Quick And Easy Bathroom Tiles Repair

bathroom tiles repairTiles are awesome accents that will make your bathroom more appealing. They are available in various sizes, designs, colors and material. They are also versatile and easy to install. However, you should be aware that they are not immune to damage. Over time, they’ll incur scratches, cracks and eventually look ugly without cleaning and maintenance. If your bathroom has tiles that are damaged, you can use this DIY guide to replace them!

How To Remove The Damaged Tiles


1. Before installing new bathroom tiles, the damaged ones have to be removed first. Get a grout saw and use it to remove the grout that surrounds the damaged tiles. Remember to not cut too deeply so that you won’t damage the waterproofing material underneath the tiles.

2. To speed up the process, use a drill and create holes on your tiles. Be careful when you do this and avoid drilling too deep. When you’ve already made enough holes, use a chisel to break and scrape the tiles off.

3. After removing the tiles, you’ll have to get rid of the remaining adhesive. You can utilize your putty knife for this task. Make sure that you’ll thoroughly clean the area to be able to install the new tiles perfectly.

How To Install The New Tiles


1. When you have cleared the installation area, prep up your ceramic adhesive or tile cement. Make sure that you’ll prepare them according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Apply the cement or adhesive generously on the installation area. Use a notched trowel for to complete this task. If the affected area is small, you can substitute the trowel with a putty knife.

2. Carefully put each new tile in place. Make sure that it is flat and is at the same level with the rest of the old tiles.

3. Let the new bathroom tiles sit for a few hours to dry. When you are sure that the new tiles are secure, it’s time to proceed with the application of the grout.

4. Guarantee that your grout’s color matches the tiles. Apply it carefully and clean the excess with sponge and water. Remember, the grout will be hard to remove when it dries so remove the excess immediately.

5. After grouting, caulk the tiles to make them waterproof. Doing so will prevent water from seeping into the wall or the floor. Again, let the material dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

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Posted on: May 25, 2015