Quick And Easy DIY Bathroom Tiles Repair

bathroom tiles repairYour bathroom’s ceramic tiles truly add beauty to the room. However, they get soggy, incur cracks, grow mildew or molds and even fall apart as the years go by. And this problem isn’t weird at all. It’s natural. Your tiles are exposed not only to water but also to moisture every time your bathroom is used. And this exposure is among the most common causes of tile damage. So if your bathroom tiles are no longer in good condition and you look forward to renewing them, read on and learn the steps that you should take to accomplish that goal! This detailed and yet easy guide will help you beautify your bathroom once again!

Tile Removal

1. Remove the damaged tiles by first working on the grout. Use a grout saw or an equal substitute to get rid of the grout surrounding the tiles. Don’t cut too deeply so you won’t damage the waterproofing membrane under the tiles.

2. To make the removal of tiles quicker, create holes using a drill bit. Remember not to drill too deep. Create as many holes as you can for larger tiles.

3. Now remove the tiles! Use a reliable chisel to break them out into smaller pieces.

4. Once you’ve removed the ceramic, you should see a thinset mortar in the area. To make sure that the new tiles will fit perfectly, you have to remove any leftover adhesive.

Tile Installation

1. When the area is already clean, get your ceramic adhesive or tile cement. Apply liberally using a notched trowel to the substrate. If you are repairing only a small area, you can use a putty knife.

2. Position the tile into the area with adhesive. The surface should be flat and equally applied with the adhesive or cement.

3. Let them sit to dry. Once the tiles have already stuck into place, it’s time to grout! Once done, get a sponge and plenty of water. Clean any excess grout from the tiles’ surfaces immediately.

4. Waterproof the tiles by using a bathroom sealant or caulk. Doing so will repair joints that weren’t grouted effectively.

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Posted on: June 10, 2015