide!

Drain Stopper With A Mounted Lever


1. Get a pair of pliers or a wrench and turn the stopper counterclockwise. Doing so will loosen it from the tub. Once you’ve done that and a screw is uncovered, you must turn the screw counterclockwise as well to loosen it up. That will allow the stopper’s mechanism to slip out.

2. Afterward, clean the bathtub drain stopper’s body. Guarantee that there’s no hair, debris or sediments inside it.

3. Now get a new drain stopper and put it in place. Screw it up to secure it to your tub and turn it clockwise to tighten the connection.

Drain Stopper With A Mounted Lever


1. Remove the screws that secure the overflow plate to the side of your bathtub. Keep these screws in a safe place in case you’ll need them later.

2. Afterward, carefully pull the overflow plate off the side of the tub. The connector that attaches the lever to the drain stopper’s body should be detaches as well. If you find it hard to pull it out, you should tug on it harder. The linkage or connector should be removed from the opening of the overflow plate.

3. When you’re done, get a mini hacksaw and cut a notch in the drain stopper’s body. It should measure approximately a quarter of an inch wide and a quarter of an inch deep. Make sure that you won’t cut the surface of the tub when you do this.

4. Afterward, get a cold chisel (3/4-inch) and wedge it into the slot that you have previously cut.

5. Now get your hammer and pound the top of the chisel with it. Push the chisel by turning it in a counterclockwise manner. This will loosen the drain stopper.

6. Once you’re done with that, install the new gasket onto the opening of the drain.

7. Get your choice of plumber’s putty and roll or create a bead. The width should be equal to that of a pencil. Apply this around the new drain stopper’s body. The application should be done underside. The putty will create a seal between the tub and the stopper.

8. After this task, get a pair of pliers and insert it into the drain stopper. Slide the pliers’ jaws to ensure that they’re gripping the x-shaped grate.

9. Now carefully lower down the new drain stopper into its respective opening. Use your pliers to accomplish this. Turn the pliers clockwise to tighten the connection.

10. Once done, secure the new overflow plate to provide a cover for the opening where the drain lever will be installed.

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Posted on: August 25, 2015