How To Fix A Bathtub Clogged With Hair

bathtub cloggedYou bathtub is prone to clogging especially if you don’t have a screen filter installed in the drain. Shampoo and soap scum aren’t the only things that may get inside the drainpipes. Even hair strands that fall from your head when bathing can gain access into the pipes, accumulate over time and clog your tub. If you are experiencing this problem now, here’s a DIY guide to help you take care of it properly.

1. The tools and supplies you’ll use will depend on the location of the clog. In most cases, hair strands stick just right under the drain, near the basket. You can use a wire coat hanger or drain claw for this kind of job. Simply insert the tool into the drain, wiggle it around to catch the strands and carefully pull them out. Turn on the tap and check if water will flow smoothly in the drain. If it’s still clogged, you’ll have to try another method.

2. When the clog has already lingered deeper inside the pipe, you have to detach the overflow drain cover. Get your handy dandy screwdriver and carefully remove the screws without letting them fall into the hole. Once you’re done, get an old rag or cloth and plug it into the mouth of the pipe to restrict the passage of air into the system. This will ensure that there’ll be no instances of back-ups when you’re plunging.

3. Get your reliable plunger. Make sure that it’s the type that’s specifically meant for tubs. Fill your bathtub with water, just enough to cover the rubber part of the plunger. Position the rubber right on top of the tub’s drain hole and start plunging in a consistent pace. Repeat the process for about 15 times, plunging up and down on the drain.

4. To test if this method worked, get a kettle of boiling water. Flush the tub and then pour the hot water into the drain. Re-install the overflow pipe cover if the issue is resolved. If not, move on to the next step.

5. The tub’s drain isn’t as accessible as your kitchen sink’s pipes. You’ll have to go through the overflow pipe to snake the clog. Insert the snake into the drainpipe then before twisting it inside, fill your tub first with hot water. Now work on your plumbing snake until it reaches the clog. Keep on turning the crank for it to break the solid blockage. Pull the snake out slowly and dispose of the waste properly. Repeat the process if you think there are still solid particles inside the pipe. If the water in the tub starts to lessen, it means that the clog is gone.

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Posted on: October 21, 2014